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  1. And the result is a pixelated image, I could do it so, but I want to have the alpha values so it looks more like "f" from a font, not a video game.
  2. So I have this image: And I want to change the "f" color to blue and make the background transparent. How to achieve this?
  3. YES, I made it BOLD and ITALIC for better effect. I don't have this font also. However, solved it. Thank you anyway...
  4. 1: I don't have this font. 2: ? OK, then is there any way to add Gradient, without losing the image?
  5. Well, I've made this image yesterday and today I want to edit it. Since I can't add Gradient to it I decided to start from scratch, but I forgot the fonts I used to create it... And so we get back to the tittle of this topic. Image: To download simply mouse-right-button-click on it and go to "Save As..."
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