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  1. If a plugin either crashes or does not do what you hope, simply delete the .dll from the Effects folder, and you'll be good to go. A plugin will only replace an older version of itself when you download it, not other plugins. If you're questioning an older plugin, just make sure all of your files are saved before you run it. Any plugin you download from this forum is not going to cause unrepairable damage to PDN or your computer. Also, I believe EER is putting warning messages on the plugins' threads that are known to not work with v4.0. For help with Quadrilateral Reshape, post in that plugin's thread.
  2. Oops, I'm probably just using the plugin wrong then, I don't use it very often. My apologies. I get the message within the plugin itself, underneath the box to insert the equation.
  3. That's odd. While Curtis's common dll error comes up on my PDN, some of his plugins still work for me, including rounded rectangle and Effects Lab. What does NOT work for me are: Blur Map Displacement Map Channel Mask Equations (I think, it says the type PaintDotNet.IIsDisposed is defined in an assembly that is not referenced, but doesn't actually crash.)
  4. I also quite enjoyed bezier curves, they were very helpful in making smoother curves. I usually used them over the normal curve. Of course, as vvye said the choice is yours, which is why I didn't mention their absence earlier.
  5. Thanks for the awesome program and hard work! I have found a couple of bugs. End caps on the line or curve tool: 1. Open pdn. 2. Go to line tool and set end caps as rounded. 3. Draw line, the end caps will still be flat. 4. Rotate line and the rounded end caps suddenly appear. Secondary Color on Color Wheel: 1. Open pdn. 2. Click on the secondary color (probably white). 3. Try to change color. It changes the primary instead. It didn't use to do this before, correct? Thanks! ~mintygirl
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