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  1. So, apologies if I missed it in the thread, but can this plug in print each layer (i.e. as a multiple-page print job) ? I was hoping to use the print-to-PDF functionality of my local printer settings in conjunction with this plug-in, otherwise I'm guessing I'd need a plugin that exports each layer as a page, to the one PDF file.
  2. +1 for the preference of a toolbar to be in the, well... toolbar area. Checked menus for a View / Toolbar option thinking it was gone, or maybe a Customise Toolbar option so that I could re-add it up there myself. Wasn't until I came to these forums that I learned it was still on the interface, just waaaay down on the bottom right. Unexpected, but *shrug* control + mousewheel it is, I guess. Ctrl+0 matches a number of other programs, so that will do, I suppose. Not pretty.
  3. Is there anything strange about this GIF? What is the framerate / delay between frames? PS: Dropped the link into this Chromium issue - perhaps they can spot the issue. https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=110556
  4. Thanks so much for the plugin! One thing I noticed is that the images seem to have been saved with the 'dithering' option enabled - perhaps an easy quality improvement might be possible if this can be switched off? I tested by loading an AGIF into paint.net (created by Adobe After Effects) and then doing a Save As straight away, to compare the resulting animation. The only difference seems to be a diffusion/dithering pattern across each frame. Anyway, figured I'd at least register to express my gratitude, and try to give something back, if it helps in some small way.
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