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  1. What would be useful, as suggested somewhere before is a "Save All" function that saves all opened PDN works in which a dialog box would appear for each of the files that have not yet been named. The icon tat we know of that "Save All" function is that of two or three diskettes stacked together.
  2. Cause it deserves to be framed. Only now that I noticed that there was actually an electric guitar in it so maybe it fits to be used as a wall backdrop in a music and arts studio as well.
  3. Amazing texture! I want "that" on a stained glass for door as a painting in some office somewhere. Word of advice, you could print that to fit a frame or re-size it to fit one, then hung it on a wall.
  4. Thanks Maximilian. I do have my own home grown techniques with photo enhancement that is. I could make dull images into brilliantly colored images with the collection of plugins that I have like PSFilterPDN. I do have techniques for making textures too. I had to follow someone's tutorial to make the moon on my last artwork which is that hardest part of it anyway. But not being able to come up with something as juicy as the last few ones I did late last year could mean I'm into a bit of artistic hiatus. I got a few things that were only conceived in my mind but never made it to the virtual canvass. If something or someone was inspiring me to do things, I'm sure I would have had more input.
  5. Yes EER, I use the Copy Merged function, particularly useful to paste the combined stuff into a new file but it takes that many steps to do rather than automate such a task with 2 clicks. And I'm not a fan of shortcuts except for CTRL+A,C,V, Z and I.
  6. Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor and its typical for vector graphics programs to smoothen the edges of lines and shapes when you draw them. Paint.NET is a raster graphics editor that relies on certain anti-aliasing settings to make the edges of lines and shapes more jagged or smoother. Vector graphics tend to produce smoother and finer line and shape edges. There is AA's Assistant plugin which is part of Dpy's Plugin Pack that you could use to make finer line and shape edges on Paint.NET.
  7. In addition, I would also like to push my idea of "Merge Visible" function for the layers. Its been on other image editing software for ages.
  8. You can use a plugin called 1px Expansion which is part of Dpy's Plugin pack. Here is a comprehensive guide on HOW TO INSTALL PLUGINS on Paint.NET. You might have to choose only the specific .dll called "pxEexpansion.dll" if you want to install only that plugin, however the rest of them will be useful in other fun things. Now, open the image of your child's drawing on Paint.NET. Choose the Magic Wand and set its flood mode to "Global". Click on the white blank area and press Delete on the keyboard. This should clear out all of the white areas and make them transparent. Go to Adjustments>>Hue/Saturation and from there, lower the lightness to -20. This is optional. This will work if you want to colors to be heavier though. Then go to Effects>>Distort>>1px Expansion which should now appear in there. It will thicken the lines. For your image, I suggest using 1px Expansion twice. You can now save the image as .png if you want to retain the transparency or as a .jpg if you're fine with the white background again.
  9. Thanks. I appreciate the consolation lynxster but 5 months of no input and the fact that my works pale in comparison to some other galleries that I've seen makes me think, I'm still far off from the top of the tree man. I just didn't have the complicated techniques.
  10. Its been 5 months since I added anything new to this gallery and man its been that quick of a 5 months. I havent been doing anything "that" creative lately. Well I got this another boring space-scape but hopefully, someone will like it. Again, its 100% PDN.
  11. Ishi

    Making a moon

    Did mine just now. Took some time to follow and yes, superb work on the texture of this. I also followed your suggestion to use Lens plugin. I guess Shape3D's a bit overrated for the planets and moons thing.
  12. I get it. I could probably see the rest of my gallery if I clicked on a thumbnail from this forum because I was still logged in from Photobucket at the same time.
  13. I think some sort of complex algorithm is needed to code that for a plugin but if someone takes the effort, we'll see.
  14. I tried it and I haven't yet seen a difference when I click on an image thumbnail from this forum. It still shows the rest of my gallery.
  15. I use Photobucket to upload pictures to post to my thread here on this forum as thumbnails. What exactly is new with the privacy setting you are saying?
  16. What I would do for this is duplicate your main image layer and on the top layer, use Effects>>Distort>>Dents. Lower the "scale" setting and you may experiment with the other settings refraction, roughness, tension and quality. Change the blending mode of this top layer where you used Dents and see what effect it does with the original image on the layer below it. You may also use Adjustments>>Posterize.
  17. Even without the images, the tutorial is not heard to follow. I have mastered this tutorial and am very grateful. But instead of 3 layers, I usually use 4 or 5. Of course 3 layers to complete the steps of the tutorial and when I'm done, I merge those 3 and make that a multiply or overlay layer. I lower the opacity of the merged layer so it becomes more natural in blending with another layer below it which is a backup of the original unmodified image. It makes the HDR more friendly as to not oversaturate the image. If you want to adjust the exposure, you may use the Curves or Levels tools for that, either on the topmost layer or when you've merged all the layers already.
  18. I managed to install Google Color Nik now and its working with PSFilterPdn. I'm using the latest version of PSFilterPdn and also the latest version of Google Color Nik which is now free to download and use. I am running Windows 8.1 Pro 32 bit with Paint.NET v.4.09. Its an awesome awesome plugin pack by the way but some of its programs would have these rectangular black patches of space on the user interface itself that shrink, disappear and re-appear on random on the window of the program as I scroll. I'm still able to use the program's functions but these rectangular black patches bugs are interfering with my work on the Google Color Nik programs. I dunno if its a bug with Google Color Nik itself or perhaps in the way PSFilterPdn hosts them. I also observed that Google Color Nik is a bit slow in loading the images even if they are only moderately sized. Here's a screenshot of the bug. As you can see, it engulfs 40% of the window of Analog Efex Pro.
  19. You mentioned on my thread that this is compatible with Google Color Nik. It asks me during the installation to browse for a host program. I'm not sure what to do with that. Can I just install Google Color Nik without a host program and just browse to its installation directory using PSFilterPdn?
  20. Yes, I play with blending modes and the most common that I used are multiply and overlay. I always duplicate a layer before doing modifications so I could either start over or have a base comparison.
  21. Thanks for the tip Null54 but I have to update to your latest release of PSFilterPDN. I'm still on an older build. Thanks for the heads up.
  22. Thanks for the quick reply EER and Boltbait. I did not even know of these plugins except for Combined Photo Adjustments and Sharpen Landspace which is one of my favorites by the way to create an artificial sky. New stuff to try but yet to see if the older plugins still work with PDN 4.09. By the way, the last link you posted EER features this technique that was incredibly simple and effective. Kudos to the guy who posted it.
  23. I've recently seen this page and I think its interesting what techniques in Photoshop were used to enhance these images to be posted online. http://www.boredpanda.com/how-photographers-photoshop-their-images-landscape-photography-peter-stewart/ They seem to make the details look real good. Instresting tweaks to the highlights, midtones, saturation and so on. I think its very tricky to achieve with conventional levels and curves tools. Is there a way we can emulate those techniques in Paint.NET?
  24. In that case, why don't you try flattening all the layers of that image, then CTRL+C to copy then CTRL+V to Paste it on MS Paint and then save it as .jpg from there? With that size, I suspect even MS Paint would lag a lot.
  25. I voted for MJW because I really wanted the blue jeans fabric texture he did. That was a nice touch. Congratulations to MJW.
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