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  1. I got notified before your edit and immediately thought maybe it was still finding 1.2.1 somewhere. Glad to see you resolved it. -M
  2. Exactly what I needed. Thanks!
  3. Working on a compatibility fix
  4. v1.2.1 Updated plugin to honor a layer's visibility flag Scenerio where this would be used: Multiple sprite animations in one file for proper centering and resizing then only making visible layers you want to export.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I have made the changes as suggested.
  6. 7/24/2014 - v1.2.2 Minor Code change and recompile to support Paint.NET 4 I was in need of a consistent way to create simple, evenly spaced spritesheets from multiple layers in Paint.NET and I figured I would share the plugin. Download DOWNLOAD: This is a FileType plugin that will generate a PNG formatted file. v1.2.1 - Add honoring layer visibility. v1.2.2 - Minor Code change and recompile to support Paint.NET 4 Installation Instructions Verify Paint.NET is not running Copy spritesheet.dll into the /Paint.NET/FileTypes sub-directory Start Paint.NET and verify "SpriteSheet (*.ss.png)" is now an option for "Save as" If there is a lot of interest, I will consider adding features, but as is, it suits my requirements. Please cite if you use this tool for your application development and I will return the favor by linking to your application. An example of multilayer sprite The resulting file created by exporter