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  1. MASS props to @null54 for this one... i wish i'd looked for this sooner, but i thought "naaaah, no one's developed it... and if they have, it won't be that good." i was MORE than satisfied w/ the results on my first try, can't wait to mess around w/ it some more. attaching what you helped me accomplish... you ROCK @null54!! \m/ (^_^) \m/
  2. ... thanx for all the replies!! d-(^^,) the Noise>Median works well for certain situations (just cumbersome)... i also use K>B (Color Picker > Brush) for areas where no detail is needed. will have to check out PDNNoob's re-post when i have more time. i get a lot of white-out marks in my scans that i'd like a quick/easy way to correct 'em en-mass. the 'Remove Dust' does work slightly, but nowhere near enough. i'll have to check out some of the other options y'all listed! thanx again!
  3. ... i've been digging around trying to find a plugin for 'spot removal', but haven't had any luck. am i missing it? i've found only one post in a all the forums that even mentions the word "spot" (trust me, i've exhausted the Search functionality). thanx! web
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