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  1. Well my opinion of the project just dropped significantly.
  2. I was wondering if there was a feature requeset thread, or, if there isn't, that one could be started up please. Might be good to funnel those into one area.
  3. I also have a follow-up to this bug. While it goes darker, this happens simply dragging the tool over (not clicking) the canvas.
  4. Magic Tool Bug Report, Moving From Low to High tolerance, Whole Image Sampling Method, Trying to get hole between semi-transparent background layer and opaque cutout top layer.
  5. Think this is a bug. Gif hidden by spoiler. Zoom causing different coloring is very weird. Also the darker color isn't actually opaque, gif thing did that, it's just a much darker transparent from viewing.
  6. Oh sorry, w/o quote I didn't see you talking to me. If I remember correclty I was either zooming in and out or I was trying the magic wand tool.
  7. Another bug to report. Sometimes the bottom statusbar progress bar says there permanently regardless of future usage in effects or saving.
  8. Just a suggestion. I keep my control boxes (color, layers, etc.) at the four corners. Still it really annoys me how when I'm zoom in I can't scroll anything except to the sides. I can't, for example, scroll to put a side in the more middle of my screen so I can work on it and not be blocked by my control boxes when doing detailed work.
  9. Using the bracket [ ] keys to increase works for singles both up and down, but the increase by 5 only works increasing the number, not decreasing it.
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