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  1. Well done for Helen / Dug / Skullbonz / Ego Eram Reputo and for all the "too many to list" placers. An interesting theme and fun to take part in. A well done also for Chimay12321 for his debut as host
  2. Finally a chance to try this. Thanks RedOchre, this is fun. Good for festive ribbons
  3. This is a very handy plug in with some great uses. I came up with this one. The settings were as follows: preset style - scratch board. background- source image, foreground - light source image, rep count 114.00, length multiplier - 12.00 cross-hatching - 0.20, frequency by tone - -0.35, angle of lightest tone - 160.00, humanize - 0.70, blur / trail - 0.50. Nice pictures here from EER, TechnoRobbo, Nitenurse and Sasha too.
  4. Hmmm. Looks OK. A shot in the dark here, but try the pdn repair application to see if that helps (See screenshot)
  5. If Installed OK, you would find Chroma Key under Effects > Photo. Can you provide a screenshot of your effects folder ?
  6. Perhaps this may be of help http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=18378 There also is a brief explanation on the page too.
  7. Well done for Helen and also for all that was placed and entered. Interesting topic and fun. Hosted well by DrewDale.
  8. Well done for Daniels and also for all that was placed and entered. Interesting topic and fun.
  9. Try Scriptlab plug in here - http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=6091
  10. A little late to say it, but congratulations for Welshblue and for Yellowman on the win. Well done for all the placings and entries. Thank you for the votes and thank you Daniels for running the competition also.
  11. Talk of bearded ladies - and now thanks for this plugin. French artist Alizee has a new David Grohl look. Nice work RedOchre. Thank you.
  12. Impressive entries, very nice winning entry from Welshblue also well done for Sasha, Sand33P, DrewDale & Dug. A nice comp Daniels.
  13. Impressive entries, very nice winning signature from Helen, also well done for Dug, DrewDale and for Sasha. Happy to be a runner up. Thank you.
  14. Finally I get it. Thank you for assistance TechnoRobbo.
  15. I followed the first method post above - Set both point 1 sliders to -1 - Set both point 2 sliders to -0.33 - Set both point 3 sliders to 0.33 - Set both point 4 sliders to 1 This will create a straight even diagonal render I end up with this (I maintained all other sliders at default) I have re - downloaded also the plug in again to ensure It is not a fault. There appears to be a clutter of football on the right side.
  16. Thanks TechnoRobbo. It has helped a little. I cannot understand how to place objects in a straight line as you have with the Repli-cants image and how Dug has with the figures. all I can manage is a wavy line no matter what setting I use.
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