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  1. thanks for all your help, your fisheye video helped me get real close to the look i want. i just need to get the reflection and shine in the back ground a little more defined and it will be excalty like i want. if i get to look the way i want i'll post it. p.s. i've downloaded your fisheye plugin, looking at some of the others in you sig.
  2. those look like some fine plugins, have to try them. here is something close to what i would like to do, except maybe a little shine in the field and reflection.
  3. thanks for the suggestions, i'll give them a try. as far as using pre-made images, i like to do it myself also, i have used pre-made images or parts of them before. i uselly chop them up or add a lot to them, and never offer them up for public use, it's just on my own desktop.
  4. i'm wanting to make a black glass or for that matter any dark color glass wallpaper that i will eventually add a image into. i've treid every techinque i've seen or found on the tutorials, or forum boards. i can make orbs or round buttons pretty good, square, rectangle, or large flat wallpapers not so good. they all turn out looking like a gray area in the and not shinny, reflective, or transparent as the orbs or round buttons. any suggestions or tutorials i've missed would be greatly appreciated.
  5. hi, i'm fairly new using pdn, i've had it for awhile and just kinda played around with it, just using it to make quick little things. but now i'm wanting to start trying to do more. i just got a new dock program and i'm wanting to make some simple png images to use as icons. i'm trying to get them to look like the one below. except with a solid back ground color. i've kind been able to do it in photo shop using the glass button style, but it donesn't look quite right. it's not as defined as this one, the reflection isn't the same and no matter what i do. not only that i would rather use pdn becuase, it's much easier to use and is just as good in my opion as photoshop. i've gone through the plugin index and down loaded a few, but they just don.t seem to work, or i'm not picking the right ones, or, which is more than likely the case, i don't know enough to do it the right way. any help or direction, would be greatly appreciated.