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  1. Whenever I try to use layer properties it doesn't do anything.
  2. Just use AdBlock available here for Chrome so it blocks the ads. And the Admins in the Forum are usually on so you can send them message and here is the author and developer And you can directly install 4.0 the download says it on there. The Regular Version is here and if you want to get the regular version from a different website you can get it here just click the green button that says CNET Secure Download. Hope this helps.
  3. Well I got from and it was version 3.10 I think and I decided to get the one from and do I uninstall my version or does the new download do it for me?
  4. is the best Painting Program.

  5. Never mind I kicked some ad that lead to another download. But now I got AdBlock. And is awesome thanks!
  6. I heard of so I decided to download it but when I do Bullguard Firewall prevents it. Is it a safe download? And if anyone else has Bullguard are you getting a firewall to?