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    PDF Version In Memory of @Woodsy who did all the boring stuff for me. And thanks to @Ego Eram Reputo for showing me the way to do it Some seamless textures come in 400 x 400 or 600 x 600 ... this tutorial shows how to use them for the best outcome. Larger textures don't always have the best results for text, so this tutorial also works on them ... just resize using the Clipboard Size slider Clipboard (Tlied) Clipboard (Alternatively Tiled) is a good way of disguising any seams by tiling the texture Real animal prints also work, maybe not as well as vector style, but good enough to be passable. ***You may have to adjust the Directional Light Intensity and Specularity sliders ever so slightly to lighten a dark texure** PlugIns Needed: Splinter Alpha Mask Switch Alpha to Gray Texture Shader Trail Blur < Trail Blur is optional. You could use Motion Blur instead, but I like the effect of Trail Blur more> Font Used Nature Beauty The Tutorial More Examples
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    @welshblue! It was a lot of fun again. (That's why I've got three of them) I look forward to your honest opinion. Thank you so much for your effort.
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    Here is my variation on a theme:
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    Here's mine... Def know what you mean. Most of mine are 'happy PDN accidents', then the 'light bulb' moment when I say to myself....Ahhhh, I can use this to make this... ๐Ÿ˜œ
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    @Seerose ... three lovely images. The peacock one for it's shimmer, great pattern choice ... but the snake one WOW - the glow on the shadow is fantastic @lynxster4 ... again 2 lovely images. Love the pattern on the first and great job of getting the fluffiness on the lynx. That is very visually appealing @Pixey ... third times a charm ... lovely. Great pattern, reminds me of a cat around here. Most beautiful cat I've ever seen ... and she knows it the way she struts ๐Ÿ˜‰ @HyReZ ... seems weird saying lovely to a man ... great font choice for the texture, it really 'fits' it. Always great to see how people run with a tutorial. Own spins on it etc ( A couple would be interesting to see if the Directional Lighting was increased slightly) Thanks for the ๐Ÿ‘ @MJW ... this only happened because of you It also works on silhouettes/ shapes *** Updated the PDF link to make it easier to download. Thanks for the heads up EER
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    I wasn't sure which way to go so I thought I'd ask before getting too into it. It was gonna be a treat for you ladies ... (I'd swear @Ego Eram Reputo is moonlighting ๐Ÿ˜œ)
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    How come I didn't have this plugin? Total magic!
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    If you're tired of clicking on the update prompts, you can buy the app on the Microsoft Store and then updates will be completely transparent -- it happens automatically and in the background. https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9NBHCS1LX4R0 This is the way software works nowadays: continuous improvement, continuous release. It results in higher quality software, and reduces "big surprise" updates with lots of new, but not always completely working, functionality. It reduces the amount of time that people have to deal with bugs that do arise. Complaining about the frequency of updates for free software is a pretty silly attitude to have, "Hey there's a bug can you fix it" (so then I fix it immediately) ... "Hey why are you sending out so many updates?!" Pick a lane ...
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    Using stock is easy. Having a Rope of One's Own is cosy. Learning from @Pixey is cool.
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    It can be used for making two-colored things as well. 2 layers - 2 colors, then eraser on top and/or transparent gradient. Thank you @ReMake
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    I have been a member of the Creative Commons since 2014. I have contributed to this organization with both funding and images. I have donated images through Pixabay. Images by APMauldin aka "HyReZ" ( I have also donated funds and images to the Wikimedia Commons.) Here are links to image sources that are shared through the Creative Commons rules: https://www.pexels.com https://unsplash.com https://pixabay.com
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    The plugin is gaslighting you ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
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    Brrrrr - that really looks cold and those icicles running down the window look very glassy and icy. I've had to go get a sweater just looking at it
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    Shouldn't the lines on the fold look like this?
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    This effect is a result of a writing by me CodeLab - First Steps (Neon Edges) tutorial. You can find it: Effects -> Stylize -> Neon Edges NeonEdges.zip (Previously downloads: 3196) This effect is simulate the neon glow of edges into the image. It allows you to set the line thickness and the intensity of its glow. It is also possible the changing colors of the lines using the hue and saturation. With check box Eliminate the dark areas, you can convert the dark areas of the image to the transparency. This can be useful if you wish to keep this image on any background. For example, like this: Before: After, with a dark blue background:
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    Tim, thanks to your activity on the forum, many people will probably try to find out what Wales is and why it is Cymru. Probably someone will be interested in the difficult history of your state, the people of which managed to preserve their identity. Small Nations do not happen when they have such talented people like You.
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    Love that lettering @welshblue How about a few steps to detail what you achieved? Your new avatar and sig are wonderful.
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    Thank you @Vagabondi for the rep!
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    As a citizen and patriot of my state, I cannot remain indifferent to your work, which is as always thought out in detail. Thanks for sharing, @welshblue.
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    This effect is a result of a writing by me 'Scratch Art Style in Paint.NET' tutorial. You can find it: Effects -> Artistic -> Scratch Art ScratchArt.zip (Previously downloads: 1350) This effect simulates the Scratch Art style. The result of the effect's work: Before: After:
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    This small update fixes a few pressing bugs, particularly for touch and pen input. If youโ€™re using the Windows Store release, you should get the update automatically within the next 24 hours. You can also force an update check by following these instructions. For the Classic release, you should be offered the update automatically within the next week or so. You can get the update sooner by going to โš™ Settings โ†’ Updates โ†’ Check Now. You can also download and install it directly from the website. Changes since 4.2.7: Fixed: Pinch-to-zoom was not working when using a touch screen (regression in 4.2.6) Fixed: Spacebar panning was not working when using a pen/stylus (regression in 4.2.6) Fixed: EXIF metadata with non-ASCII characters is now preserved correctly Fixed a crash that can happen when the Microsoft Store version of the app is closed for an update Added /repair command-line argument, which will run PdnRepair.exe. This makes it easy to use Start -> Run -> paintdotnet:/repair so you don't have to go fishing for the installation directory. Enjoy!
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    Tone Gradient Angle (new July '17) Name: TGAngle (Tone Gradient Angle)* Description: Shows the relative angle of the tone gradient giving various emboss effects. Menu: Stylize Original release date: 10th July 2017 Author: Red ochre (John Robbins) .dll name: TGAngle Compatibility: Tested on Pdn3.5.11 and latest Pdn4 version. TGAngle.zip Firstly let me thank MJW! - I used the super-sampling techniques he showed me when writing 'Aardvark'. There are already similar effects available but the AAsmoothing and colouring blend choices should make this useful too. Run this on a layer with an image that has some variation in tone. The built-in 'Clouds' is good to test on. So are photographs but you will get better results if you resize the image to a reasonable size - say less than 1000 pixels (max side). Do try the metallic colouring options too!(These were designed to work with the colouring slider at halfway but do experiment). Hopefully you should see some screen shots below (image hosts permitting) that should give you some ideas. Please show me what you can create with it! *(Tone Gradient Magnitude gives good outline effects too - but I haven't finished writing that yet).
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    @AspiringArtist ... no you didn't offend me. Ever so slightly annoyed maybe. TBH I've no time for 'leading' questions. I'm always happy to answer any about my images or how to's though Time ? It varies. The Split Personality one took half an hour. Others can take hours, days or weeks depending on time and mood. Usually I've got multiple projects on the go and switch between them. For example I've currently got all these going on. Some may not get finished Ideas ? Mostly life. Things I've experienced. Objects around me. Also sometimes total randomness. Tips ? 1.Never get dis-heartened. 2. Step back from an image after a while. It'll almost certainly look different when you go back. 3. Have really good reference objects or images. 4. If it's becoming a chore, close down Paint.net for a while. 5. The biggie for me is that I have multiple files for an image. One will always have every layer not merged. Some have parts of it merged. That way you can always go back later on if something doesn't look right. An example of using multiple files for the OoTF competition Also name layers. I hardly ever do and kick myself when I'm clicking layers on and off, trying to find the one I want It gets very frustrating if you've over 100 and more layers. And nope my designs aren't online. The printer sells them at car and bike shows/ festivals etc Some go to boutique shops and some to wholesalers. Sounds glamourous. It's not really.
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    No thank you Lynxster4. I find the tutorials extremely useful for showing what results the plug ins can have, as well as achieving the desired result. A God send for people starting out. As someone in the teaching profession I think they are an important part of the forum, so thank you to all tutorial writers. With the help of yourself, Pixey and welshblue I've managed to create something ๐Ÿค—
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    The second (Axis-2) controls the rotation you want to play with Here's a little demo I threw together. The frames are 15 degrees apart, which looks awfully choppy. I rendered each from a common 'source' frame. The tilting axis was created later with the outer ring of rotate/zoom. Once you do the first layer, repeat on each other layer with the same settings.
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    That is absolutely delightful Pixey. I have always thought that holly is one of the most beautiful plants at Christmas. Thank you for the welcome. I'm still getting the hang of the software but I have been playing with your manga tutorial. It's very enlightening.
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    Dear @lynxster4! Wow! What a great result. Thank you for sharing this with us!
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    @msh Made these real quick: Your plugin first, then a couple of plugins to finish it off. Thank you!
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    #pdnpi, #pdnpi-iframe { margin: 0; padding: 0; border: none; width: 100%; height: 1200px; overflow: hidden; } The Plugin Index in all its forms is free. If you would like to show your support, you can always buy the authors a coffee by clicking this link... Donate For offline viewing, you can download a PDF version using this button.... PDF version
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    Good day, everyone! Those that remember me will find that I return from my 10 year seclusion with more life experience! And a cat that I live alone with. Those that don't will get nothing of value out of this first paragraph. I made a simple tool for plotting points on the canvas that I hadn't quite seen done the same way before. I had a need for finding particular points on an image and mousing around to read the coordinates on the bottom was tedious and less precise than I'd like. My solution was to draw a crosshair centered on whatever point you tell it. It can optionally place the [x, y] reference as an ordered pair nearby the point as well. It uses your selected Primary Color for everything. It's great for locating points on a GUI image (if you, like me, happen to be working on modding a game that uses a single image for its GUI elements). I'm sure you could find other uses for it! Screenshots included to try and demonstrate its practical usage. My coding ability is mostly in the "pattern recognition" phase, but I figured there's no reason not to share it. Made in CodeLab, then migrated to VS for dynamic control over the input sliders. Please feel free to message me with coding tips and messages akin to "oh my god, I thought you were dead!" Thanks to the PdN Team for giving me well over a decade of entertainment in the world of photo manipulation! PointFinder.zip
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    So true. The only person I"'ve ever been scared of sleeps next to me And it's not a teddy bear
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    I see I put my Congrats in the wrong thread! Noob. Once again, big Congratulations for @welshblue and @Pixey. Your creations were not only wonderful, but they've inspired me to try and up my game.
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    I really enjoy your abstract pieces and are in awe of how you do it. You are able to take a few plug-ins and run away with it.
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    I really like this plugin. The thin line (1-2, seldom 3) makes best results, especially when combined with embossing.
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    There's no such thing as a preferred download site for Paint.NET fonts, largely because there's no such thing as a "Paint.NET font". It just uses whatever fonts you already have installed in the system. You may also be thinking about the problems with respect to Paint.NET plugins being aggregated into big packs that also included a virus or two. There's a big sticky post about "Megalo = virus" for that.
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    I'm not sure if it's preferred as such but dafont is one of the better ones https://www.dafont.com
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    Distort This! Effects -> Distort-> Distort This! This is an update/fork of TR's Distort This! plugin with some additional features, optimizations, and a ton of bug fixes. Change Log v2.9 (July 3, 2018) Added: Support for the Dark Theme v2.8 (Aug 4, 2017) Improved: Rendering speed is now faster, and uses less memory New: Supersample antialiasing (thanks MJW) Fixed: Clicking the 'OK' button too early no longer breaks rendering Fixed: Nubs can no longer go out of the UI bounds and become inaccessible New: There is now a visual indicator to show area outside of the 'Working Area' New: When setting the 'Working Area', the cursor is changed to a cross-hair New: The nubs can now be reset without also resetting the 'Work Area' Improved: Cleaned up the UI Fixed: Many small and subtle bugs Download DistortThis.zip Source Code https://github.com/toehead2001/pdn-tr-distort-this
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    Cool plugin @MadJik! I did this too quickly...somehow it looks like a brain. There are so many variables and outcomes; I'll have to experiment more. Thank you!! You da 'plugin master'!
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    Thanks Red! Great tutorial. Here is my try :
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it I found this psd tutorial here and wanted to create something similar with Paint.net. I think the outcome isล„ยดt too bad but let me know if the tutorial is not ok as I am fairly new to this . I used in this tutorial: Layer blending modes Gaussian Blur Curves Bevel Selection Smudge Aaยดs Assistant SinWaves This is the final image with the text: And these are the steps to get there, I tried to make them compact to cut down on amount of images, let me know if they are too compact :