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  1. Got paint.net 4.0 alpha (build 5105) installed on a physical box, Windows 8.1 Pro, all the problems gone, please no worry about any of that. It's also interesting to know the difference between VM and this real world. Thanks everybody for the time and attention. Felix1999
  2. It only happened on a Win8.1 pro VM so far, I'm quite sure not a mouse problem, I tried a Microsoft mouse and a HP one, behave the same. Every thing was good when I run Paint.NET 4.0 alpha 3 on Windows 7 pro. I wonder either it was a video performance problem of VM player 6.0 or Paint.NET 4.0 alpha 3 not match the VM, I found more issues in Win8.1 VM but not on the host Win7pro -- ahter select a area, any area, some noise lines flashing when I click the menu, and same thing happened on when I put mouse on the history window. I want installed it on a physical Windows 8.1 box instead of VM, if the problem dispears I will not think it's a issue. I will not have computers for two weeks, will do and get it back next year. Thanks for everybody and have great holidays. Paint.NET is great. Felix1999
  3. when I started random drawing with paintbrush, many time some vertical and horizontal lines automatically to and back from the canvas edge, I attached snapshot here. thank you for looking into it.