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    PDF Version In Memory of @Woodsy who did all the boring stuff for me. And thanks to @Ego Eram Reputo for showing me the way to do it Some seamless textures come in 400 x 400 or 600 x 600 ... this tutorial shows how to use them for the best outcome. Larger textures don't always have the best results for text, so this tutorial also works on them ... just resize using the Clipboard Size slider Clipboard (Tlied) Clipboard (Alternatively Tiled) is a good way of disguising any seams by tiling the texture Real animal prints also work, maybe not as well as vector style, but good enough to be passable. ***You may have to adjust the Directional Light Intensity and Specularity sliders ever so slightly to lighten a dark texure** PlugIns Needed: Splinter Alpha Mask Switch Alpha to Gray Texture Shader Trail Blur < Trail Blur is optional. You could use Motion Blur instead, but I like the effect of Trail Blur more> Font Used Nature Beauty The Tutorial More Examples
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    Two new filters are coming to G'MIC-QT 2.8 GUI - Perspective Streak ; Axis Streak @HyReZ I am finally done with the Perspective Streak filter. Just letting you know that the filter does anti-aliasing by itself, so a big image isn't going to be needed. Perspective Streak Axis Streak Pull Request - New CLIs ; 2 New GUIs
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    Dearest, if I EVER be able to create a shape (which still sounds a bit like science fiction) - you'll be responsible for that.
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    Ahhh Mikhail ... you've done what many have tried, but failed to do. Brought tears to my eyes. Those are such very kind word, thank you. Those feelings are very much reciprocated back to you. Without you guys creating plugins I'd still be drawing stickmen on slate 😉
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    I really like this plugin. The thin line (1-2, seldom 3) makes best results, especially when combined with embossing.