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    I originally made this chain link back in 2014, I just now made chains out of it. They are both the same chrome chain, I just used a color overlay to make the gold one.
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    @MJW ... curse you. I've got to rewrite part of it. Gives a much better finish, especially if you want to add to the whole look by adding shadows. Much cleaner. I should have thought of this ... Sarkut's Copy & Paste Blues comes to mind Larger image to show you can't see the join left behind
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    This 'ImageDistortion' plugin has been designed to be used with 'TextDistortion'. Can be found in the Effects ► Distort submenu. ImageDistortion01.zip
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    @welshblue! Thank you so much for that great tutorial. Here's my result! @dipstick alias @racerx! Thank you for E-Maps!
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    I think the method I suggested works better than trying to erase.
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    PDN available with every layer to show build up
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    Fathers Day in the UK ... I don't like to judge the girls in my town but nothing defines confusion like Fathers Day ...
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