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  1. Thank you all. It's amazing to see how simple it is to complicate things!
  2. I tried that, but where does it save it and under what name. Sorry if I am being really thick, but this is not intuitive. What I have done so far is to load an image, click on effects then on advanced then on scriptlab and it brings up the scriptlab menu. I have then clicked on GridWarp which brings up the grid and enables me to move things around (very effectively). I click on OK and something appears to happen but I just can't find where the revised image is saved. When I try and repeat the exercise I am also offered the opportunity to 'repeat ScriptLab' but if I click on that, the line across the bottom of the screen moves, but nothing else happens - what is supposed to happen? What exactly is 'MyScript'. Again, I apologise for asking these questions, but I really don't understand how this works. Are there any help files and any instructions? It really does meet my need if only I can work out how to make it work!
  3. This looks great and the answer to my problem. But, I have been trying to use Grid Warp and have not yet figured out how to save the image once I have modified it. It is probably very simple, but can anyone help me?
  4. I did try to upload the file, but it is too big!
  5. I have a photograph of a page of a book. The bottom and sides are straight, but the top is curved. What tool/plugin can I use to straighten the top edge and the text? I'm sure there must be one, but there are so many different plugins and I have limited experience with Paint.Net that I am a bit lost! Can anyone help me. Thanks in advance.
  6. The layers/rotate/zoom control sorted it out for me. Thanks very much for a swift and very helpful reply.
  7. I have a picture of a gravestone on the wall of a church. Because of access I had to take the picture from below so that the resulting image is a regular trapezoid, being longer at the base than at the top. How can I make the image into a rectangle? Effectively I need to expand the width of the image at the top whilst keeping that at the bottom the same, with everything between being expanded in the right ratio. I am not worried if the images of the brickwork around the stone are distorted - I can remove them.
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