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  1. OK, thank you for the answers.
  2. I looked at the PrintIt effect and it seems that OptionBased can display the list of installed fonts, but I don't know how ...
  3. Thanks for the reply. So there is no simple solution?
  4. Yes, you're right is just visual issue. Does not affect the plugins made with OptionBasedLibrary.
  5. I think that with the launch of the new version of paint.net 4.1.1 CodeLab should also be revised. Color Wheel Control does not behave properly. As shown in the image below, I chose the Default style but the chosen color has Alpha = 0 although I do not have a slider for Alpha.
  6. How to add list of installed font in a drop down? new OptionEnumDropDown<FontFamily>(OptionNames.Test, optContext) This does not work: The type 'FontFamily' must be a non-nullabe value...
  7. PDN crashes. Repro: 1. Choose Orientation tab 2. Reference Scale - Factor : move the slider to minimum value or near 3. Apply
  8. Is there a way to make the VectorPan control background to have the color of the canvas?(OptionBasedLibrary)
  9. Thank you all for your appreciation. It's not really my code. I'm not so skilled. It is mostly taken from here: http://csharphelper.com/blog/2018/02/draw-text-on-a-circle-in-c/ I have only adapted it for pdn in CodeLab. Note: The plugin has a small bug that I just fixed it on. It does not run properly on large canvas (e.g. 7000 x 7000px). Please download the new version 1.2. The font size was increased to 800.
  10. Found in Effects > Text Formations The UI: Standard tab Options tab Download
  11. For the same purpose I use Selection> Fixed Size (Width, Height), then Effect> Selection> Outline Selection. Sorry I did not read the post until the end...
  12. I try to use OptionBasedLibrary but i can't figure out how to get the parameter Bold or Italic or both. enum OptionNames { myFontStyle, ... } enum FontStyleEnum { Bold, Italic } protected override OptionControlList OnSetupOptions(OptionContext optContext) { return new OptionControlList { new OptionEnumCheckBoxes<FontStyleEnum>(OptionNames.myFontStyle, optContext) { }, ... protected override void OnSetRenderInfo(OptionBasedEffectConfigToken newToken, RenderArgs dstArgs, RenderArgs srcArgs) { FontStyle myStyle = OptionEnumCheckBoxes<FontStyleEnum>.GetOptionChecked(OptionNames.myFontStyle, newToken.Items); ... Error: There is no argument given to corresponds to the required formal parameter 'values' of ...
  13. Type: ColorWheel, Style: Default no Reset has some problems in preview mode. Doesn't render text.
  14. Thank you for your hard work @Rick Brewster, @BoltBait and @toe_head2001.
  15. Found in Effects > Text Formations UI: Download
  16. This is my Circle Text plugin test. It can be improved.
  17. Well, the tooltips text is wrong. I will change it. It's about low-opacity pixels which are not visible. Test's purpose is to reveal these pixels. Sometimes, around the object of interest these pixels are present and alignments can become confusing for less experienced users. You can use this check box and Reset position button to see these pixels that lead to an alignment that does not meet user expectations.
  18. If the pixel group is pasted on a new transparent layer, it will be helpful. The plugin only works on objects on a transparent layer. After pasted, be sure to deselect the pixels as @toe_head2001 said.