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  1. Downloading some of the pinned plugins / plugin packs is always a good starting point for beginners and advanced users, the best way to get to know paint.net is to have a play around for a while with no plugins installed and get to know the basics before diving into it head on
  2. Congratulations Maxi, well done also for third placers, thanks for the runner up votes. Thanks for the hosting Chimay and all who took part.
  3. When zooming in on a large image / canvas, is there any keyboard shortcuts in order to move around the image ? When I zoom in close on an image there doesn't seem to be a way to pan around it.
  4. A very good plugin, I will have a lot of use, thank you Dwarf Horde.
  5. Some fun to be had. I also used TechnoRobbo's Cat shape too Many thanks.
  6. An interesting plugin Redochre, used it to make a golden / metalic texture
  7. Happy Birthday Rick. Many thanks for your work and dedication.
  8. Interesting plugin TR. Thank you for your work. Here is my first try.
  9. Thank you for the explanation. I would just like to create small pictures with water ripple or an object moving across a page. I will download and try to understand a little more about it. By the way, how do you switch off AnimGIF.dll. ?
  10. There seems to be a few people on here who get this, but how do I create Animated gif to start with ? Does this plugin do it or do I need some other software to do it before I open a gif into pdn ?
  11. Thank you for this Red ochre, the text below say's it all Very good pictures posted here too, so many creative ideas.
  12. Well done for all who won, although I missed the chance to vote due to the spam attack. A fun award show well hosted by Boltbait. I think we are all winners due to Rick's program and the creators of plugin's / tutorials. :star: :star:
  13. Very interesting image examples from all here. A great tutorial from TR too. Many thanks. This result using a few blend modes and Curves+ Looks to me like bottle tops ?
  14. Good ongoing developement Rick. Many thanks
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