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  1. I don't mind that, I tend to rely only on those two fields for doing my image manipulation anyway! Thanks for the heads up. There's some niiice stuff there
  2. So underrated in fact, it should be renamed! Like "Macro Lab" instead! Today I just accidentally checked out the Scriptlab from an accidental misclick...and what do you know, PDN has a built-in macro-script maker! I thought this entire time using PDN for years, that it was just some program that allowed you to read the contents/source-code of a plugin or something, hence why it was in the Advanced folder. That's why I NEVER touched that area. Seriously, I could've saved so much time from doing tedious tasks over the years by building me a collection of macros...If I had known such a feature even existed. Seriously, that tool should get a name change to make its purpose clearer or something...Is there a way to obtain pre-made macros anywhere on the forum by any chance?
  3. -I don't know any of those words you're throwing at me, I'm going to need an ELI5. But I will take away that you're saying that the process of how PDN would detect a faulty error is just not practical for the feature suggestion I'm asking for -Ah, the desktop! I would have never guessed it was at such an easy place -Oh my, some of these plugins listed I use frequently and are totally fine, but it helps to narrow down the rest of them! -Perfect, that's about the best thing I can do to delete an unusable plugin. Thanks for taking your time for the assistance on this matter!
  4. Oh dude, this was the plugin that helped me achieve this animation effect on this sprite! (granted I used an older version of the plugin, but still): Thanks a BUNCH for this plugin! I wish this could get stickied/pinned, since it's REALLY useful for sprite image manipulation
  5. Man you got brilliant stuff here. Specificaly the: Looking Glass Alice - Baleria flower Lightness of Being - a cactus flower These two caught my eyes the most, since composition wise they're pretty damn excellent
  6. Thanks as usual you guys! Now I'm going to show something different...This time, it's related to sprites. Still having issues with editing the OP (it just refuses to load on me, so more new posts!) For game development, I had to make sprite edits for existing characters, to fit a specific scene in a fangame project of mine. This is the power of PDN: Just a note, for my fangame, it was meant to be on a white background (for the most part), so there's that. These animations never existed in the official AA games. They're my own edits, painstakingly done manually on PDN.
  7. -Ah, that's nice! That can definitely make the identifying the plugin's files to delete easier to work with. The bit about the load errors in the utilities menu is exactly what I'm looking for! As for loading each plugin, I wouldn't want PDN to try to play with settings to detect usability issues, since the only issue that occurs is that once I actually attempt to click on an effect, PDN automatically crashes. That being said, I do have a bunch of plugins, and I don't want to risk freezing/the slowing down of my comp with PDN attempting the way that you're describing. Where can I find the crash log, and what kind of detail should I be looking for within the log? (Like, "pluginbadx123 crashed at this date: xx-xx-xxxx"?) I'd still like a visual indicator at the utilities menu at least, showing plugin conflicts (an orange colored ! mark basically saying "watch out", and a red one saying "DELETE AND DO NOT USE!") that I need to be aware about. My previous feature comment can be dismissed since you guys pointed out alternative solutions I wasn't aware about, so I appreciate that a bunch
  8. Sometimes, when I don't have any inspiration, I utilize some effect in the effect menu called "randomize effect", or something of that sort. Basically the function automatically lets the program choose an effect for me at random, and allows me to randomize the parameters of whatever effects it's chosen. I have A LOT of plugins though, and sometimes I run into an error using the randomize effect: When I attempt to generate a random effect, it may jump to an effect that's inherently broken on the latest version of PDN so far (the latest STABLE version I mean). I know this is not a fault of the random effect function, since I have run into issues with PDN crashing anytime I use a specific effect/plugin on my own. Obviously, I would either seek an update to whatever plugin/effect is broken, or I would delete the plugin/effect out of my directory since it's clear there's no sign of an update for it. That being said, I have again, A LOT of plugins to sift through. I'd find it would be most efficient to see what plugin is causing me issues, if PDN would give me a sort of visual cue of any effects/plugins that would cause conflicts if I utilize them. A little red exclamation mark or something next to an effect, you know what I mean? That way, I can track down the culprit of why PDN crashes. Hell, it'd be nice if I get a visual cue AFTER PDN detects a crash when I choose to utilize a specific effect, so I can either see it in log files, or I can open up the program again, and find any visual indicators of what's causing me problems. I don't know what the crash log files consist of, and I'm only a dumb, average user, so the visual method of seeing what's wrong would help greatly. I am open to feedback/suggestions/alternative solutions i may not be aware about regarding this.
  9. Ihad a asus 1000h or ha, which is a 4+ year old netbook, and PDN was the only image editing program working nicely for me. So theres that!
  10. @barbieq thank you for the kind words! When I was only a lurker here, I saw some user a long time ago make some really cool abstract, universe art/imagery. I wanted to see if I could do something like that somehow, and that was my result. It originally was a WIP, but I decided that trying to find a way to make the image more cleaner/better is too beyond my skills atm. So that would be something I consider a final @Seerose, thanks! I personally know that there are some atrocious/simple ones I have up in the post that anyone using an image editing program can easily do, but I hope you like my evolution of my compositions getting more complex as I learned how to try to make the best out of PDN =) @Beta, ah thanks for that compliment, that's always good to hear! I've learned that colors, when filtered right, always plays a huge role in photos, graphics, etc. You can have so many pretty designs within an image, but it won't matter if the color doesn't complement the elements. You can see in my many variations how it seemed like colors became more of a detriment, than it was an enhancement. That, combined with how light sources+some of the obvious gradients I used in some of the compositions were poorly executed, tended to lead to a poor composition in general (best example is the "fall-rise edgeworth" compositions). I've recently done a request for a game developer, and I can't contain my excitement that I can't release this new graphic composition just yet, since IMO it's the best I've ever done using PDN so far...So instead, I'll share my first delving into making "promotional graphics"...I'll be quoting again: None of that would have been possible had I not had PDN as my main image editing software.
  11. I used some plugin here that's listed under effects>render as simply titled "gradient". You'd use the magic wand first to define your selection, and you'd be able to do a gradient there by selecting 4 different colors, and playing around with the settings to get the gradient looking just right. My personal experience has been that in the event of the image losing its sharpness and getting jagged (which sounds like the problem you're having), you want to use AA_Assistant to soften up the jaggedness, to a point where it's no longer distracting to the eye. However, this assumes that the image is already transparent. That being said, when using the magic wand tool, I would recommend not making the tolerance too high...play around with the tolerance setting, and make sure not to have the magic wand include white antialias on the edges of the logo.
  12. Hello, I tried to ligten it up with no results. It's really pitch black! I think there may be someone else on this forum that can do a better job than me on this. I tried messing around, and it seems to me that those two "eyes" are attached to what seems like a bush (the picture is giving the illusion that the eyes are right behind the deer, but I think it's much farther than it seems). Was there thickets of bushes/forests/trees behind the deer, since you said this was taken on your land? [click for full view]
  13. @barbie thanks! Unfortunately I'm not getting a specific message, the minute I try to add anymore content, the page brings a generic "page couldn't load" on me (reason: server refusing my connection), which most likely means I'm hitting some post limit, either in regards to size of the post, or character limits perhaps (only reason I'm saying this is I've had a phpbb forum do this to me before). When I edit the post again and get the error, I'll take a screencap of it and post it up next time @Helen thank you! Unfortunately, I haven't done anymore kinda works like the one you see on the OP in a long time. These are pretty old. Hopefully I can post more stuff that's related into my endeavors related to fangame development. Here's a random universe abstract art or w/e:
  14. Sup guys, I'm Huddini (not the escape artist mind you). I've used paint.net as my main image editing software for over three years now. I'd like to think I've come a long way, from using PDN's simple gradient tool: to making much more complex compositions: to crafting my own kind of composition style: I don't consider myself an artist or anything of that sort. However, I needed to learn how to manipulate images since I was trying to enter fangame development a couple years ago. These are my results. I hope you enjoy! Just so we're clear, these characters you see belong to their rightful owner. They're not my own drawings or anything, as they're stock art that I've utilized to form a composition. Here's a deviantart in case it's taking too long for everything to load: http://1huddini1.deviantart.com/gallery/ Note: I'm simply going to quote from another thread from another forum I go to. --------------------------------------------------------------- Ace Attorney Characters [spoiler=] DARK GODOT ------ Light Phoenix ------- Blending Trucy ------ Light-Dark Apollo I've had a very hard time with Apollo, mainly because the MAIN image I wanted to use is kind of a bad rip that I got from google, so I've provided two "variations" of him.... I decided to consider these final versions, if you view this thread and decide to post, tell me which one looks the best: In this first image, I wanted that background "light circle" you see to resemble a VERY light version of his bracelet, idk how I did on that though...: ------- The first version I came up with Mia, thought it was so good it needed its own category: Onto more Mia, there were so many good variations, I decided to post everything I had: Dark Mia Yeahhh....A bunch, out of all of this much images, which one do YOU think is the best Mia version? Is it me, or does it look like an older maya on the right side of the face? o.o --------- Fall-Rise "Demon" Edgeworth This is probably the hardest guy I've done yet: ^^ I think the last two images might be the best versions? What do YOU think? --------- Light-Ice Franny Ok, Franziska was way too hard, no matter what I did. It wasn't going well, mainly due to the artwork I had. She will be the first official WIP I need to do better on: Nyaghhh, The "quality" is dumbing down, there's just no way I can beat Mia huh? ----------- "Devil" Kristoph This is Kristoph Gavin, no good official artworks on him, so I used a fanart: Credits to ~LALAax from deviantart for making the custom art =D ------------ "Pure"-Maya Did a heavy edit on the mouth for Maya: ------------------------------------------------- Non-AA Related [spoiler=] Light-Jayden A request of a guy named Norman Jayden, from "HEAVY RAIN." This was interesting to work with because a) There were only 3d models of him (aka no handdrawn artwork), and I didn't know what color scheme to pick for the guy, since I never played the game xD. Beauty-Kikyo A request by MIMI MIKA [X] of a lady named Kikyo, from some anime show called "Inuyasha", to go with a peachish/orangish color, I decided these to be finalized: There IS a bit of orange in there, but from the looks of it, it's too dark to see xP Dark-Blendy Benky A 2nd request by MIMI MIKA of a girl named Bernkastel, or as she calls her, Trollkastel, or as I call her, Bernky, from a show called "Unimeko no Naku Koro ni", to go with a Purple/Bluish color. A bit tedious to work with because Paint kept crashing, and I wanted to avoid copying the scheme I did with my Mia work: Infection-Derek A request by BuddyFaith [CR/X], of a guy named Derek Stiles of some game called "Trauma Center", to go with a forest green/blood red color scheme... If only I'd have some brushes to get that kind of effect xD. So I decided to change it up in this request, currently WIP: Devil Kazuya I decided to practice more on composing for 3d models, I thought a Tekken character would do very well. so I went with a guy named Kazuya Mishima: Elegice Rukia Another request by TEHCHAOSMASTER, of a chica called Rukia, from the Bleach series, I learned that having lighter blue schemes is harder to work with in general, but I had fun with "scanlining" this, so many possibilities to make it look good: Fire-Liquid Vivi A request by RYU USHIROMIYA [X] of a black mage called Vivi, from Final Fantasy 9, with a color scheme of blue, red, and black: Brownie Izaya A request by fangirl-obsessed Mimi of Izaya: She's asked me to do another version with a special artwork courtesy of Singidiva, will get to it eventually Motoko Kusanagi New work I did because I was bored at school, didn't know which one was best... Spicy-Fiery Miguel This was requested by E.D. Revolution, of a guy named Miguel from the Tekken series, colour scheme being orange-reddish...He says they were good and he even has a cool avatar of it, check it out! E.D. REVOLUTION AWESOMELY EDITED/CROPPED MY WORK TO MAKE THIS INTO HIS OWN AVATAR: Rainbow-Dash These pieces were actually done for a forum event on X. My recipient, had no idea what his secret-santa/invisible friend was UNTIL all the gifts were posted, which you may take a look at. He also seemed to enjoy his gifts very much from his reaction post...Honestly I think I made the best gift, 'scuse the bragging ;P On to the "gifts" itself, I made two different radical versions with a little variation to it, each "radical" versions I came up with took me one hour each (the first versions I took one hour after I found out who my recipient was, so I'm definitely the first person to have gotten done with the event. They also have different texts because I had no clue if my giftee would want his name, or his favorite character on there... ElegSpice-Lili This was a request from holhol...I made a couple of versions, but the one holhol used as a avatar I had to COMPLETELY redo. I had to go with a colour scheme of Red and white...which was hard because white doesn't mix with black. I was also trying to put a font title...But thought it was best in the end not to have one. So I had to REALLY deviate from my usual art style and not have any blackness to this request this time around... The last one is the one she wanted/has used as an avatar. Apple-Jack Requested by TK, although he didn't specify the colour scheme, so I had to guess...Unfortunately while working on this I lost my .pdn files from a bad crash, so I can only give out one version: I'd post more different stuff, but the forum is rejecting them since apparently my post is too big now I will clean up this thread so I only use one image per character later when I have time to get to it.
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