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  1. This might be it, but I'm not certain. I will try it though. Like the other post, it doesn't seem quite right. However, I will give it a try, as it seems close enough. On a related note: is there a way to pick more than 2 colors without any add-ons in paint.net? I swear I did it once, but it was long long ago XD
  2. So, while browsing some tutorials here, since I got into the mood to make some pictures again, someone mentioned a Nebula color fill. I don't know which plug-in that belongs to, if any, so it might be a default effect that paint.net already has. Its quite an old post, from this thread http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/20968-making-a-galaxy/. Its post 5 or 6. Its the post with the rainbow-esque colored galaxy. I tried searching here and in the plug-ins for a "nebula color fill" effect, but I haven't found any. If this has been asked before: I apologize. I did not find i
  3. So I grabbed this plugin in a while ago on my old computer (Win 7 home premium, 64 bit), and it worked fine. I copied over the files from the effect folder I had (so I wouldn't waste ages finding all the old plugins I used) to this new computer, and now I'm getting crashes. Running PDN 4.0, win 8.1 64 bit. I get the following error. Any help on this? x.x Mind you, it DOES work, but you have to be fast. Any longer than ~ 3 seconds on the menu and it will cause a crash. At least if you move it, it crashes quickly. If you just don't move the options menu (which obscures the
  4. Nice little tutorial. Got me interested in trying to make a similar kind of glowing ball, and making the colored ball larger didn't help. Sadly, I did not manage to make any balls that glow as well as the beams. Setting the top layer to glow makes the white ball shine through, and it keeps a *very* faint hint of the colored ball. Do you have any ideas on what I could do for glowing balls? Might be worthwhile to add the method for glowing balls to the main post as well? Thanks!
  5. Yeah, my bad. I should have said I understood that, but not how to use it like I mentioned in the other pictures posted by cjmcguinness and buffalopride. Though suddenly, an idea has occurred to me thanks your explanation, so I'll try it out. In any case, thanks for answering.
  6. Awesome plug-in. That said, could you (or someone else) elaborate on the ways to use it? I'm still new to paint.net, and I've been unsuccessful in creating similar effects such as cjmcguinness's flaming skull or buffalopride's images. I'd really appreciate it, as I find this plug-in somewhat difficult to utilize.
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