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  1. Thanks Eli, Limon and Sozo. @Limon thanks for the suggestion about the water reflection plugin. It would have made a more compelling result. Would bear that in mind next time. Had another seascape artwork left unfinished. Actually, there's an island like that not far from where I live that kinda looks like that as well. Its shaped like a turtle. A few times, we had trips along the highway on the side of a cliff, overlooking the island from below and its such a remarkable place. Worth if I revisit next summer. I must have subconsciously referenced to that when I made the artwork. But its such a shame that I've never been to that island when its not too far offshore. Anyway, I did not put much effort to this seascape. Its merely a "filler" to my gallery. I intended my all-PDN painting on a previous post to get more attention though.
  2. The new uploads are excellent especially the one with a laser beam. I like the Halloween pictures too and the fruits.
  3. Try installing updates for Windows 10. Maybe that will fix the issue. Also, try removing the DLL's of the plugins you don't use and move them to another folder.
  4. If this is the latest version of Paint.NET which is 4.06, I have been experiencing crashing and failing to launch issues with it on my Windows 8.1 as well. The solution that was given to me on this forum was to rename the Shapes folder in C:\Program Files\paint.net. I renamed the Shapes folder to Shapesx. I could not use custom shapes at the moment but at least, that seems to have rid me off the crashing and failure to launch issues.
  5. The only way I can think of Paint.NET having a black or gray background is that if a third-party Windows theme is installed that makes every opened window with the same color scheme and overrides the background color settings of those applications. I do not like using such third party themes. However, I do think it would be of no harm if a future version of Paint.NET gets a native black or gray color scheme but its not very likely. I have used a program called Foxit Reader for PDFs and it has an option to change the color scheme to Blue, Yellow, Purple or Black.
  6. Racerx, if you are on Windows 8 or above, it has built-in security in the form of Windows Defender but regardless if you have system images or not, you should always have something to shield yourself from attack. My take on this is to not let just anybody plug their thumbdrives into the computer. Some of them could leave something nasty behind just like the last laptop I fixed. You could use the command prompt to open files from a removable drive so you won't get to open it via Windows Explorer and let the Autorun file inside the drive to execute. And be cautious at downloading things from torrent sites too. I personally have Hiren's Boot, some bootable antivirus CD and Linux to delete malware from Windows that are stubborn to delete.
  7. This will make it easier for you. That and related videos will teach you.:
  8. You could use the "hide all" layers feature in a scenario such as there are 25 layers, you want to merge 3 of them but the rest is distracting your view of the isolated bunch you want to work with at the moment. I accept the suggestion that the current active layer could be excluded when you do this command. We don't have layer groups like in Photoshop so I think a Hide All and Show All feature for layers would be useful in some situations when you want to isolate your work and focus on a few layers before moving to the rest of the project. I support this idea and thanks Huggles for linking my suggestion thread. I see no harm if this is implemented, only a new advantage with an added feature.
  9. Impressive work. Soothing, cool and clean. Makes me thirsty. Makes me think of that juice I left to freeze at the freezer. Mind making a mini-tutorial on how to edit a custom brush and then use it to make that?
  10. While summer may be ages away for some of use here, I thought I should bring something to warm the weather. Here's my latest work. Its all PDN. The ocean was rendered using a Photoshop plugin called "Flood" that was used on PDN via the 8bf Filter which is a wonderful PDN plugin. I hope you like it and also look at my previous work shown on my above post. Thanks. EDIT: The sun kinda hurts the eyes LOL.
  11. I suggest you do a Google search on Photoshop's healing brush tool.
  12. You really like flowers Seerose. I do so as well because I'm fascinated by the art in nature with vivid colors. I do photography too but only with a low-range digital camera but I found a way to enhance those on PDN.
  13. I was impressed by the shiny metal things on this week's submissions and its not easy for me to vote. Gears and clocks were the norm in the theme but no one with robotic steam punk machines.
  14. Thanks again Djisves. I should try it because it seems to make cleaner edges without using AA's Assistant. That was a pretty straightforward example. I could even browse for an outside file to use as mask. Would be quite useful to create textures.
  15. Well thanks again Helen, Red Ochre and Seerose. @Helen. Much of it was an unplanned result. @Seerose, its not photo manipulation at all. Everything was drawn and rendered through PDN and wasn't taken from anywhere else, except the idea and style reference though. I was hoping it would be the first of its kind of PDN artwork to be posted anywhere or at least on this forum.
  16. Yes, that's true Helen. Its not a photo-manipulation. The buildings were all PDN as well. Everything here is PDN. I intend everything to be PDN to maximize the authenticity. All I have to do was draw one column of windows and somehow, duplicate them and tile them side by side, thus I got many identical windows, forming one building. The cylindrical part of the building was rendered by the Shape3D plugin. The ground was a rough Cloud rendering whose layer was flipped and sharpened. The sky and the smoke comprise of several layers of Clouds, Clouds Effects, gradients and Frosted glass effects. I did say I was working on some clouds and smoke so here it is. I intended it for SOTW but too lazy to create the machine things so I made this into a painting instead.
  17. So here's my newest addition to my collection. It looked like an oil painting. I was gonna use it for something else but too lazy to add more. Its also my first attempt on this kind of artwork on Paint.NET, its not perfect and yes, like all my other artworks posted here, its 100% PDN. Its a dark theme. Sorry if it causes unease for some people around here. Despite that, I hope you'll still like it.
  18. Well thank you Djisves. I did not know about the Paneling plugin and I don't use the Alpha Mask plugin as I do not fully understand how to use it yet.
  19. Thanks you so much for that. Such a marvelous plugin so we can use Photoshop's plugins. Great work.
  20. From what I can see, the map gets divided into these 12 surfing board shaped pieces. My radical solution would be: 1. Open your map on Paint.NET and make sure it takes the whole canvas. Rename this bottom Background layer as Map. 2. Create a new transparent layer on top. 3. Select this new transparent layer and manually draw the surfing board shape using the Line/Curve tool . Fill it with a solid color like black. Make sure that its width is 1/12 of the canvas size so you might have to resize it using the Move Selected Pixels tool . Its top and bottom tips must stretch the height of the canvas too. Move this shape at the very left end of your canvas. 4. Duplicate that layer and use the Move Selected Pixels tool again and just drag to the right and you'll see a duplicate of your shape was made. Make sure to align it with your original shape. You could use the arrow keys in your keyboard to move it slowly and precisely. Merge those 2 shape layers. Duplicate this layer again and drag to the right, you'll that you now have 4 shapes. Repeat the same procedure until you have 12 of these surf board shapes aligned across your canvas. 5. Merge all the layers that contain your surf board shapes but DO NOT merge them with your Map layer. 6.Using your magic wand, click your solid color shapes and you'll see that it selects all of them since they are stitched together. 7. Once you have an active selection, uncheck your shapes layer and click on your Map layer. 8.CTRL+I to invert the selection and press Delete on your keyboard. If things went right, you should have something like your example. 9. You may now delete your hidden shapes layer. However, you could copy this layer on a new separate .pdn file in case you might have to reuse it to trace a selection like that again. Create a new layer and fill it with white color. Move this layer at the bottom of your Map layer so it will have a white background instead of a checkerboard. 10. Merge the two layers and save as .png or .jpg.
  21. Yes, I should give it a try. Maybe creating something like your sig is a good starter for me. I was working on some artwork with clouds too. Its clouds and smoke actually and its turning out OK. I used a World War II painting as a reference. It used like 3 hours of my time just now.
  22. Maybe I should try the shiny things myself but I know your method takes a lot of steps. You're like a gradient and transparency overlay genius. Who would have though those were PDN? Very clean, almost vector graphics groove. Great stuff.
  23. I did not know what steam punk was until I did a Google search of it. But the moment I found out, I immediately though of the Gears plugin and apparently, Pixey has got that in mind as well. That's a very good summary there Huggles. Its a branch of science fiction that basically exaggerates the technology on the Victorian and Wild West eras but with a lot of style, elegance and class than the futuristic techno stuff that dominates much of the mainstream sci-fi world. I personally think its really really challenging.
  24. Can't see the attachment. You must have missed including it on the post. I personally believe that an earlier version of PDN which was v 3.5.10 was more stable in my experience.
  25. Marvelous works with those. Helen you must be the expert with shiny things. They look, as young people nowadays would put it, "adorbs". They look so polished and perfectly done. I couldn't do many shiny things and I get jealous over that. LOL...
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