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  1. That's interesting. I did not know that Gradient Bars were for. This kind of color shading is something I should look forward to because I thought of a stained glass artwork even before I saw this thread. If I had enough effort, I could use this to create some mythical, angelic or religious stained glass artwork. I haven't made enough action on PDN recently. Thanks Lynxster.
  2. As for lightening an area, you can simply select that area using any of the selection tools such as the rectangular selection, elliptical selection, lasso and magic wand tools then simply go to Adjustments>> Brightness/ Contrast, Curves or Levels and just experiment on what lightening can be achieved.
  3. 500 bucks for a trip to the ER? That's extortion because its unexplainable and someone deserves to be sued for it. My swollen jaw that has some infection/cyst to it needs to have some sort of surgery done to and upon consultation to a doctor on a private hospital yesterday, the price it costs if you're asleep is 3 times than what I thought it would be. Its extremely greedy to try and capitalize on someone health... There are doctors that are extremely giving and helpful but there are some who can intimidate you so much either because they aren't so cunning with what they say about the diagnosis or the price they want you to pay.
  4. Well after some Google search, Intel Texture Works is a plugin for Photoshop. Try PSFilterPDN. Its an amazing plugin for Paint.NET that hosts Photoshop plugins so hopefully, it can host this Intel Texture Works as well.
  5. That's a real complicated perfume bottle you got there. Mind making a tutorial with a simpler version of the bottle design for us folks who would wanna try it? And nice comeback too!
  6. Do you have .NET Framework 4.6.1 installed? If you don't, Paint.NET 4.0.8 needs that. Here's the installation package for .NET Framework 4.6.1. Try installing that and attempt to install Paint.NET again. Some others have also complained that they have trouble installing or uninstalling Paint.NET on Windows 10.
  7. Well as for your example above, I can imagine copying the second half of the imagine into another layer and rotating it from there either manually and merging both layers. Then just smoothen the joints of the folding part using the Blur tool of TR's Dodge and Burn. You may also check out Boltbait's Seam Carving plugin.
  8. Pretty convincing, Datalink. There are images where repetition wouldn't be very noticeable.
  9. Well there's an issue about that on the previous version of PDN which is 4.0.7 which was immediately updated after such bug was found. If you have done the update through the built-in updater in PDN, try installing PDN 4.0.8 using a standalone installer which you can download from this link. http://www.dotpdn.com/downloads/pdn.html
  10. Here it is. The contents of PdnSetupShim.log --- paint.net SetupShim starting, lpCmdLine='/suppressReboot', nCmdShow=10 CoInitialize(NULL) returned 0 Checking OS requirement bIsWin7SP1 = true bResult = true EnsureOSRequirement() returned 0 Called EnsureTrustedInstallerIsEnabledAsync() Checking .NET requirement bIsNetfx46Installed = false bIsSupportedNetfxInstalled = false bIsNetfxInstallerPresent = true PreInstallPrompt() returned true InstallNetfx() returned 5100 Sleep(1000) --- Exiting, nReturnVal=13ec I also noticed that there are a number of HTML files related to .NET Framework 4.6.1 inside the Temp folder. I will attach one of those HTMLs. Opening them via web browser says that a specific Windows update is needed to install .NET Framework 4.6.1. I will be installing a standalone installer of one such update called KB2919355 before attempting another install of PDN 4.0.7 that attempts to install .NET Framework 4.6.1 for me. I have also attached a screenshot of the install error. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 Setup_20151231_121804596.html
  11. Thanks for the update but I have an installation issue. After the stage where it says it will install Dot net Framework and Paint.NET, it goes to the part where it extracts the files, then I noticed from the Task Manager that the "paint.net.4.0.7.install.exe" just disappears suddenly and the installation never completes. I have tried multiples times but to no avail. I am using Windows 8.1 Pro, 32 Bit. As of this point, I'm still on v 4.06.
  12. Of course I was kidding on my previous post. That's very generous, thoughtful and selfless Si Borg. I wish I could do the same somehow. Thanks for sharing Si Borg and hopefully, many more of us would learn from your example.
  13. What I meant was the Desaturate tool would not do anything, would not decrease the saturation of the clicked area, even with maxed intensity unless I switched to another tool and go back to Desaturate. This happens randomly but rare. I open and close the plugin window but its not easy to reproduce. I keep testing it on the same image. That was from v 1.3.22. However, its now more reliable than the previous versions, v. 1.3.20 and v.1.3.21. I will now try the latest version and see the additional stuff. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  14. We got some rather very generous folks right here. Nah, I feel bad looking like some cheapo by not having to show off like you guys. And even worse by not giving anything to the girl I'm interested with who kinda dumped me and not talking to me anymore when I'm this guy who secretly thinks I'm the solution to many of her problems. But yeah, its not always giving that counts.
  15. I am still experiencing some inconveniences. For instance, Desaturate doesn't always work on the first try no matter if I enable or disable lock shade. Only when I switch to another tool then switch back to Desaturate does it work. This also occurred to the Blur tool after I switched to it from another tool. These may happen at random at repeated instances of opening and closing of the plugin window and of the PDN program itself so this may be harder to diagnose.
  16. Thanks TR. It took merely 20 minutes from the time you confirmed this was bug till the time you posted an update of the plugin. That was such as a quick fix. Keep up the great work.
  17. For your second question, you want the layer technology of programs like PDN to be applied on word processing programs so you could hide and unhide copy-editing marks right? I think the reason no one made word processing programs with the "layer" technology is because not many have seen its potential. Even if they did, there will be a backward compatibility and file format issue. If it had been applied on a word processing program say MS Word 15 years ago, its possible it would have thrived today. Say you applied this technology to a future version of MS Word. You can't save a document there with a hidden copy-editing info layer to .doc or .docx. It had to be a new and different format which is not compatible with older versions of MS Word or other third party programs like Open Office. It would be impractical for lots of users so the user base and enterprise would see no sense of this feature and no sense in upgrading to this version of MS Word which would cost them money. If you intend to save that file to .doc or .docx, the program had no choice but to remove the "layer" and all you get is a flat non-layered document but is usable on older versions of the word processing program and the third parties. You see this on PDN when you save the file as .jpg for example. You have no choice but to flatten/combine all the layers into a flat image when saving to a .jpg which is universally compatible on other image-viewing programs.
  18. Gave chocolates to two kids and two adults respectively.
  19. Thanks. It responds better now with lock shade enabled. However, I seem to have observed that if I enable lock shade with the blur tool, then I switch to another tool such as dodge, clicking part of the picture still blurs it rather than apply a dodge effect. This goes on when I switch to the other tools as well and only if I uncheck and re-check the lock shade checkbox does it fixes this issue and allows the other tools to do their function rather blur. Is this a bug? Anyway, thanks again for responding. If I see more stuff that needs attention, I will let you know.
  20. OK, try downloading the PDN v.4.06 installer again so you have a new installer file. Another thing I can think of is right clicking the installer file of Paint.NET, Properties>>Compatibility and run it as compatibility mode for either Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1, then run the installer file. See if it continues this time. Else, maybe you should try an earlier version of Paint.NET and its available for download on some website called Filehippo. Its not officially authorized by the PDN developer to host downloading of earlier versions of this program but from there, you're at your own risk.
  21. I got a purse that looks like the face of a cat and inside it was a glowing bouncy ball. I also got a lollipop and nacho chips!!! Those are from two concerned people who put all of them in one giftwrapped package. I returned the favor by giving them a small over the counter chocolate bar each.
  22. I am well aware of that Eli. I move my unused effects on a subfolder called "Unused" inside the Effects folder. Sometimes I would even move some DLLs if I am to add a new DLL. The theory goes is that the less plugins you load, the more space in the memory you would have for your remaining plugins to use. I would rule out this cluttered plugins issue. However, I have repeatedly experienced slow rendering issues with a number of TR's plugins so I suspect it may be something in the common rendering algorithm he uses in the code of his plugins that's causing a delay in rendering on the kind of computer that I use. It might be an isolated issue with the particular processor or Asus brand netbook that I use but still, it poses a disadvantage for me and maybe some others who have lower specs or have a machine with comparable architecture. I was trying to blur parts of an image last night when I find it inconvenient that the blur tool is not immediately blurring the areas as I click. It was even a low resolution image. This is not the first time it happened. Plugins like Pyrochild's Smudge and Liquify seem to work OK but the latter has understandably delay and crashing issues, often only with very large images. I have tested Photoshop on this machine as well but its native Blur tool seems to work without delay or any issue. I hope there could be a fix because I'm a fan of this particular plugin because of its great potential. I even wanted it to be ported on the main Tools window of PDN.
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