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    @lifeday! You are completely right. Just be patient and play with different settings over and over again. (Sorry I'm out of Reps right now.)
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    @Reptillian! Thank you so much.
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    Dear @lifeday! Your pictures are superb. I love it. Thank you for sharing your result!
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    Hello @IngridFJ Download from this page This should work. If not - let us know.
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    @Seerose ... thank you. That's a very pretty image, it's got a really good atmosphere to it @Maximilian ... many thanks. I tried to get it to be everything you said. Not seen The Nun yet, as the wife isn't into horror films ... and I'm too much of a wuss to watch them by myself 😄 @Pixey ... many thanks. I got the stock from https://www.deviantart.com/mjranum-stock ... he's got some great stuff there, and the website dipstick posted works well on them. Oooohh Christine Brinkley 😍 @Ego Eram Reputo ... many thanks ... don't put yourself down chess wise mate - you kicked my butt a few times @lynxster4 ... many thanks. To be honest, most are from life experiences. If I can get them to make sense on the canvas, it helps my head process the 'real' thing Last week I found out I'm no longer in remission and that my acid reflux I thought was getting worse, is actually Unstable Angina ... . It is what it is, and a seed has to push through C*@p to survive. One thing I am is a fighter ... and no point stressing about things we can't change ... we've 2 choices in life when things take a dark turn ... Step Up or Step Off (although my wife thinks there's a spelling mistake in the angina part and it should start with a 'V' ...) @Woodsy ... thanks for the rep' point
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    It works in 4.0.21 I'd rephrase this by saying it does what one needs, and more
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    @lifeday Another update! Samj at discuss.pixls forum found the solution. It's settled - https://discuss.pixls.us/t/reptorian-gmic-filters/9165/96?u=reptorian The solution was to add 'to_a'. You don't need to file issue or verify that it works. All is fine and dandy now. The reason why I had to add 'to_a' is that GIMP has this weirdness where layers could have no alpha channel at all, and that's not the behavior of literally almost every other application that works with alpha channels. That's the downfall of G'MIC scripting unfortunately, though its universality makes it worth pursuing in the end.
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    @welshblue! Fantastic! I love it. I love such workings. I used to make a lot of poem cards back then. Thank you for sharing your result! Below the picture made of the link. The picture is called: "Rival"
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    Enticingly obscure and somewhat scary in a positive way! Reminds me a bit of the movie The Nun
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    A very spectacular image @welshblue It's really got the 'Wow' factor. She looks a bit like Christie Brinkley - very easy on the eye 🧐 and I recognize a 'painter' that I once used in an image of mine too
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    Another dark one from the mind of @welshblue! 😨 Where do you get your ideas?? Love it!
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    🤣 I'm a strong club player at best. Damn fine image that Evil Amongst Us.....