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  1. Heh. I just kinda meant things I can do for a hobby or decoration. Like, video games or something. Nothing too pricy. I mean, I'm greedy, but I don't want my dad mad at me.
  2. My dad's gonna order me some stuff off Amazon (and maybe some other websites). I want both Pink Floyd and non-Pink Floyd gear. For example, I had my dad order a leather bracelet with Pink Floyd on it, and I'm about to send an email with a Pink Floyd hammer watch, as well as Fallout 3 for my Xbox. Any idea what else I should get? Both Pink Floyd and non-Pink Floyd items will be accepted. Thanks! Oh, and I'm asking about what I want on a forum because I'm a greedy little b-tard
  3. Which is why I wanted to make this sunshine plain and simple. The moon is simply a black circle overlapping a white, empty circle with the words "Eclipse" around it. So I wanted a simple little sunshine to accompany so you'd know that it was a sun.
  4. I need help making a sunshine effect on my logo. The logo consists of a circle (being the moon) covering over an empty space with an outline (being the sun), and I'm trying to recreate an effect seen when outside. Sunshine, if you will. Here's what I mean: However, I need this to appear simpler, as simple is always better. This is a logo, so it needs an iconic look. Can anyone help?
  5. That's a very interesting version of Ummagumma Anyways, thanks for the tutorial. I guess I'm gonna have to take a few photos of myself, huh?
  6. So this one person did all this using just one person, and that got me wondering: How would one edit the photo to make it actually look like there were multiple versions of you standing in one area? Bonus if you tell me how to do it without lasso tool, my hands are twitchy Here's the photo: http://bricksinthewall.deviantart.com/art/Ummagumma-two-43208887
  7. Does anyone have an idea how to recreate this famous effect, used by a camera with a special prism lens, from this Pink Floyd album? I'm interested in covering this photo.
  8. I removed the background to the hammer (sorta, I just need the general shape, right?): And here's the hammer with oil paints and brightness/contrast edit:
  9. I actually have a photo of a hammer. I was wondering if I could incorporate that somehow into the picture c: Here's the hammer (struggling to remove the background, but I'll get there)
  10. Thanks, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for ^^ I was thinking along the lines of this: Except in the shape of a hammer, black on the bottom, red in the middle, and silver for the hammer's head.
  11. I saw a really amazing blood splatter tutorial on here, and that gave me the idea of using an image to make it look like it was splattered onto a canvas. However, I don't know how I would do so while keeping the original image. I've done some experiments on layers and dents, but to no good quality splatter. Any assistance?
  12. I decided to do a Pink Floyd: The Wall styled poster with this. Here's my go:
  13. The images in this tutorial aren't showing up for me. Am I missing something?
  14. I decided to do a little something cool with Dark Side of the Moon...
  15. That's what I did first time (except I edited brightness and contrast), but when I mean few, I mean it's literal meaning, as in 3 to 4 colors.
  16. I tried this myself (I know, it's been years since last post) and I got good results!
  17. Then can you show me a way how, if you know? By the way, here's the original image:
  18. I wanted to make an image automatically composed of a few colors. No serious detail. I tried making the effect by mixing two effects together, Posterize and Contrast, but it didn't turn out at all how I wanted it. Still, I attached it to this post. Anyways, any help?
  19. I tried the thing again and I think I got better results. Just something about it seems off... probably the font!
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