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  1. ❤️ @Ego Eram Reputo! Thank you so much for your effort. Also many thanks to all plugin writers. I have so many things to catch up on.
  2. ❤️ @CsyeCok The Soldier, @lynxster4, @Maximilian, @Reptillian! Thank you very much, it's nice to be with you.
  3. ❤️ @Pixey! Thank you very much, sweetie. 💮
  4. ❤️ Sir @BoltBait and @welshblue! I have some catching up to do. Thank you so much.
  5. ❤️ Dear @Pixey! Thank you for starting this thread. Thank you so much. 💮 ❤️@welshblue @ReMake ❤️ ❤️@Vagabondi @lynxster4 ❤️ Our relatives from Australia came back to Germany. And this time also Corona has danced. That's why it was impossible to find an apartment. Now slowly everything is getting back to normal.
  6. @HyReZ! Really beautiful. Thank you so much.
  7. @Icegodes! Very entertaining and really very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
  8. @Vagabondi! Ooo... Do you like cats? Weel done. 🐱 Thank you for sharing. 🧁
  9. @TrevorOutlaw! Very well thought out. Thank you so much. 🧁
  10. @Vagabondi! 🌷 Wonderful colours and beautiful composition, excellently made. Thank you for sharing your result! 🧁
  11. @TrevorOutlaw! 🚂 I like anything with trains. Preferably with steam engines. Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your result!
  12. Congratulations to @welshblue and @Maximilian! Great works everyone! Thank you @Pixey!
  13. *ReMake Color Sketch-Photographed by myself
  14. *Red Ochre Cuboids-Photographed by myself.
  15. *TRs Croquis-Photographed by myself.
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