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    Echo ... Echo I was a bit sceptical when I unwrapped 2 Echo Dots and an Echo Sub for Christmas ... but I'm impressed. The sound isn't BOSE or Sonos but still, a very passable 2:1 system for the price ... in fact I'm so impressed I decided to ... Happy New Year to all my friends. May 2020 bring you everything you want Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i Pawb. Mwynhau
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    If you have my plugin pack installed, you can do it this way: Open the graphic Select all, copy Make your edits Effects > Object > Paste alpha (clipboard alpha) Now you have applied your original alpha to your new image.
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    Friends, I have recently acquired a number of race geese. Let me know if you're interested in taking a quick gander ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    The human brain is an amazing thing. It starts working the day youโ€™re born and doesnโ€™t stop until you take a test or talk to someone attractive.
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    Yes, that is an official release of Paint.NET. https://blog.getpaint.net/2017/07/09/paint-net-on-the-windows-store/
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    Thank you, dear friends It's one of the very few things that actually turned out well this year. I guess we're bound to keep on the road somehow despite the many setbacks
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    I use that too. I've had a few email exchanges with Klocman its creator - friendly, helpful guy and the uninstaller works well so I usually suggest either that or Revo when these sorts of matters are discussed. BTW Happy Christmas and happy new year everyone here.
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    I will look into adding support for R8G8B8 and X8B8G8R8 to the plugin.
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    Happy birthday Welshy! ๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿน
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    There are a few newer coding fonts available these days: Cascadia Code Fira Code JetBrains Mono Anyone using these?
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    Looks like I didn't fully test HiDPI when I changed the font to Segoe UI. I'll get that fixed.
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    Congratulations to @welshblue, @Pixey, and @Vagabondi! I Welshblue's winning entry was most impressive. I thought a straight-on view was difficult enough; I didn't even consider attempting an off-angle view. Really liked Vagaboni's tangled-tape gag, which was a clever idea, well-executed. Thanks to Pixey for hosting!
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    Dear @Vagabondi! I am speechless, again such great pictures. Everyone is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us!
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    https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windowsforbusiness/end-of-windows-7-support This means no more updates, especially security updates. This will put it in the same place as XP and Vista, which nobody should be using anymore. I don't yet have a concrete plan for when Paint.NET will stop supporting Windows 7, which is when Windows 10 will become the minimum OS version*, but the clock is ticking. Maybe 1 year after, maybe 2 or even 3, it's not set in stone yet, but I'm not going to be able to support Windows 7 indefinitely. Please upgrade to Windows 10. I know a lot of you really like Windows 7, and that's a perfectly fine opinion, but supporting it does hold back Paint.NET's long-term progression and you have to know I can't support it indefinitely. Windows 7 has had a great run! It's currently 10 years old! Celebrate that, and then upgrade to 10 You've got time, so don't panic, but definitely include this in your planning. * let's just forget Windows 8/8.1 ever happened, just like we never say the word "Vista" out loud ...
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    Yes, I really like Visitant @welshblue. I'm not for Ghouls, but this image is really good. I believe in this kind of thing and I actually had an 'experience' with-the-other-side, about 46 years ago. I won't go into the details, but I'm a believer ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Am out of Reps right now - I'll be back ๐Ÿง
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    I agree with @lynxster4, creepy image, but it's very well put together. I myself haven't had any supernatural experiences, but my wife has. We went to this hotel to tour since it was notorious for having supernatural occurrences, and I didn't see anything happen. She said the last time she toured the place with a friend they saw a lot of stuff happen, TVs turn on, objects move, etc. Creepy to hear about, but again, never experienced it first hand.
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    Hello @porkchop and Welcome to the forum Short answer - you can't increase a small font and have it readable. Do your text on a new layer and then merge it with your banner. I have done this on your size of 400 pixels x 150 pixels and this is what I get:
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    This effect is a result of a writing by me CodeLab - First Steps (Linocut) tutorial. You can find it: Effects -> Artistic -> Linocut This effect is imitates the linocut technique. It has a simple and intuitive interface. A Tool Size control defines the width of the contours of the image. The Details control determines the amount of detail in the image. The Inverse checkbox to invert the colors of image. Compatible with both: v3.5.X and v4.0.X Linocut_en.zip Linocut_ru.zip Before: After: After when the checkbox Inverse is marked:
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    Dear @Vagabondi! I wish you and your family a happy new year. Good health & luck.
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    Thank you @Vagabondi for nominating 'Three Tigers'. It was a surprise 'Christmas' present! โ˜บ๏ธ Thank you @Drydareelin for the nice words. I always enjoy your 'spacescapes'.
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    Congratulations, Red! Really wish I could nominate some of your "official" paintings but that would be against the rules... Happy holidays ๐Ÿท
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    #114 Artist: @lynxster4 Nominated by: @Vagabondi who said: "The rough magic of this picture is mesmerizing. I wish I could zoom it several times to look deeper into their world. It's hard to say - night or twilight - but they are alive, you can feel the surface and sense their mood. "
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    Lost a lot of detail when I resized my SOTW entry. Thought I'd share a bigger version. Santa's such a cutie...
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    FYI...it's called an ornament cap. (I'm so full of obscure information.) ๐Ÿ˜†
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    "May I offer you some feedback?" (c) - Wine Country Each work is a little wonder in its own way. Icy cherries - probably this one caught me first and the process of pixeylization * started. The violin is cool - it is true that music can be seen (the glasses add a nice detail, too). Crazy Dancing - I swear I could see figures in them even before clicking on the thumbnail. Blue is a gymnast at the end of the performance. Red is a ballerina. Green is oriental and Yellow - let's leave it to imagination Those shiny glassy apples - don't know whether I want to taste them or gaze at them. This portrait is what they call artistic vision. The elephant is a cutie. These birds are touching and funny. That one = luxury. The mp3 player teases one to make a playlist. I'm not really into jewelry but I look at yours and I'm like, how many items are left? Contact me please! The perfumes - yes, add them all to the cart! We live once. The Typography - no words... The Journey - for a moment I thought it was simply a photo and you had applied some effects - and then - wait, did she make it all from scratch? And so on and so forth... Honorable mention. Your latest Graffiti entry is adorable. The others are fine, yes, but there's something about the third one that I can't explain. A form of casual magic. More than a decade of not commenting on @Pixey's art - is that a way to spend one's life? NO. Consider it a compensation. And thank you. ___ *Pixeylization (noun) - comparatively new and not-fully-researched phenomenon of turning a passerby into one of those creatures who virtually sold their souls to PDN and actually won from the deal.
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    Download installer here: pyrochild.plugins.installer.2017-12-04.exe.zip or download a zip file to install manually: pyrochild.2017-12-04.zip If you enjoy these plugins or find them useful, please . Thanks! ===================================================================================== Before reporting issues, first make sure you're using the latest versions of both Paint.NET and my plugin set. ===================================================================================== Adjustments > Curves+ Like Paint.NET's own Curves adjustment, but better. Effects > Render > Borders N' Shapes Draw rectangles, ellipses, arcs, and pies, all with configurable styles like solid, dashed and dotted. Effects > Render > Gradient Bars Bars. Bars of gradients. Gradient bars. Effects > Photo > Film Make your photo look more like film, with adjustable settings like grain and Hollywood-style zoom factor. Effects > Distort > Jitter Shake up your image. Effects > Object > Outline Object Outline text, add a glow to a lightsaber, or put a border around a picture or drawing. Effects > Distort > Stitch Makes your photo look stitched. Effects > Advanced > ScriptLab Automate repetitive tasks in Paint.NET. Adjustments > Gradient Mapping Make multicolored gradients, or recolor an image. Effects > Artistic > Splatter Make a Jackson Pollock style splatter-paintings. Effects > Blurs > Pixelate+ Like Paint.NET's Pixelate effect, but with better results and adjustable width and height. Also known as Mosaic. Adjustments > Color Match Improve your photography with classical art. Or make it worse. Makes your photo follow another's color scheme. Effects > Random Effect Lacking inspiration? Use this to fire up a random effect with random settings. Effects > Render > Random Shape Fill Draws tons of shapes - from circles to hearts to stars - with various color settings, transparency, etc. Effects > Tools > Smudge Does this need any more explanation than the name? SMUDGE! Effects > Object > Trail Gives an object a trail, like the cursor trails on old laptops. Effects > Blurs > Gradient Blocks Blurs an image into 4-point gradients. Effects > Tools > Twist Twisting tool. Effects > Tools > Liquify Interactive distortion tool, like Photoshop's Liquify or GIMP's IWarp. Effects > Tools > Grid Warp Interactive distortion tool, like Paint Shop Pro's Mesh Warp. Effects > Render > Gradient Grid Renders a bunch of gradients in a grid pattern. If you enjoy these plugins or find them useful, please . Thanks! For developers: I'm on GitHub! https://github.com/bsneeze
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    Really like 'Death's Flower'...just perfect! 'Emergence' is good, also...but I prefer the second one. Great job!
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    Made the spaceship in blender, everything else made in PDN.
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    Nice to see you active again @nitenurse79 and to agree with others, a very pretty lady.
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    What a gorgeously realistic result for knitting @lynxster4 I had a bit of trouble around step 7. I couldn't get the trail to work until I deleted the white background. Trust me to get something wrong .............. but that's me and is so typical
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    UPDATE: Version 3.8 of my effects is released. This release adds two effects, Gridlines and Object Align. All effects have significant speed inprovements, especially Drop Shadow. Many have usability improvements as well. All effects are also translated into Russian and Dutch. Special thanks to xmario for helping me with the Russian translation of these effects. Thanks also to moc426 for allowing me to release an Object Align effect. Effects per category: Drop Shadow: The "Drop Shadow" effect, under the Object effect menu. With offset, widening, blur, opacity and a color picker. Duotones: "Duotone Light" and "Duotone Ink on Paper" adjustments. Monochromes: "Cyanotype", "Sepia 2", "Grayscale on Colored Paper" and "Monochrome Ink on Paper" adjustments. Blurs: "Average Blur" and "Smart Blur" effects, under the Blurs effect menu. Color Accent: "Color Accent" adjustment. Fade Edge: "Fade Edge" effect, under the Photo effect menu. Gradient: A four-color, non-linear "Gradient" effect, with high quality color dithering. Gridlines: Draws a grid with horizontal and vertical lines, under the render menu. Object Align: Aligns the object in the selection to the selection. This version contains an installer. Just run the installer, it will ask you which effects you want to install and copy the required dll's into the Paint.NET effects folder. It will make no other modifications to your system. Please note: Paint.NET version 3.5.2 or later is required. Download (installer version for Classic paint.net) >>users.telenet.be/krisvandermotten Download (zipped DLLs for manual installation with Store version of paint.net) >>Zipped DLLs Store version installation Leave your reactions here in the forum.
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    Great image Eli! Thanks for posting it and the effects used. Nicely framed too. Edit: I think it's 'Folkestone'... perhaps the e floated away on the tide?
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    Thanks Red ochre, I do not know why I had not seen this effect before. This is a combination of Scribble and Furblur effects followed by Dents and color adjustments.
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    Everything here is made by me from scratch and is 100% Paint.net (except my photos) Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, unless otherwise noted. JANUARY 2015: Film Strip Plugins/Effects: TubeOblique - to curve the images Notes: This is a quick redo of a graphic that I removed, on account that it used 3rd party photos. Filmstrip Tutorial by @cjmcguinness Suburbia Tract Home Plugins/Effects: Fill from Clipboard - To tile the roof and wall textures Notes: Too much measuring lengths and angles.... everything was done with the line tool. (aside from the roof and walls textures) In isometric projection - See my 'Introduction to Isometric Projection' Classroom Blackboard Plugins/Effects: Flames - to make the chalk dust effect on the blackboard surface Bars - to add horizontal streaks to said chalk dust Frosted Glass - to give the text a ruff, chalk-like edge Rubik's Cube Plugins/Effects: Shape3D Notes: I made three cube faces, and Shape3D rendered it all together Mix Tape Plugins/Effects: Grid / Checkerboard - add the checkerboard texture at the bottom Grid / Checkerboard - grid to help make everything proportional and to scale (not in final image) Clouds - add texture to the cassette Add Noise - 1st step in the process of making the magnetic tape reel Radial Blur - 2nd step in the process of making the magnetic tape reel Outline - outlined many objects Drop Shadow - add a shadow to the cassette Bevel Selection - add depth to the cog prongs Notes: My apologies if you enjoy Country music... SEPTEMBER 2014: Toy Blocks Plugins/Effects: Drop Shadow Notes: Made for 'SOTW#114 - 3D!' http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/29972-sotw114-results-in-3d/ AUGUST 2014: Birthday Napkin Plugins/Effects: Drop Shadow - separate the top and bottom sheets of the napkin Clouds - add the paper [pulp] texture to the napkin Notes: Only used two colors (aside from the drop shadow)... Purple, and White set to various levels of transparency Vinyl Record Redux Plugins/Effects: Add Noise - for all the lines Radial Blur - to transform the noise into all the lines Align Object - this thing is made of a ton of shapes that need to all centered up Notes: A redo of of a graphic I did several years ago... see the old one further down the page I also have tutorial for making Vinyl Records Vintage Sign Plugins/Effects: Circle Text - to make the arced text Drop Shadow - to add the two-toned shadows to the large text Borders 'N Shapes - to add the rusted edges Gaussian Blur - to finish the rusted edge effect Clouds - to added a subtle worn texture to the sign Swatch Banner Plugins/Effects: Grid/Checkerboard Maker - to assist with making the swatches Color Harmonies - to create the swatch color palettes Drop Shadow - to add depth to the swatches Dents - to make a rough edge on the text... make to look hand painted.... Ripples - to further add to the hand painted look Notes: Made for the 'Logo/ Banner Challenge #34' http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/29745-lbc-34-paint-shop/ Rubber Stamp Plugins/Effects: Clouds - faded texture / low ink on stamp... Circle Text - "last updated" text Align Object - used on pretty much ever layer to get it all centered Word Art Plugins/Effects: Text+ Grim Color Reaper Notes: Nintendo 64 & Flag of Jamaica reference images from Wikimedia Commons BELOW IS OLD STUFF FROM 2007-2009 Wax Stamp Plugins/Effects: Roses - to make the outer border Bevel Selection - to add depth Gradient Blur - to smooth out Outline Bevel Blueprint Plugins/Effects: Grid - to make the background grid Clouds - to make the blue ink faded on paper look Add Noise - to further add to the paper look Outline - to make the outline text Vinyl Record Plugins/Effects: Add Noise - for all the lines Radial Blur - to transform the noise into all the lines Scotch Taped Paper Plugins/Effects: Outline - to make outlines around the paper and tape Feather - to soften the tape edges Notes: Scotch Tape Tutorial (by me) Audacity Icon in Tango Style Plugins/Effects: Outline - to make all the outlines Sine Waves - to make the red sound wave Notes: Audacity Tango Style
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    Looks cool! (I hope it's not a sink hole )
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    Thank you for all your hard work in writing plugins to make crating images that much easier
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    This tutorial will do what you are looking for, though it isn't quite the "one click solution" you want. With a few run-throughs, though, you will find it really isn't as complicated as it first appears.