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  1. Working on a header. I would like the background of the header to be blurred (gaussian blur). Can someone tell me how to do this or post a link to a guide? If so, do I need any plugins?
  2. I would love to vote for this, but I barely know anyone here. Good luck to everyone though.
  3. Nice job on the tutorial. Thanks for this, I kinda needed it because I'm creating a book cover and I needed some nice clouds in the background.
  4. How cool, great job, and great job on the tutorial!
  5. Where's does this status go anyway?

    1. Will


      Oh, on my profile. NEVERMIND..

  6. Both are great, but my vote goes to Chimay. I like the blur effects in the background and the glow on the letters look good. Chimay: 3 PhenomenalDeath: 0 #winner chimay12321
  7. EDIT: After reading it again, I realized it's a PROBLEM not art you made XD I don't know what to say, but like Ego Eram said, it's probably a mouse problem.
  8. Thanks everyone I'll try to download it tomorrow. Thanks again for your help.
  9. I've searched everywhere, but I cant find the drop shadow plugin download link. I also need some help on downloading it. If anyone knows the download link for the drop shadow plugin, PLEASE tell me! I need it for a project. Thanks in advance.
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