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  1. There is a bug that is still persistent on this beta version of PDN since the last few official releases. Some people might have noticed this as well.


    Its happens after some time working on a project, after several tools were used, the painting tools such the brush, paint bucket, eraser, gradient and pen would suddenly not do anything when used. No isolated selections are present so they are supposed to work at any part of the currently active layer. The only way to resolve this is to save the project and restart PDN.


    Any light on this? Thanks.

  2. Try installing the latest version of Paint.NET. Version 4.09 is the latest non-beta release.


    Did any Registry cleaners run in that computer? One that deleted a few important registry keys could be a possibility of causing that error.


    What I will try to do is do a clean uninstall of Paint.NET using a freeware called Revo Uninstaller then re-install Paint.NET v. 4.09. That latest version of Paint.NET however will need the latest version of .NET Framework.


    Also, having the latest Windows updates and the latest version of .NET Framework could help.

  3. A very neat touch once more Pixey.


    When I first saw it, I immediately had the autumn/Halloween/Thanksgiving theme in mind. The colors suit that in my mind.


    Maybe you should re-use it when autumn does come. I think it will suit very nicely. It even deserves to be made a cover of a book. IMHO


    And interesting swirl brushes you used there.

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  4. I have joined the forum prior to his peak as a contributor but I pay my respects to such talent.


    I suggest compiling all his Paint.NET tutorials from this forum and other fan forums into a free downloadble PDF, neatly arranged with a table of contents and editor's notes with a donate link to the one who compiled it of course.


    In this way, his legacy is preserved and compiled into one book where newbies and new converts to PDN can learn and where veterans can reminisce. Not everyone will agree with that but I think it can help.

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  5. UPDATE:


    I had to download a take ownership.reg file so that "Take Ownership" appears on my context menu for files. I would use the Take Ownership function every time before unblocking the DLLs and that worked! They now appear with this Paint.NET beta version. I thought something was gonna hold me back from updating.


    Again, thanks Boltbait.

  6. Yes, they are on the Effects folder and its is not set to read only.


    I guess I will have to find DLLs of those effects that are not blocked by default or try to unblock them using my other operating system cause I'm on a multiboot computer. I did manage to save Clouds Effects and Shape 3D using the unblock method though.




    I think I have to find a way to "take ownership" of the DLLs. Some of them date back to 2012 because they were copied from my old computer.

  7. Some important plugins are still not showing up for me despite unblocking them. Curves+, Vibrance and Random Shape Fill are still not showing up and if I unblock them, their DLLs somehow need to be re-unblocked over and over as if unblocking them cannot be persistent. Any help with this? These are very important effects to me.

  8. Not sure if I understand your correctly but what I do with a traced image with sharp edges is use AA's Assistant and Feather to it. Those are plugins needed by the way. You have to use them before you merge the layer of the traced image to that of the background. They smoothen the edges.


    AA's Assistant is part of the plugin pack mentioned here:





    And Feather plugin can be found here:





    I use them one after another for really fine edges. I have recently uploaded a video on how to use them effectively.


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  9. SiBorg's water looks quite a refreshing splash. I knew he would win.


    And Drewdale, if you don't mind, "Ishi" got 6 votes too, not mentioned up there and got to share the 2nd place with the four others fortunately mentioned. ehem....  :roll:

  10. Had the Paint.NET files gone corrupted by being deleted then restored? How are they different from the ones you encountered before when a mod was able to help? 


    Files restored from deletion are prone to being incomplete and corrupt.


    Doing a search led me to this  filerepair1 dot com site. It says it can repair standard image files .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .tiff, .bmp, .png but with the structure of a PDN file, I think its a lot more complicated. I would not exactly recommend it just yet.


    If you got a deadline for those illustrations, maybe some of the forum members could lend a helping hand.


    I backed up many important files on an external drive and some to the cloud, including my .pdn masterpieces.

  11. I thought you were drawing entirely on Paint.NET. I didn't think you were drawing on paper then scanning it then finishing it with Paint.net.


    Yes, maybe you should try drawing entirely on Paint.net from start till finish. I think most of use draw out artwork here entirely on PDN>.I recommend you use the Line/Curve tool on bigger areas of the drawing such as arms and limbs because they make straighter lines than the pencil you draw by hand. Try using the pencil tool on Paint.net on smaller areas. Using shapes are fun too. You can draw eyes entirely using the ellipse shape for example. And even if you do draw them on paper, varying line thickness can help but you gotta work on how straightly and finely you draw them.


    On my number 4 advise, I meant that you should perhaps stop using these odd backgrounds like what you showed on post #12 of this thread.


    Yes, I was referring to the gradient tool and if you look at my number 6 advise, I have a link there that shows an awesome tutorial on how to use gradients on isolated areas of an image. They can really help.

  12. I was only able to preview few of your images. The ones on top and the one at the bottom of that list and I know what you need improvement on if that's what you're looking for, especially with that randomness you want.


    1. Try using the Line/Curve and also Shapes tools to draw because they make finer and straighter lines. You just have to link them to each other to draw things. Its what I do.


    2. I see that you often use only one standard line thickness in your drawing so try using lines of varying thickness. Certain objects and parts of a drawing should have different line thickness, however certain elements of a drawing should be uniform. Cartoon characters are also drawn this way.


    3. Try using gradients to color individual objects of the image. This should add more depth and texture to individual parts of your image. My technique actually.


    4. Minimize the use of effects so they look more subtle.


    5. Try looking at Youtube videos as reference. There are terribly difficult steps out there but you only need to borrow a few concepts at first. 


    6. For the type of art you do, I'd recommend this Create Opalescent Glass Tutorial. I highly recommend it. The tutorial's author named Lynxster4 has made a terrific job there and has even made a downloadable PDF file of the tutorial as well as install-able shapes that you can install to PDN. These shapes an also help you draw. You'd also see there the awesome effects that happen when you use gradients to color individual sections of your image. The other user submissions on that thread are awesome like those of Pixey.


    So take these advice bit by bit and you'd see results. Hope you like them.

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