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  1. I'm sorry if I came off disrespectfully, but compared to other features it really is simple, so I just assume it also would be so to program. The arrow-keys is an alternative when you need to position stuff, but there are other uses for a grid.
  2. Hello, I'm looking for an option to adjust the grid size and to snap-to-grid. For some purposes, you can find a way around this, but it is a pain when working on a project that requires perfect precision. The topic has been brought up before, but I'm hoping to hear of any news on the possibility of implementing it. I don't assume there has been made any plugins to cater this need since earlier posts on the matter, so I'm hoping to persuade developers to implement the feature in a new version of paint.net instead. If you need to know more specifically what I'm looking for, then it's basically what you have in Adobe Illustrator or any decent 3D modelling software you will ever come across. It would work pretty much exactly like the grid already in place, except you would not be limited to working only with individual pixels, but rather groups of pixels as you zoom further out. The grid would preferably have thicker lines every 5, 10 or 15 lines, etc. to help the user position the various elements. This feature might not seem very necessary if you aren't used to having it, but it is a huge help, and I can't imagine it being very difficult to implement; it is a relatively basic feature. Many consider this a core-feature, so I don't think it would be out-of place to have it in paint.net. Thank you for reading my posts
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