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  1. Maybe interessting for the copy-paste bug: I tryied to work around the copy paste bug by pasting first into MS Paint and then copy from there. This works except for a weird resize issue. when pasting the size is reduced an the containig image gets resized.
  2. Another scenario that works with MS Paint but not with PDN is copying a screenshot (Alt+Print) from within a VMWare. Inside the VM make a screenshot, outside the VM try to paste...
  3. I can confirm this. No pasting from FF 26, FF 30 Nightly x64, Waterfox 27.0.1. Image size is not recognized and "clipboard empty" message pops up.MS Paint handles the pasting just fine. Works with Maxthon and Chrome though. Tested with jpg and png (possible solution: kick the IE support out and make FF work again ;-) )
  4. aahhh, the words i was searching for :-) OK, i think i got it. PDN doesn't like to get the undo list dirty for no reason Thanks for the good explanation!
  5. Is it by design that if colour alpha channel is set to 0, the pen, brush and eraser don't do anything until the value is at least set to 1? Rectangle is gets created though with Alpha = 0 Example: Alpha = 0, Eraser click --> Nothing (not even in the undo list) Oh, second thing: is there an option to expand a selection? Use magic wand, to select object, then set selction plus 1 to have the selection bigger by one pixel (in each direction)? Because the tolerance setting i not always working as I wish it would...
  6. Just had a crash while clicking quickly several times on undo. Before that i used the color bucket +Shift Key several times (two layers, editing only the the top layer) edit: and once more: edit 2 (whyyyyy?!):
  7. while testing the ghost selection issue - which is no more i encountered a crash while pasting and dragging the pasted selection wildly and repetetive (normally you wouldn't do that :-) ) like so: paste paste drag paste drag paste drag drag paste drag... i reproduces the crash several times. always the same file with diffrent timestamp and the following lines are in different order sometimes C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\btkeyind.dll, version= C:\Windows\assembly\NativeImages_v4.0.30319_64\System.Configuration\10d3a0d9f75cde834fa5d8258f9a0e0f\System.Configuration.ni.dll, version=4.0.30319.18060 built by: FX45RTMGDR
  8. i played a bit with copy + paste selections (ctrl-c ctrl-v) somtimes you see a short flicker next to the past position other times you get a ghost selection (or what ever you may call it) next to the pasted field you can wipe them away with the cursor or by changing the pic i even had those ghost lines in the grey room outside the canvas regarads McLoo
  9. Sorry, here is another one: I cannot scroll horizontally by using my touchpad (two finger slide) or by using the side scroll of my mouse wheel. It works in other apps and I'm sure id had worked in 3.5, as i often zoom in and scroll with the mouse wheel. Vertical scrolling works fine. regards McLoo fixed typo. thx SvenC
  10. I recognized that the mouse-over-preview isn't working correctly (imho) shouldn't the image be displayed when you hover the mouse ober the superbar windows? Pic 1 shows the missing image (mouse hovers over the right window preview Pic 2 shows the shortly faded view of the currently active image when you hover between the images on superbar (had the screenshot at the right moment) regards McLoo
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