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  1. Just compiled the Flat UI Color Palette from http://flatuicolors.com ; Paint.NET Palette File ; Lines that start with a semicolon are comments ; Colors are written as 8-digit hexadecimal numbers: aarrggbb ; For example, this would specify green: FF00FF00 ; The alpha ('aa') value specifies how transparent a color is. FF is fully opaque, 00 is fully transparent. ; A palette must consist of ninety six (96) colors. If there are less than this, the remaining color ; slots will be set to white (FFFFFFFF). If there are more, then the remaining colors will be ignored. ; ; Flat UI Colors from ; ;TURQUOISE FF1abc9c ;GREEN SEA FF16a085 ;EMERALD FF2ecc71 ;NEPHRITIS FF27ae60 ;PETER RIVER FF3498db ;BELIZE HOLE FF2980b9 ;AMETHYST FF9b59b6 ;WISTERIA FF8e44ad ;WET ASPHALT FF34495e ;MIDNIGHT BLUE FF2c3e50 ;SUN FLOWER FFf1c40f ;ORANGE FFf39c12 ;CARROT FFe67e22 ;PUMPKIN FFd35400 ;ALIZARIN FFe74c3c ;PROMEGRANATE FFc0392b ;CLOUDS FFecf0f1 ;SILVER FFbdc3c7 ;CONCRETE FF95a5a6 :ASBESTOS FF7f8c8d Flat UI.txt