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  1. It was my first attempt with a nebula and I wish I could have given it more detail and more sharpness with those stars and gas clouds. It lacked something in my view. I do not think it was spectacular but thanks for the support Seerose.
  2. Its been such an honor to get that high up the ranks with this being my first ever entry to SOTW. Looking forward to the next theme. Cheers.
  3. Free Adobe products like that tend to install extra components that are not needed. There are other free alternatives to a PDF reader. I personally use Foxit but even with that I always choose the "Custom" settings when installing so that I can uncheck the installation of toolbars and other adware that usually come bundled with free software. I also use the free program called Revo Uninstaller to uninstall programs because it detects a lot orphaned components that it removes along with the program that its associated with. By default, even Windows 10 has got dodgy means of spying on you that you have to disable manually.
  4. Reminds me of the head of Master Chief from the game Halo.
  5. The Recolor tool seems to behave better in v.3.5.11 and below than 4.x versions of PDN. If the Recolor tool isn't good enough and only certain small bits of the image needs recoloring, I personally would just go the easy way by adding a new layer with either Multiply or Overlay as its blending mode, selecting my desired primary color in the palette and just paint over the parts that need recoloring with a soft brush and that's it. Job done.
  6. Agree, try removing the Adobe Reader program and delete that invalid shortcut from your Start Menu. You can then go to C:\Program Files\paint.net then right click the PaintDotNet.exe and Pin to Start. Alternately, you can choose Send to>>Desktop. That will create a new shortcut.
  7. I have made my latest addition to my spacescapes. Its my first attempt on creating a nebula that I can remember. Mind and memory getting sloppy a little bit at present, did this one on some sort of a rush job with experimental techniques. The tutorial that I found HERE was too complex and I'm too lazy to go through that so I made my own procedure. Its not spectacular but again it was a rush job. Hope you like it.
  8. Well you can use this plugin on Paint.NET so it can save your work to the .psd Photoshop format. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/18128-photoshop-psd-file-plugin-newest-version-241/ You have to put the PhotoShop.dll into the C:\Program Files\paint.net\FileTypes directory. When saving your work, choose Save As and from the option of formats, you can choose .psd.
  9. Try using Revo Uninstaller Free to remove the previous version of Paint.NET. Use the Advanced option in Revo. http://www.revouninstaller.com/revo_uninstaller_free_download.html It will hopefully remove most of its components during uninstalltion. Then try installing the newest version of Paint.NET after.
  10. Boom! You had it there. I experienced the same thing many dozens of times, having modified changes to the wrong layer. I think a nice little feature under the settings somewhere can be added to either allow or not allow the shifting of active layer once the current one is made invisible. That along with my other suggestions on this thread would be nice: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/30374-merge-visible-feature-for-layers/#entry419390
  11. You might have to use a free program called Revo Uninstaller with the Advanced mode to rid off Paint.NET's remaining components then do a fresh install of Paint.NET after that.
  12. I have noticed this too. If you turn off a layer, it switches to the next active layer below. Its sometimes a nuisance. Sorry, but I don't think PDN has layer lock function.
  13. I think the Ripple plugin that he mentions isn't the best motion distortion effect to be done on clouds but we'll see how he does it anyway, if a video is uploaded. I had my theory on how it was done but I don't wanna spoil the party 'till the video is there.
  14. Upload it on Youtube and link it here. I think that is interesting. You could use the concept not only on flags but also water or even wind.
  15. Can you perhaps upload a screenshot of the image you want to add tilted text on?
  16. I support a decent part of this idea. A plugin manager is cool and such a tool was suggested before. I imagine a two column dialog box. The ones listed on the left column are all the plugins whose corresponding DLLs are detected to be present in the Effects directory. The ones listed on the right column are the plugins currently allowed by PDN to be loaded and appear on the Effects menu. Then you have an arrow ---> that says Add and another arrow <--- that says Remove. Its pretty much self-explanatory, I got this idea from the ribbon customization setting of MS Office. PDN would be more sophisticated if it had this. Here's a screenshot.
  17. Thanks Maximilian. I'm just not a technician with the complex stuff using plugins with calculated values and other tricky stuff. I'm not trained on the technical stuff. But at least, people like you have generously called me an artist. That means so much to me.
  18. This link explains a lot. http://www.printingforless.com/color.html It turns out that common industry-type printers use cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) inks so pictures must also be CMYK to have maximum color match with CMYK ink. RGB modes tend to have ranges of colors that cannot be imitated by CMYK so you might have some color issues after printing. And yes, its easy enough to just use a commercial photo-editing program to convert an RGB picture to a CMYK. CMYK hopefully becomes natively supported on Paint.NET in the future.
  19. Thanks Limon. The blueberries had Clouds with white/gray colors rendered to make that seemingly realistic texture.
  20. Thanks for the link too, Seerose. That's an interesting tutorial.
  21. If you are able to create such a glare, I suggest you toy around with the Glow plugin under Effects>Photo. It really brightens the glare even more. You can also change the blend mode of the glare layer to Glow or lighten and maybe tweak its luminosity using the Curves adjustment tool.
  22. Well thanks barbieq and Helen. @Helen I think the leaves were the most realistic leaves I have ever textured and rendered on PDN. They have one master leaf that was copied on different parts of the picture and on different layers, then resized, distorted and recolorized to make many of them different from one another. Clouds and Frosted Glass effects have done so much for them.
  23. The one with the butterfly and flower, did you use Inner Shadow plugin for that? That's interesting. Kinda makes me think that the picture was printed on overlapping and interlocking layers of cardboard.
  24. Well thank you Seerose. Its been such hard work and patience.
  25. So here is my new PDN masterpiece for this fall. I have somehow succeeded on my attempt with complex textures and shadows. Its actually my entry for this week's SOTW. I was impressed by the result of my work with those maple leaves. Everything in it is PDN 100%. Its a still life entitled "Autumn Bounty". Enjoy.
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