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  1. Thanks very much! I installed the latest version of Acrobat Pro and have come out with with something acceptable from a TIFF. Looking into the plugin to save as a PDF directly.
  2. I had tried that, as well as saving as a .tif. For some reason, a 2 meg .pdn is saving as a .png at only 43.8k. Seems it should be larger.
  3. I recently designed a letterhead for our new company, and am working with a supplier on printing some envelopes with the company letterhead. They've asked for an .eps file with at least 300 dpi. My original .pdn file I made 4-times the actual print size (which was 3.3 inches x 1 inch) at set the dpi at 600. When I size it down to actual, I am keeping the resolution at 600 dpi, flattening, and then saving as a jpeg, then converting to a PDF, which I save as a .eps. Somehow, I am ending up with an .eps file that is not hi-rez enough. Is this a correct way to get to an .eps
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