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  1. ColorExchange v1.1 This is my first plugin ever! I wanted to know how it would look if you exchanged the values of different colors in a pixel, that's why I wrote this plugin. What is this? This plugin takes every pixel and replaces color values inside the pixel. Ever pixel is build from a red, a green, a blue and an alpha value. You choose one of these values and choose, with which value you would like to replace it: Red, Green, Blue, Alpha or Zero (this deletes the color from the pixel). Here is the UI: Do you have some example pictures? Of course! Here is the original: And this happens when you replace Green with Blue (as shown in the UI): Why would I need this? I have absolutely no idea. I just wanted to know how it looks like. Play around with it and produce some crazy pics! Anything else? Yes, as this is my first plugin for Paint.NET I have included the source code. If you are a experienced developer, please give feedback!