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  1. Hi again Rick, my user name on Crowdin is “fitoschido”, and I’d like to provide Spanish translations to paint.net.
  2. I didn’t mean to be harsh, sorry. But the truth is: unless one knows a language _well_, one can’t really judge if the automatic translation one’s shipping is _understandable_ and _appropriate_, let alone it being of good quality. You could inadvertently ship software with offensive strings (it has happened). That’s why I’d rather prefer to ship something untranslated. To be clear: don’t interpret this as if I was attacking you or your decisions — that’s absolutely not my intention, Rick. I’m just trying to put things on perspective, but my English is not as good as I’d like it to be.
  3. Translate Paint.NET into Spanish (and perhaps Catalan if I have enough time). Releasing software with automatic translations is an awful idea.
  4. Indeed. A better default value for font rendering should be chosen (I don’t think Paint.NET should regress in functionality just for this (it should stay in DirectWrite), but there’s room for improvement here, I think.
  5. Yeah, I’ve got accounts on Transifex (this one’s got better UI) and Crowdin, so either is fine to me. I’d like to use an online service instead of a downloadable resource editor, because I would prefer not to boot into Windows just to translate Paint.NET. But I don’t mind if you prefer not to set up a project in a l10n website — perhaps for privacy or something. What d’you think?
  6. This method doesn’t work for me. It’d be great to have a central site to view, update and submit translations, based on up-to-date files. Has anyone heard of Transifex, Crowdin, or GetLocalization? These support RESX, and one can track translation progress visually, make modifications via web-based interfaces (much more convenient), manage terminology, allow for collaboration among several users, etc.
  7. To me it doesn’t look blurrier, but it has those annoying color fringes. As a result, the text has less contrast against the (pale white) background, causing eye strain.
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