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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it This tutorial has been recreated on the basis of a Storm / Vortex Tutorial by @Mayor_McSteeze. Part 1 Let's create an image similar to the one shown below: Step 1. Create a New () canvas with the dimensions you need (I chose 600x600). Set Primary Сolor to White and Secondary to Black. Step 2. Draw a radial gradient ( & ) as shown below (the size can be larger or smaller): Step 3. Apply Curves () adjustment with Luminosity like show below: Step 4. Apply the Sharpen () effect (Effects -> Photo -> Sharpen) with the maximum Amount. Step 5. Run Clouds () effect (Effects -> Render -> Clouds) with a small scale and roughness about 0.55 - 0.7. Set the Blend Mode to Color Burn. We'll get an image like this: Step 6. Duplicate () the current layer. Apply a Zoom Blur () effect (Effects -> Blurs -> Zoom Blur) to the top layer in the center of the vortex with a Zoom Amount of about 80-100. Set the Blend Mode () to Negation for the top layer and merge () down this layer. Step 7. Duplicate () the current layer. On the top layer run Twist () effect (Effects -> Distort -> Twist) with the settings seen below: Set the Blend Mode () to Lighten for the top layer. Step 8. Apply the Twist () effect to the bottom layer by changing the Direction and, if necessary, the Amount. Merge () both layers. Now let's add colors to the image. Step 9. Apply Curves () with the settings as shown below: And we got what we wanted! Play around with the R,G, and B curves to get the color you like. Note: all settings given in this tutorial are very approximate and depend on your preferences. Part 2 Other ways to color the image. Besides using Curves () you can apply other ways of coloring, for example: Color Balance by @BoltBait, or Color Tint by @Ed Harvey, or Gradient Mapping by @pyrochild with, for example, MiguelPereira's Rainbow preset (see Presets for Gradient Mapping), or with your own settings. Similar coloring can be obtained by applying Trippy rainbow effect by @pavlik1307. Another way to color the image is applying Color Dimmer effect by @Xhin. You may be interested in applying another effect by @Xhin - Radial Prism effect. Note: this effect is additional for the already colored image. Once more example of applying gradients is using Multi Color Gradient by @romein. Add a New Layer () to the Black&White image and apply Multi Color Gradient to the top layer. Set the Blend Mode () to Color Burn for the top layer. A similar result can be made with the Gradient Mapping. Add a New Layer () to the Black&White image. Draw a Black&White Linear () Gradient () from the lower left to the upper right. Apply Gradient Mapping with the settings as shown below: You can download this settings from the zip file Gradient for Vortex tut.zip Set the Blend Mode () to Overlay for the top layer. Of course this is not all ways of coloring. Perhaps you will find your original way of coloring and share it with us. Part 3 Applying effects. Now that we've created the image and colored it, let's try to make it more diverse. For example, apply to an image built-in Posterize () effect (Adjustments -> Posterize), or Ink Sketch () effect (Effects -> Artistic -> Ink Sketch), or Bulge () effect (Effects -> Distort -> Bulge). You can also use other paint.net the effects like my Reticulation effect (Effects -> Artistic -> Reticulation), or Droste effect by @toe_head2001 (Effects -> Distort -> Droste), and many other effects. Huge opportunities you can get from G'MIC effect by @null54 - it all depends on your world perception and your fantasy. And finally, a little trick. You might want to change the size of the dark spot in the center of the image or the size of the bright white ring around that spot. In Step 3 of Part 1, apply the Curves () adjustment as shown below. Point 1 allows you to change the size of the dark spot (left - increase, right - decrease). Point 2 allows you to change the size of the bright ring around the dark spot. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
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    Still playing house.
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    'Text Distortion' plugin can be found in Effects -> Text Formations submenu. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ve421lfuaqol1mx/TextDistortion.zip/file
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    I thought some of you would be interested to see @Red ochre's amazing art work He recently made his own website with all of his art, including sculptures and beautiful works of delicate ornaments. http://johnrobbinsart.com/index.html
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    Nice work @ReMake Great use of the clouds Plugin and the Twist 🍺 Great balls of fire 😱
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    Mmmmm...............hope I'm going to OZ.......
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    @xod Thankyou for the Text Distortion effect. Some trapezoid distortions would be also nice.:)
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    Here is my animated project using the DotMatrix plugin to make the light array box:
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    Commendable buildings! Liking them much!
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    Tuvm Lynxster4. I'm not up to Wood meisters standard but I bet he can see all my stuff ups. I'm just a mature age apprentice and I won't be doing another house for awhile cause its too much like hard work. I usually work out the back making galaxies and stuff 🙂
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    @High Resolution! Thank you so much. I don't want to stop.
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    Another beautiful house! Well done @Rickhum! Now we have two 'builders' on the forum! (you and @Woodsy). Time to get started on 'PDN City' for all us residents! Cheers! 🍺
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    Rotate / Zoom can do this. Also some plug-ins, such as Perspective Transformation, Quadrilateral Correction that runs much faster.
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    Greetings Doughty, I just installed and tried NomBot's "DotMatric" and it works very well and has some value added features!
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    Updated to G'MIC version 2.4.4, file version updated to
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    Love this @High Resolution there are so many possibilities. Fun, fun, fun
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    I made a leather dice bag to hold all my die. It has this neat leather thong which secures the opening flap and also creates the teardrop shape when closed. Holds dozens of die. I found the coffee colored d6 cheap on Aliexpress - they are my current favorite.
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    Dear @Maximilian! Dear @Pixey! Dear @lifeday! Dear @lynxster4! Dear @ScrapbookWithPDN! Dear @HyReZ! Thank you very much for your nice answers and for the rep. And wish you all a Happy New Year! PS: I'm giving points tomorrow.
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    Great stuff. You make incredible landscapes and buildings. So good!
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    I'm aiming for it to be a while 'til I draw my last breath 😃 Ahhh the old Airfix models - paint and glue everywhere. Nice job on the camo' and shape. Looks cool
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    Nice new works @AndrewDavid Nooooooo don't remove any old works, I 2nd what @welshblue and @Scooter said above
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    Fabulous ladies one and all I really like that 'splattered' look ?. Great job in PDN.
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    From paint.net is now available on the Windows Store!,