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  1. Paint.net (Application), would it be possible or is it too much work?
  2. Hey Rick and the team, Is there any chance of including a dark theme or black theme? Regards. Julian.
  3. Hello Rick, Great build, but I am noticing some minor issues. Firstly, in the "Colors" form when "Primary" is selected or clicked from the color sample/preview all controls that will change the color work but when "Secondary" from the drop down box or clicked from the color sample/preview it will immediately review to "Primary" and change the primary color instead. Finally, in the text tool "Strikeout" when checked will not actually strikeout the text but instead underline it. I have tried it on numerous fonts but still it will not apply the effect. Even when bold is checked it will still not apply it to the editable font. Thanks.
  4. Rick, I have taken the time to type this up. You can skip the first step, I have included examples if that can help you resolve this issue. Thanks, keep up the good work. http://www.channel3network.com/debugs/paint.net4beta.pdf
  5. Recolouring, filling (paint bucket) and magic wand selection does not work nor respond to drawn shapes. Instead will select everything on canvas and perform the action to all not the selected shape. Other than that I haven't found any other bugs. Thank you Rick for this incredible software. . ===EDIT 1=== I find also that the magic wand ignores attempts to select black and will instead select everything else.
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