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  1. Dear @Pixey, @welshblue, and Dear @lynxster4! Thank you very much, everybody for your kind comments! I am so glad that you liked some pictures so much.
  2. @Xhin! Thank you so much. I am happy for your comments. Which is the most beautiful.?
  3. @Pixey! Can I create with background? Because; all tutorials with background made black.
  4. @Pixey! It's no big deal. I wrote this as a joke.
  5. @Drydareelin! I wish you happiness, good health.
  6. Congratulations to @welshblue, @Pixey, @MJW, and @lynxster4! @Pixey! I think something's gone wrong with the prices.
  7. Dear @Pixey! 🌹 What you conjure again and again, great done. Thank you for sharing your result!
  8. @DiDeDoD! Welcome to the forum. Really well done! Thank you for sharing your result!
  9. @TrevorOutlaw! Thank you so much for the video.
  10. Dear @lynxster4! -----<<---<--@ To fall in love beautiful, compliment an absolutely fine presentation. Unfortunately, G'MIC doesn't work so well for me. Thank you for sharing your result!
  11. @Xhin! Thank you very much. *Original
  12. @Xhin! Thank you so much for the new version. *All images taken with the Rectangular Inversion. I'll give you points on Sunday.
  13. @pyrochild! 🎂 Happy Birthday... 💐 I wish you every happiness on your special day.
  14. @Ego Eram Reputo! Thank you so much for clarification. If I hadn't been old I would have studied computer science.
  15. @Rickhum! Wonderful starry skies. Your works always catch me. An impressive light and colour experience again and again. Really impressive. My respect for your skills. Thank you for sharing your result!
  16. @Xhin! Thank you for sharing this with us! *Sorry!I'll give you point tomorrow.
  17. @Xhin! Thank you so much for your effort.
  18. @Ego Eram Reputo, @BoltBait! I saw that in paint folders too; what's the bundled folder?
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