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  1. Ok, I admit I was a little harsh and conclusive in my post. I'll think before I type next time . Point still stands though... I was suspicious of illegitimate votes and nobody's argued against that yet. As for the misspelling of 'barter', it was intentional. Deliberate. It was a way of making it more original and unique. A gimmick, per se. Maybe it wasn't obvious enough which is clearly a flaw in the design. If I were to do it again I would fix that. As a Grammar/Spelling Nazi myself I can understand your pain, brother.
  2. I'm calling <no swearing> on the 'buy 4 less web sales' logo, it's just a horrible garish green to blue gradient with some text. How'd it get 5 votes already? (as of this post), someone is definitely up to something.
  3. This is my entry, no stock images were used. There's a lot you can do with just text and gradients. High res version: .pdn file: