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  1. Well done for barbieq, lyxnster4 Limon and Si Borg. Some very good entries here, sorry I missed entering. Thank you for DrewDale hosting Always a fun competition.
  2. Well done for Ishi, Si Borg, Barbieq25 and Boltbait. Well done also all who took part and voted too. Thank you for DrewDale hosting.
  3. Thank you for the time to write this tutorial Red. I shall follow this at the weekend and post my attempt.
  4. A nice shapes pack, thank you for this lynxster. That is a mighty impressive gem stone Redochre, I hope a tutorial is on the way ?
  5. That had to be read more than one time for sure On the topic - There is some really good entries in the Flags comp, I am forever amazed at the level of creativity from the members on here.
  6. I'm sure I read somewhere on this forum a suggestion about having text message verification upon creating a new account, I would doubt not many spammers would make the effort to either buy or use an existing cell phone sim card just to post pointless junk, some e-mail accounts now want you to enter a valid and active cell phone number in order to complete the registration process.
  7. Congratulations Si Borg for a great entry and win, well done also for Pixey & Barbieq25 for placings. Some very good entries again, thanks for Pixey's hosting duties. Fun competition
  8. Nice sentiment Eli. All is calm here in Calais Pixey. Thank you for the concern. I shall keep to myself the true feelings in France right now. But, my thoughts also reach out for the families and friends of the victims. A sad time.
  9. Redochre's gears. Rust texture on gears & background - Clouds & Dents. Font - Capture it.
  10. Nice new topic for sotw (steampunk) I look forward to taking part
  11. I am impressed to get that many votes. Thank you. Well done for Pixey and Ishi, both stunning works, well done also for all who took part and of course Pixey for the excellent hosting once more.
  12. Try the layer properties (right of the layers window) Type what ever info you want to in the box.
  13. Congratulations for Seerose and Pixey, well done also for all who took part and those who voted, thank you for placing me third. Good fun competition, I look forward for the next theme. Thank you for Pixey hosting too.
  14. Good work Max, well done also for Oceana , Pixey and Doughty. Very creative entries again off all. Thank you for the poll Pixey.
  15. And I thought it was just me, I also have this issue since installing Windows 10 and paint.net 4.0.6 (no crash though, but often a not responding prompt in the upper left of the ui.
  16. A very nice selection of shapes here, thank you for sharing and welcome to the forum too
  17. My take on advanced would be plugins such as Shapemaker, Gridwarp or even Shape 3D, could be daunting for anyone new to an image editing program to get the "instant" result a lot of folk seem to want (the old run before you can walk syndrome)
  18. I agree, also after using Mail for the first time, I suddenly find my inbox flooded with spam. I also don't like the constant having to verify my account, especially when i use my outlook password to log onto my PC on start up. Aside from that I do like a lot of the features and it's good to see a start menu of sorts (if a little bulky)
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