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  1. Krita used to have this feature, but they didn't like it and got rid of it . They use masks now, which can get the same end result, but is much more effort in my opinion. In any case, you could consider Krita for a lot of features that PDN doesn't have; I now use both in my workflow.
  2. Thanks everyone! @LionsDragon Painting minerals is hard because of the way light interacts with crystals, I can only imagine it's much harder than using semi-transparent layers in PDN . Of course if that's what you want to do, I can't complain because minerals are awesome and hey, it's something new to work on. I just -finally- got a drawing tablet to play with, borrowing it from my friend, and it seems quite a lot more likely that I'll be able to draw reasonable things: This is done in Krita (so I won't be sharing other sketches directly here). No references, second thing I drew with the tablet and I have no idea what a wyvern should look like. I'm thinking its body is too long (I left the right side of the body not-quite-finished anyway). But this is excitingly better than what I get myself with pencil and paper. Since I have a drawing tablet for the time being, I'm hoping I might be able to add pressure sensitivity support in Brush Factory in PDN. No promises on when, though. I realize there are multiple APIs (Window Ink is the common one, but there's little standardization so Wacom, Huion, etc. have a lot of specialization) and I might need to have more than one. The UI for the brush dynamics would need a full update anyway to support mapping the values. Food for thought.
  3. A drawing of quartz with goethite inclusions from March 2018, just using my imagination here. I wasn't sure about the matrix for the goethite, so I made some dark, uncertain and metal-heavy matrix. The edges of the quartz may look weird, especially the hanging face at the top-right. The quartz face is supposed to be incompletely grown there. This was an interesting one to do because I had to mimic the index of refraction, which I did at the seams where the faces meet (it's intentional). I think it's interesting anyway. I haven't been active for some time except for a ghostly vote here or there; I was busy on other things. So here's a 5-minute tree from June 2019 in a cartoon style I haven't done yet. Forgive me
  4. It's nice. The zoom icon in the lower right-hand corner can be toggled on and off when at 100% zoom with no apparent effect; maybe it should just display the icon without dotted lines if zoom is 100% regardless of when the user toggles it. That would be a clearer design because at 100% zoom, you are viewing a 1:1 ratio, and pretty clean in code I'd imagine.
  5. Wholeheartedly agreed. I'd give 4 attempts, maybe with a warning it will result in a temporary lockout, etc. Don't forget that Avada brings up that the email address isn't accepted to log in, which is important if true. For usability. We could tighten it down to one attempt, theoretically, and permanently lock out the account on failure until an admin intervenes. That's the most secure solution, but is it good? I'd say not. I'd even go as far as to agree that 3 is too few. You can read more about it; this source has a variety of answers, one of which includes 3 attempts with a 5 minute timeout on failure, and that's for logging into a user account on an operating system; surely more important than this site: So weigh on it critically from both a security and usability standpoint. Probably someone will chime in that it'll be looked at or not in scope, that's fine. Just want to make sure it's known.
  6. Isn't it twice as good to just bucket fill the background in black, select that and delete? Increase tolerance as necessary, but still it's a single step. Boltbait's suggesting a plugin you'd have to install (granted -- it works well for this!) and AndrewDavid's suggestion requires recreating the red outline. Having other ways of doing it is one thing, but really only if it competes, right?
  7. Fill the background in black. Use the magic wand to select it and delete. I don't know if you want to get rid of the black between letters like the BS and AN, but you would do those tweaks with an eraser.
  8. Copy a slightly larger section, paste on separate layer, fade the bottom edge using a gradient in transparent mode. Or keeping it as is, use clone stamp to carefully copy over the center line and hope it comes out okay.
  9. Free-form selection operates the same in both programs. requires pressing M to switch to the move tool if that's what you want to do after making a selection. Otherwise, they affect pixels the same. also allows selecting fractions of a pixel if Selection Clipping Mode is set to Antialiased selection quality. I suggest reading about the basics of This link goes to Selection Tools, and everything else is on the top menu bar:
  10. Vectors are a series of math expressions, but they can be rendered to the screen as raster images, which is what you've seen if you ever saw a vector image. That is, if you make a 1-pixel circle in a vector program and you see it, you already have a raster representation of it. So of course a raster program can create fine circles.
  11. Alternatively, hold Ctrl and press + a few times. A default setting to open images to fill the visible window space would be a solid option to implement, but it would be up to Rick.
  12. is hardly the tool for animations, so I'd expect it's just not supported. Googling "loop my gif" gives sites that look like they do it; why not try one of those.
  13. As long as you have a picture where the tourist isn't crossing in front. I made mine to get back additions I drew on top of another image and finalized; I would do things like edit a .png file and want those edits on my .pdn source file, or Merge down some change on an image, save and close it, then later decide I want to tweak that change. So it makes it easier to isolate.
  14. I don't think you're talking about taking the exact differences between two identical images, but I've had a plugin for that exact purpose for a little over a year. Download for Image Difference (did I ever actually make a post for that, or have I just been hosting it on Google Drive this whole time?)
  15. Oh yeah, that happened too. Didn't mean to snub you null54. I was again running short on time because it's during the work week; I didn't even update the main picture showing the tabs yet, so I missed that change.
  16. Well, it's been two years but yeah, I've got a solution. Any change to drawBrush() is slow to ensure functionality still works, so I'll have to finish testing tomorrow, but results are positive and I only have obscure edge cases left to test or optimize. Version 1.8 released The only change here is mouse speed control, which has a property called brush density and can be changed under the tab called other. It's set to 10 by default, meaning the image is repeated at every 1/10 the width of the actual brush. You can set it to 0 to turn it off and draw like you used to. It's a lot smoother and nicer for the most part, but when you're using large brushes, a really high density, and/or working on a large image, it may create angular lines. So remember you can turn it off if you need to. I tested all the settings. When turned on with minimum draw distance, the effect is that it draws in line segments at a time. With small brush sizes and horz/vert spray, it has an interesting comb effect. Report bugs and other things. If you find it lags too often, maybe I'll have it off by default.
  17. I never tested it at 300 dpi and I hear that the framework I use to display the plugin window and all its controls has a lot of DPI scaling issues because DPI was more of an afterthought in the Winforms library. I'm actually not sure how to test at 300 dpi. Control + Mouse Wheel is the shortcut for zooming in and out, same as PDN itself. You're not suggesting this doesn't work, right? It shouldn't depend on DPI. You can also press tab a couple times so the canvas zoom slider is active, then use arrow keys or Ctrl + arrow keys to adjust it. Unrelated side notes: Can't get rid of Color behaviors; I use it in seriousness for e.g. variation in grass color. Fair bet others find it useful. If I made brushes much larger, they would lag so badly that drawing with them would become unbearable and you'd only be able to manage single-clicking.
  18. Thanks for the praise and feedback, ScrapbookWithPDN. This is the first bullet under Things I'm Changing documented on the design thread. I've got a host of other thoughts there too
  19. Okay, I added it back in. I didn't think anyone actually used the middle mouse button to pan, but maybe that's because mine's been broken for a good while.
  20. Yeah, like this release. Version 1.7 is released. Null54 has been steadily plugging away to deliver these features to you guys. While I've been busy, he added these features: - A larger image view for selecting brushes, with the add brushes button moved out and placed below the view - Fixed a transparency bug that was bad enough I'd hesitate to draw translucently on a blank canvas - The interface doesn't totally freeze while loading brushes anymore - Settings are now saved to a file instead of Windows registry. I was fairly busy recently and I found some time on weekends to make tweaks: - The max brush size is now 1000 by request, though it may lag. - Default brushes load in reverse order. - "Random max alpha" was removed because it was useless, hard to fix and redundant with random min alpha, which could be used instead. - Ctrl + left click and drag to pan instead of middle mouse button, which isn't always convenient (especially on a laptop). Tell me what you think and report bugs you find. I'm expecting a few about migrating from registry to a file, or loading brushes.
  21. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! I have enough illustrations & sprite art right now. I don't have anything like ice text, chromatic metal textures, or profiled highlights because I haven't gotten on the bevel & bump/alpha mapping train yet. A good, realistic-looking knife might be my next goal. Hey @welshblue, if you could provide a list of maybe 6 or less essential plugins you use, that would help me get started. This is my current level of realism with bevels on the handle and knife edge. Obviously not a photo. Blade texture can be improved.
  22. When rotating by mouse as Diteit mentioned, you can also hold shift to rotate in 15 degree increments.