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  1. Thanks very much Pixey and Ego Eram Reputo. And yes you both helped a lot. Didn't know I could do that.
  2. First off I LOVE paint.net 4.0.5. When it comes to writing programs I am a"DUH". That is why I am asking if there is a Plugin that allows me to manipulate each letter individually. Make it bigger or smaller, wider or thinner, tilt them anyway I want. I do use some of the text plugins now that I have. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello I am having a problem with version "4.0" beta build 5278. When I first downloaded and installed it every thing was working fine. Then after a few days I noticed when I open it, it opens and then tells me that paint net is not responding for a few seconds then flashes and works again. But now when I try to "save as" my work my whole computer freezes up to the point I have to power off and restart the computer again. This does not happen with any other program I use except Paint. Net. Could this be a bug?
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    Thank you....maybe I should have dug a little deeper. My bad.
  5. I have downloaded Paint.Net 4. But to my dismay I can find the the line/curve tool. Has it been left out for a later date as a plugin? Or has it been change and I can't find it? Please help. I use that function a lot. Thanks.