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    @dipstick ... I'd love to have a look at the file. Your Blender work has made me want to finally get to grips with it, and have spent a lot of time today playing and getting used to the controls. One question ... have you any idea when in either edge select or face select in Edit Mode, for some reason it doesn't capture the whole edge to be able to drag it with 'G' and 'X' keys to elongate it 🤔 Back onto Paint.net. BarbieQ's Challenge ... tweaked the hex shell to not be so rounded (used this principle ) ... thanks Dipstick. Added the boxes
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    Performance Update I've improved the speed and performance, upgraded jquery and bootstrap libraries, and made some minor UI fixes again with recent changes. When loading and using the app, there should be a noticeable difference. What makes it faster? Instead of toggling the visibility of individual elements on the page, it is now building the html in a JS variable and replacing the entire list html. This way the browser does less work overall. Comparing Chrome performance results, scripting and rendering time has been halved. Comparing Firefox performance results, Layout & DOM time/cost has been halved.
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    I also took the liberty to fix up your hex head a bit, if you don't mind...
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    😳 Thanks Birthday Girl 😳 TBH the biggest challenge with boxes is the positioning of objects so that they render in the right places, plus trying to allow for colour change. On my flat template they're the exact NGK colours .. they didn't transfer properly in S3D . The mustard yellow not so bad but the orange red stripe is yucky. Then it was just a case of different rotation, lighting settings for each box. Glad you liked it and it's one dare I didn't get arrested for 🚔 I thought the plastic sleeve would be a nice touch Not so sure about learning a new programme ... after 2 days I can add shapes, manipulate them and add a texture - only about a few hundred controls to learn about ... or so it seems. I don't think I'll be leaving PDN 😉 Joking aside I really do think it's in my blood @Pixey ... many thanks as per always. I dug out an old image of a spark plug, and it's scarey to think that yourself and BarbieQ were commenting way back then. So thanks for being such loyal visitors Thanks both for the reps' This is Paint. net 3.36 v 4.2.1 ... I'm not so sure how much difference a day really makes, 24 lil' hours ... but 10 years certainly makes a big difference @Roger the Dodger ... thanks.
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    Happy Birthday our Barbieq25!! Wishing you a fab day. 🎂🍷
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    Wowzers! Your work has definitely taken on a very professional look to these images. Well done
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    Oh wow! What an amazing image. Not only did you do a box but 3 of them & the clear cap as well as the NGK in the background. Plus, working with a new program & working with another PDNer. This just makes me so happy. You have far exceeded my expectations with this! What awesome work!
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    No. No. You're only being slightly silly. That's more than acceptable. If you were doing a silly walk, well, our standards would be higher Look at John Cleese's face and repeat after me..."The only reason BoltBait is here on the forum, is.... someone nailed him there."
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    Both are great @TrevorOutlaw!! Love the apple aquarium. I'd take a dip in there any day.
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    Hello @Lynn King often the best way is to this by hand. Here is a quick video to show you how:
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    @TrevorOutlaw! Very beautifully tinkered, you have succeeded really well. Thank you for sharing your result!
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    I think that really works. I should say thanks because your post above helped improve the plug in BarbieQ's challenge of adding boxes It does a lot more Or TOR and Texture Shader
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    Many thanks @barbieq25 I'm pleased you think they look okay - there are so many colors out there for them, it's tough to decide which to try. I'm partial to the pinker ones, which gives me an excuse to do the next time Thank you @welshblue I had fun making the clasp and had a wilder one initially, but then stuck with the simpler version. You are so right about those little white spots, I added them at the end (of many days just staring at them) and wasn't really sure what I was doing! So I've re-posted without them now. It always helps to have a sharp eye Thank you very much @lynxster4 I actually used a template to make the face of the clasp 😁 Many thanks to @ReMake and @toe_head2001 for the Rep's which are much appreciated 🥰 And thank you @NSD for the Rep on the Logo
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    That can work, I thought of that too. 360 divided by 6 = 60 degrees. Here's how it came out.
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    I tried to make an ice texture.
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Hi, fellow PDN users! I've had two requests to make a tutorial on this subject after I posted some pics in my art gallery. This is for TR (TechnoRobbo) and Max (Maximilian) and everyone interested in an opalescent stained glass effect. And a special 'shout-out' to Seerose because I'm using a Water Lily or Lotus flower for this tut. I've attached the shape below. Plugins required: Align Object pyrochild's Gradient Bars gaussian-blur-clamped-v20-by toe_head2001 AA's Assistant BoltBait's Bevel Selection Metallize MJW's-edge-expander Optional: pyrochild's Outline Object Water Lily Shape.zip This file goes into your 'Shapes' folder under Program Files, paint.net Here's the end result we are striving for: Create your outline using color 255,195,0 at about 6px wide. Align object. Duplicate layer, making the bottom layer black (turn lightness down to -100 via Hue/Sat). Turn off top gold layer and work with the black layer. Select the colors you are going to work with (I’m starting with the petals…I used P-255,73,119 S-255,255,255). 1. Magic Wand, tolerance 69-70%, select one of the petals 2. Create a new layer directly above 3. Effects—Render—Gradient Bars (play with all the settings until you get something you like) 4. Effects—Blurs—Gaussian Blur (clamped) at a radius of your choice 5. AA’s Assistant at default Repeat these 5 steps on all flower petals. You should have 15 layers. Do the lily pad next, repeating the above 5 steps with green shades of your choosing…I used P-47,168,37 S-167,229,165 Do the water next, repeating the above 5 steps with blue shades of your choosing…I used P-0,140,220 S-94,244,255 for the lighter blue areas and P-3,19,115 S-56,243,255 for the darker blue areas. Now for the ‘leading’. Turn off the bottom black layer and go to the gold layer at top. Do (1) AA’s Assistant. Magic Wand, global at 50%, then Invert Selection. Adjustments—Black and White Effects—Selection—Bevel Selection at 3, Strength .70, Highlight Color – 127,127,127 Shadow Color – 0,0,0 Color—Metallize, Angle of Start – 160, Type 1, Gray Scale checked. Do (1) AA’s Assistant and turn lightness down to -30 via Hue/Sat Merge all 'glass' layers down to one underneath the finished 'leading' layer. Select the 'glass' layer. Effects--Object--Edge Expander (I used a Maximum Distance of 3, and everything else at default) The Edge Expander works beautifully and saves a ton of steps! ((You can still 'Outline Object' every individual 'glass' layer, if you choose (in lieu of Edge Expander), so I left pyro's plugin in the tut as optional.)) Merge all layers down and you are done! This gives the result above with a silvery lead solder. ***If you want gold ‘leading’, Metallize at about 316, Type 2, uncheck Gray Scale. You can now delete bottom black outline layer. ***If you want a dark patina finish, follow the gold frame instructions, then duplicate the layer. On bottom outline layer apply a Lightness adjustment of (-50) via Hue/Sat. On top outline layer, apply a Lightness adjustment of (-30) via Hue/Sat and set layer blend mode to Multiply. Examples of gold and dark patina finish can be found here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/45133-lynxster4s-art-gallery-updated-3416-new-pics/?p=513127 Keep in mind that this is only one type of ‘stained glass’. There are many other types which I am exploring. You can't really do this 'wrong'. Opalescent glass has so many color variations to it...this is just how I choose to do it, trying to keep it as simple as possible. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and have fun making ‘stained glass’!! I'm looking forward to seeing your results! *Revised the tutorial to include MJW's Edge Expander plugin to solve the 'gap' problem in fewer steps. **Revised 3/12/16 to include MJW's steps to keep layers down to the minimum. I have added this as an alternate method to construct any stained glass picture. I tried it and it works very nicely! All colors are on one layer. I did this in 20 minutes: Thanks so much MJW! This is much appreciated and should cut down significantly on PDN crashes. There's always a better way to do things. I hope you don't mind that I attached this to the tutorial.