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  1. @Pixey, I reloaded the zip file in the first post. New version was made with OptionBasedLibrary. Please read the Readme file. I don't know what is wrong with your download, may be you need to manually delete the old file from the Effects folder.
  2. First of all, thank you very much for your work. Secondly, about AngleChooser, sometimes it's useful to set a zero-trigonometric value to +90 degrees. This could be added as an option in the Style drop-down list. Default: trigonometric zeros Custom: zeros to +90 degree I don't know how much work this option requires and that's why I don't want to insist. Anyway, I can live without it. ?
  3. On Windows7 the plugin crashes if we select fonts that do not contain Regular style (for example, Aharoni or Vivaldi). Windows10 treats fonts differently and the plugin works although it reacts very slowly.
  4. Amazing plugin. Brilliant! Thank you very much @null54. How could I miss such a good plugin?
  5. Replaced with v1.3. UI has no ColorWheel anymore. Because my English is pretty poor I will quote EgoEramReputo to describe the new feature: "Creates text mask using the source layer as the text fill, alternatively creates transparent text within the source layer". Thanks again to toe-head2001 for his TextWindow plugin code. And a very simple way to use this plugin:
  6. Thanks again @toe_head2001. I don't know what I would do without your help. I changed the folowing line and everything works fine now. props[ControlInfoPropertyNames.WindowTitle].Value = "Test"; props[ControlInfoPropertyNames.WindowTitle].Value = LangStrings.EffectName;
  7. Thanks ReMake but I already have these lines of code: 29/5000 29/5
  8. I'm trying to translate my plugins into my language and everything goes right except for the title in the window that remains unchanged. Is there a trick I should know?
  9. It is the same plugin made with the OptionBased library. 1. I can't figure out how to disable 'Inner circle', 'Outer circle' and 'Pen width' when I uncheck 'Draw the circles'. 2. If I modify the Alpha channel for any Colors tab and then run the Pan or Rotator controls (not the sliders) the canvas is not updated with the chosen color. Download
  10. OK, thank you for the answers.
  11. I looked at the PrintIt effect and it seems that OptionBased can display the list of installed fonts, but I don't know how ...
  12. Thanks for the reply. So there is no simple solution?
  13. Yes, you're right is just visual issue. Does not affect the plugins made with OptionBasedLibrary.
  14. I think that with the launch of the new version of paint.net 4.1.1 CodeLab should also be revised. Color Wheel Control does not behave properly. As shown in the image below, I chose the Default style but the chosen color has Alpha = 0 although I do not have a slider for Alpha.
  15. How to add list of installed font in a drop down? new OptionEnumDropDown<FontFamily>(OptionNames.Test, optContext) This does not work: The type 'FontFamily' must be a non-nullabe value...
  16. PDN crashes. Repro: 1. Choose Orientation tab 2. Reference Scale - Factor : move the slider to minimum value or near 3. Apply
  17. Is there a way to make the VectorPan control background to have the color of the canvas?(OptionBasedLibrary)
  18. Thank you all for your appreciation. It's not really my code. I'm not so skilled. It is mostly taken from here: http://csharphelper.com/blog/2018/02/draw-text-on-a-circle-in-c/ I have only adapted it for pdn in CodeLab. Note: The plugin has a small bug that I just fixed it on. It does not run properly on large canvas (e.g. 7000 x 7000px). Please download the new version 1.2. The font size was increased to 800.