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  1. Thanks, I'll try the procedure and/or look for a companion editor when need to manipulate text
  2. Well, I'm used to manipulate text as vector... but if it's possible to achieve a similar behaviour as rasterized layer/object still could be fine.
  3. Hi again It's possible to create text as layers with some kind of plugin? So I can use rotate, resize and object alignment (which is very useful) also with them. (A bit like shape tool behave).
  4. I'll try plugins above. But seems to be the ones I need I'll try also with eraser tool, however can I make an area to remove (a polygon made point-to-point) using a specific tools using tollerance and a line? I think how to improve the post title, should I put a tag? *EDIT* (Seems I can't edit post title, only body of post)
  5. Hi everyone, I'm trying to find in Paint.NET the functions I use often: 1) How to straighten photos, using an horizontal line or a geometrical figure (I tried yet the radius straighten, but the photos are deformed then) 2) Some info on how to add a transparency layer and how to "colour" an area with transparent background; 3) How to make a gradient of two or more colours with advanced settings; 4) How to cut an area of a photo with precision (point-to point system and point to point "guided" based on colour tollerance levels; magic wand seems not to cut and then I haven't a firm hand); 5) Advices to additional plugins for photo editing (borders, frames, artistic effects, ecc ecc). Thanks in advance ^^
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