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  1. EDIT : This topic can be locked or deleted, I have fixed my problem


    Hey! I have a problem with my script. the OnSave method, even though only containing the following code, throws an error. Can anybody think of why? :/

    Protected Overrides Sub OnSave(ByVal input As Document, ByVal output As Stream, ByVal token As SaveConfigToken, ByVal scratchSurface As Surface, ByVal callback As ProgressEventHandler)
            Dim tk As TEXSaveConfigToken = DirectCast(token, TEXSaveConfigToken)
            Using renderArg As RenderArgs = New RenderArgs(New Surface(input.Size))
                input.Render(renderArg, True)
                Dim b As System.Drawing.Bitmap = renderArg.Bitmap.Clone()
                Using w As System.IO.BinaryWriter = New System.IO.BinaryWriter(output)
    End Using
    End Using
    End Sub

  2. Hey! Is there a way to cancel the OnSave method so it doesn't write a null file?


    Or is there any other way to do this



    Dim SD As New SaveDialog
    If SD.DialogResult = Ok Then
    LOG("Save the image")
    LOG("Cancelled but writes null file")
    LOG("Any way to stop that?")
    End if


    Before OnSave?


    Here is my save dialog btw