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  1. Thank you @midora for understanding me. Your description is perfect.
  2. Hi, Maybe sounds a little bit strange but let me tell you my problem. I have 8GB of RAM on my PC and I use more than 10 times / day to resize images. I resize images in various resolution and I use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+R to resize. I wrote very quickly and sometime I forget to delete the old resolution and in this way I push enter and Paint.NET start to resize the photo at resolution with 8 numbers (in the printscreen you can see what i'm telling you). When this is happen almost EVERY time my PC freeze. If i'm not mistake in the old version of Paint.NET you'll get a popup window that tells you that the resolution is to big. Can you implement a popup warning in new version? Thank you and my appoligizes for bad English. Regards, PS: Yes, the OK button from printscreen is not ACTIVE, but to be very quick I chose to push ENTER from keyboard and the "ENTER" is completely active and start the resize process which freeze PC.
  3. Hello, Works perfectly on my PC (win7x64/en/i5/8GBDDR3). I use this small and intuitive photo editor for more than 3 years (more than 10 times per day - i have an hd wallpapers blog and need for small adjusment and use it for my own photos to edit with the plugins help) and i'm aboslutely delightful for how it works. I installed today 4.0 alpha and until now NO crash or bug. One thing that i see is that don't remember what tool you use before closing. I think it would be nice to remember the last tool used when you reopen the program. (always start with "paintbrush") Keep up the good work! Thank you for it's free. PS: Don't try to change it in something complex, keep it easy and VERY QUICK! (foxit reader was my favorite PDF reader but step by step seems to be like Adobe Reader - lots of functions that i NEVER use .... wtf it's a PDF reader not an operating system ) ======================= OK... i've got a crush I tried to use "Optimized PNG" (optipng.exe) and crushed.