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    A simple method that works surprisingly well is: - Put a black-and-white ray image in the lower layer. - Put a high-contrast black-and-white picture in the top layer (perhaps strictly black and white, though it doesn't have to be). - Set the top layer's Blending Mode to Overlay. - Apply a Gaussian blur to the lower layer. For a 800x600 image, I used a blur radius of 2. - After the layers are merged, the contrast and brightness can be tweaked, if desired. Photo>Sharpen may also be useful. Voila!
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    Reduced memory usage when loading ABR v6+ files, file version updated to
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    This plugin allows HEIC images to be loaded and saved with transparency, and adds a few more options when saving. It replaces Paint.NET's built-in HEIC support. This plugin may produce smaller files than Microsoft's encoder for grayscale images. For most color images Microsoft's encoder is faster and produces smaller files. Compatibility: 4.2.13+ Installation: 1. Close Paint.NET. 2. Place HeicFileTypePlus.dll, HeicFileTypePlusIO_x86.dll and HeicFileTypePlusIO_x64.dll in the Paint.NET FileTypes folder which is usually located in one the following locations depending on the Paint.NET version you have installed. Classic: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\FileTypes Microsoft Store: Documents\paint.net App Files\FileTypes 3. Open the Windows Run dialog (Start > Run or Windows Key + R) 4. Type paintdotnet:/set:FileTypes/BuiltInHEICFileTypeEnabled=false and press the Enter key 5. Restart Paint.NET. Download: HeicFileTypePlus.zip Source Code: https://github.com/0xC0000054/pdn-heicfiletype-plus
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    I've released a new version, 1.1. The changes are: The addition of a feature requested by @welshblue to optionally eliminate the original object, keeping only the trail. A modification in the Spacing Adjustment that makes the the values more meaningful. Generally 0 should be used for 2D objects parallel to the screen; 1 should be used for 3D objects. (With the vanishing point consistent with the apparent perspective of the object.) Choices other than 0 and 1 are provided for flexibility. The are some minor, and I hope mostly invisible, changes to the Fade and Perspective control functions. I also disabled the Spacing Adjustment control when Perspective is 0 (a parallel projection) since the way it works now, it has no effect.
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    This tutorial was encouraged by the discussion on the Simulate old bw photo printing system topic. @Carla initiated the discussion and brought the style to my attention. @Eli, @Pixey, @MJW, @Ego Eram Reputo, @toe_head2001 and @welshblue contributed advice on the technique and encouraged the writing of this tutorial. A simpler, faster method by @MJW of achieving the same results is described on this post of the same topic. The original poster can be found at https://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/84987/how-to-do-line-optical-illusion-art-effects and https://www.pinterest.com/pin/523684262920581246/. The tutorial will help PDN users create images in the same style as the original poster, for example: Plugins needed: @MadJik's Light Rays @BoltBait's Paste Alpha and Object Tools, both part of BoltBait's Plugin Pack for PdN v4.2.12. Procedure - 10 easy steps Result: Examples using different grids/patterns: Need more? Download PDF: Shigeo_Fukuda_tutorial.pdf
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    Version 2.0 released Added HSV jitter options. Jittering the redness, greenness, blueness isn't quite enough; I've personally ran into situations where I wanted value or hue jitter. The HSV jitter options can work in conjunction with RGB jitter as well, and in that case take the color produced by RGB jittering as input for the HSV jitter. Here's the modified tab appearance: I cut half the labels because it shouldn't take too long to figure out how it works as you play with it, even if you forgot since the last time this plugin was used. Here's an example of using HSV jitter with grass, using some value jitter.
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    This update adds some additional low-bit-depth choices to several file types (PNG, BMP, TIFF), and fixes some bugs. If you’re using the Windows Store release, you should get the update automatically within the next 24 hours. You can also force an update check by following these instructions. For the Classic release, you should be offered the update automatically within the next week or so. You can get the update sooner by going to βš™ Settings β†’ Updates β†’ Check Now. You can also download and install it directly from the website. Changes since 4.2.12: New: Added 2-bit per pixel support when saving as PNG New: Added 1-bit per pixel support when saving as PNG, BMP, and TIFF Fixed low-bit-depth saving quality (8-bit, etc.), as it would sometimes produce very bad results (e.g. only using 64 colors instead of 256) Fixed: Resizing an image at very large sizes (e.g. 32K pixels to 64K pixels) would fail due to an arithmetic overflow Fixed: Sometimes recently saved images would not have an updated thumbnail in File Explorer unless/until its window was manually refreshed Fixed: Sometimes saving an image to a network share would not work Updated bundled DDSFileTypePlus plugin to version, which fixes an issue when loading and saving images using the sRGB color space. This issue was reported here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/116572-dds-file-format-bc1-bc7-srgb-export-incorrectly . Thanks @null54! Enjoy!
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    Version 1.6 has been released. This version mostly focused on importing Geometry from different formats. See the first post for the full changelog.
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    Thanks again @MJW the changes both obvious and subtle changes make an already great plugin even much better. The perspective slider makes great 3D text without having to jump through hoops. Plus it also plays nicely with @BoltBait's Shadow Pro Plus to make believable shadows in 3D mode. You guys keep us mere mortals creating
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    I can't believe you're complaining about this. This was an automatic job done by a piece of software (amazing software)! So, you have two small areas to clean up manually. Do you not understand how incredibly complicated an algorithm like this is? That fact that it looks even remotely normal is an amazing feat! It's comments like this that make me want to give up coding all together. ...NEVER SATISFIED...
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    It seems easy to reproduce for me: Open the 32 bit image. Save as... badfile.png (auto bit depth) The resulting file will have been saved at bit depth: 4 (according to the Windows file properties) If you open the original image and then load this new file as a layer... then switch the layer's blend mode to XOR, you'll see the files are not identical. The differences are subtle, but they're there. In this case, saving as PNG is NOT lossless. (Differences seen in Paint.NET v4.2.13.)
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    A hometown band, The Gold Souls. Enjoy.
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    Fantastic tutorial @Djisves thank you I realized after doing this rendition, that I didn't have @MadJik's latest Rays Plugin. So I downloaded the one you linked to, then thought I'd lost it, as it's now in Textures 🀣 I wonder where @MadJik is these days? Hope you are well wherever your are @MadJik Here's my rendition of your tutorial @Djisves
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    As of ShapeMaker v1.6, these XAML files can be imported into ShapeMaker, and then exported as PDN Shape files.
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    75 years ago ... in memoriam of the civilians who should never be targeted in war
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    I turns out I gave a link to the wrong version of Alpha Mask plugin. On the topic for v2, it says that it may not work anymore on newer versions of PDN, but it does work for me on v4.2.13, so I corrected the link in my post above to direct to v2 of the plugin. However, I know people may be put off by the moderator's warning, so I intended to link to Paste Alpha, as alternative. In my original post (which I have now edited), I even wrote "alternative..." but then forgot to type it in before I posted my reply. (I know it's better to use @BoltBait's plugin (if only for the reason that it's being actively supported) but I fell in love with @Illnab1024's plugin the first time I used it and I refuse to give it up. I'll stick with it for as long as it works for me). @Pixey, exactly! That's what I meant when I wrote "create your black grid/lines/rays on a transparent background". I should have explained it better. I have now edited my original post and added clarifications. It should now be easy to create the mask using the Switch Alpha to Gray plugin. I'm sorry for the confusion I've caused. @Carla, is everything clear now? Have you managed to create the image you wanted? Perhaps @MJW's simpler method with fewer steps is all you need. @MJW, impressive result with minimal fuss! I wish I was proficient enough on PDN to have come up with it myself, but I'm not. @Ego Eram Reputo, if it's OK with you, I think this can be the very first tutorial I publish. Credit to @Pixey and @MJW of course, for identifying the steps that need extra attention.
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    Yes! This is a much easier method. Mine involved several layers using Paste Alpha, Gaussian Blur, Color inversions, Changing layers modes to Reflect, Overlay, Level adjustments... It was a trial and error method, that is why I got lost.
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    You will be relieved I found the other half. Now with the complete phone number I can claim the reward -- OH Joy!!
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    https://thirdmonk.net/postcont/2013/12/Mr-Bean-Pictures-1.jpg https://ec.europa.eu/education/sites/education/files/eit-coronavirus-header.jpg
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    Start with an object on its own layer (a graphic on a transparent background). On a new layer, create your black grid/lines/rays on a transparent background (clarification: this needs to be black lines on transparency). Use, for example, Light Rays (clarification: in which case the secondary colour alpha should be set to 0). On a copy of your grid/lines/rays layer, run Switch Alpha to Gray to create an alpha mask. Copy the mask layer to the clipboard. Delete (or hide) the mask layer. Use Alpha Mask on the object layer or Paste Alpha. Use Outline Object on the object layer. Depending on your image and preference, some alternatives are Drop Shadow, Edge Expander, 1px Expansion. Optional: Merge grid/lines/rays layer with the outlined object layer and run the Rubber Stamp plugin. EDIT: Edited the link to @Illnab1024's the Alpha Mask plugin (there is a warning on the plugin topic that it may not work with newer versions pf PDN but it works fine on my v4.2.13). Added link to @BoltBait's Paste Alpha. Clarified the that the grid should be black lines on transparency.
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    Hello @Carla and welcome to the forum I tried this too and this is how I went about it. 1. Copy the image from the source you provided of the lines. Then go to https://www.remove.bg/ and remove the background. 2. Import the lines with no background. I changed the mode of this to 'Glow'. 3. Import your B & White image and align them to your liking. 4. On the B & W layer I used the Gradient Tool on Transparency. With right click on your mouse, at the bottom of the photo, click to anchor it and then switch to left click and drag the nub upwards and this will make it transparent on the bottom.
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    I shall test your theory as I'm heading out to the car dealership in a few minutes to buy a new car.
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    Nice tutorial. Succinct but effective with loads of possibilities to go off on a tangent. Thanks @Djisves
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    Can you share an image that's causing these issues for you?
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    Many thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I didn't realise, for instance, that there were ways of influencing font quality available in PDN. I shall be playing with these ideas to-morrow, providing that my wife doesn't have other things in mind. She managed to blow the fuse in the wallpaper steamer, today. Never a dull moment! I'll let you know how I get on. Oh, and I've downloaded the TT2 font, by the way. Looks quite promising.
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    Hello @Laceydesigns and welcome As you already know about Brush Factory, you can add brushes to that. I'd suggest you down load some watercolor brushes - I got some from here: https://www.deviantart.com/mcbadshoes/art/Watercolor-Brushes-104914510 If you are not a Deviant Art member, then you can google for free water color brushes. If they are not in the abr. format, you can use abrViewer to change them into abr. Once done, add your watercolor brush to Brush Factory and off you go. I believe, sometime in the future @Rick Brewster will be adding a few more brush options to Paint.net itself which, at the moment, has only one paint brush setting.
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    Hi everybody, thanks very much again for all your effort. This is really helpful! I managed to apply the steps described by MJW. This really is a surprisingly fast approach (although I must admit that I don't really understand WHY it works - ) it works! Magic!πŸ˜„ It's really impressive what you do here. Thanks a lot! Best wishes, Carla
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    Glad to know you got it sorted out. I listed those programs because they are all known to interfere with the proper operation of Paint.NET in some way.
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    Webroot = yes. I've done a reboot & it's good now. Don't know what it was. Thanks anyway.
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    OK, I'm running Windows 10 version 2004... I'm able to save from Paint.NET v4.2.13 just fine. I'm wondering if there's something strange about the directory you're saving to... for example, is the path on a network drive? Is the folder "cloud" backed up? Is it a "one drive" folder? Do you have "file versioning" enabled? Have you tried saving a graphic file to your desktop?
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    My go to band when I need cheering up
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    Speaking of classic books, one series I enjoyed was John Carter's adventures on Mars written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Disney's film, Carter, was not too terrible in spite of film critics, I think that trying to squeeze a novel into an hour or so long isn't practical whereas a mini-series would make the most sense as it would allow exploration of Carter's adapting and growing in Martian various cultures.
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    Super @MJW! 😁 Makes picture frames, also.
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    Here is what I consider my "Essential", award winning , plugin pack for Paint.NET v4.2.12 and beyond. It includes 46 plugins in 36 files, 1 palette file, and 48 shapes. This allows you to pick and choose to install only the effects you want. Then, later you can run the installer and uncheck an item to uninstall it. When you see in this post, you can click it for more information (including source code in some cases). To install, download this file to your Desktop, unzip it, and run the install program. Download Donate I'm going through a really tough financial time right now, so anything you can spare would be much appreciated. Which of my plugin packs is right for you? You need to look at the Paint.NET version number in the title bar. Classic: Download: 3.5.11 http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/8318-b 4.0.x https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/32048-b 4.2.12+ You're in the right place! Click the download button above (surrounded by blue arrows) Windows Store version of paint.net: You're in the right place! Click the download button above When you see the main screen (shown below), select the "I'm running the store version of Paint.NET" checkbox. Installer / Plugin Manager: Once you click the download button above and open the zip file, run the included install.exe file. You'll see this: When the installer first runs, it updates the check boxes to what's currently installed (checked for installed, unchecked for not installed). However, if nothing is installed, it automatically checks ALL the boxes figuring the user would like to install everything. Carefully review each line and make sure the items you wish to install are checked. When you click the Install button, checked items will be installed and unchecked items will be uninstalled from your system. For high volume network managers: Plugin Manager has a silent install function... for more information: C:\> install /? New for this pack: I have gone through all of my plugins and redesigned the User Interface (UI) for each with the goal of making the UI dialog box shorter. With shorter UI's, less of your image will be covered by the effect UI while you're working on it. For example, here is a comparison of the previous version of Gradient (left) and the new version (right): I have always been a fan of shorter UI's and in this pack I take advantage of some new functionality in Paint.NET v4.2 that allows for a more compressed look. Help: If you need help with an individual effect, look for the question mark "?" in the top right corner of the effect UI (near the X) and click it. Once you install this plugin pack, here's what you get: Adjustments menu Black and White+ Use selected method for converting a color photograph into B&W. Color Balance Easily adjust the tint of an image. Useful for color correcting photographs taken indoors without flash. The difference between this and the built-in Hue/Saturation adjustment is that this one will affect black and white areas. Combined Adjustments All of your favorite adjustments on one screen. Hue/Saturation+ Conditional Hue / Saturation effect. Temperature/Tint Temperature / Tint effect. Transparency Adjust the transparency of a selection just like you can adjust it for an entire layer. Effects menu Flip Horizontal - flips the selection on the vertical axis. Similar to the layer flip of the same name. Flip Vertical - flips the selection on the horizontal axis. Similar to the layer flip of the same name. Effects > Artistic menu Dream This makes your picture look like it was seen in a dream. Oil Painting+ Makes your photographs look painted. Pastel This makes your picture look like it was drawn with pastel chalk or water color paint. Effects > Blurs menu Gaussian Blur Plus - With it, you can blur only the Red, Blue, Green, or Alpha channel of the image. It also allows you to blend the original picture with the blurred image. (Try blurring all channels of the image with a radius of 10 and a Darken blend mode. Cool stuff.) Effects > Fill From Clipboard Fills the current selection with the graphic on the clipboard. From File Fills the current selection with a graphic file. Effects > Object menu An "object" is a group of pixels on a layer that is completely surrounded by transparent pixels (or the edge(s) of the canvas). These are useful when doing "cutouts" or with text on a new layer. Bevel Object This effect allows you to make objects 3D. Works great with text! Feather This effect softens the edges of objects. Inner Shadow Renders a shadow on objects so they look like they have been cut out. Object Shadow Renders a shadow behind objects. Outline - This effect puts an outline of the selected color around your object. Paste Alpha - This effect takes the graphic on the clipboard and converts the colors to shades of gray and then uses that for the alpha values of the current layer. Useful for using masks. Switch Alpha to Gray - This effect converts the image to shades of gray based on the alpha value of each pixel. Useful for making masks. Switch Gray to Alpha - This effect deletes white from and image and converts all other pixels to black. Useful for isolating line art. Effects > Photo menu Combined Adjustments Many adjustments for photographs all on one screen Level Horizon Rotate an image by drawing a line across the horizon. Meme Maker Create your own Memes. Remove Dust Removes little white dust particles by clone stamping them out. I find this very helpful when scanning photographs. Sharpen Landscape Makes your landscape photographs look like they belong in a magazine! Seam Carving - Reduce height Reduce the height of an image without scaling (squishing) the image. Seam Carving - Reduce width Reduce the width of an image without scaling (squishing) the image. Vignette+ Extends the capabilities of the built-in Vignette effect with colors and the ability to render a vignette to a blank canvas. Effects > Render menu Calendar Render a monthly calendar. Month name and Days of the week are localized. Includes many options. Charts and Graphs Like a mini spreadsheet, enter your data and plot a graph! Dimensions This doesn't measure anything. It just renders the dimension arrows and label text. Flames This effect allows you to render flames. It is based on Tom Jackson's excellent fire tutorial. Gradients Render colorful HSV (rainbow) gradients. Grid / Checkerboard Create checker board or grid patterns. Polygon / Stars This effect allows you to render triangles, pentagons, hexagons, etc. It also allows you to render stars. It is useful in making standard shapes and the pointed edges of stickers. Effects > Selection menu Effects in this menu perform their effect by following the selection outline (marching ants). While they will work with a square selection (or no selection by using the edges of the canvas as their path), they are more interesting when the selection is curved , selected by hand , or by magic wand . Bevel Selection This effect allows you to make selections 3D. Works great with text! Blur Selection Edge - This effect feathers the edges of a selection using the surrounding colors instead of transparency. Useful when the selection is not surrounded by transparent pixels. Feather Selection This effect softens the edges of your selection. It works just like the feather in other graphic$ program$. Inner Shadow Selection Renders a shadow on the inside of a selection so it looks like it has been cut out. Outline Selection This effect allows you to outline a selection. Effects > Stylize menu Floyd-Steinberg Dithering This effect will reduce the colors of your image using the Floyd-Steinberg dithering technique. Effects > Text formations Creative Text Pro Creates professional looking 3D text. Outlined / Gradient text Creates text that is outlined with a selected color and filled with a solid color or a gradient. User "xod" has published a version of this plugin with even more features. If you find that my plugin isn't enough, install his. Window > Colors > More > Open Palettes Folder I have also included my Rainbow Palette. This is very popular on the forums. In the Color docker window, click the button and choose Rainbow from the list. This is what the Rainbow Palette looks like: Custom Shapes This plugin pack also includes 48 custom shapes. In the installer, you can pick-and-chose which ones you want. This pack supersedes my plugins available elsewhere. I will be updating the other locations eventually, but if you want the latest versions, download my plugins from this post. Enjoy. Also, for you luddites that refuse to use the installer, here's a zip file with all the DLL's in it: BoltBaitPack51DLLs.zip How to install Paint.NET plugins.
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    Background made using the Making Polished Spacescapes v2 tutorial.
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    Played with this tutorial a lot but never was satisfied with the results. Now, at last. Thank you so much @Red ochre - and everyone who posted here - for the inspiration!
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    I second this motion of PixelArt to make freehand tools that draw perfectly to snapin grids and things. It'd be great if every tool came with user input parameters in the tool bar where you can simply input the numbers to make the drawn item exactly as you want, pixel for pixel coordinates. And free hand drawing could use the grid snap ins I guess.
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    Thank you @ReMake - playing with this technique is fun! (My favorite trick is dublicate the layer - apply Relief and/or Motion Blur - and blend them adjusting the opacity.) Btw sometimes the photo background can be useful as it is - depends on what you need.
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    There's a lot to cover here ... and replying to this will, at the very least, help me to organize my thoughts and is a good opportunity to broadcast what I've been thinking and planning for Paint.NET's future. What you've discussed is many years worth of work, by the way. Patience will be needed. And I don't necessarily agree with everything ? The website screams 2007 because I made it in ... 2005 or 2006. I'm not a web developer As @Ego Eram Reputo mentions, there's a new design that is awaiting my attention. It's very high up on the list, and will probably be what I tackle once 4.1.1 is out the door. The Windows Store is also a really great place to get Paint.NET now. There's a 30-day trial and then it's a few dollars, and it's always up-to-date and whatnot. If you want to recommend Paint.NET to a friend, I would like to recommend to you to recommend this approach It used to take an entire week for me to push out an update due to Microsoft's lengthy certification process, but 4.1 was approved in about an hour (which is a really big deal!), which means several weeks per year of wasted time is no longer an issue. Here are some more of my thoughts on Classic vs. Store: https://blog.getpaint.net/2018/01/14/paint-net-4-0-21-is-now-available/#comment-9811 I personally think the UI icons still look quite good and pleasant, and I'm okay with them compared to the amount of effort it takes to update them. Well, maybe the better way to put it is that I'm less worried about the styling and much more worried about the resolution. Thankfully, there is already some preliminary progress being made here thanks to @Zagna: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/111729-high-res-icons/ . And, since the whole icon set needs to be redone to support higher resolution, the styling may get a ride too, probably to mimic the latest Office style. However, don't load up on the expectation that Paint.NET's icon set is always going to be following the latest fashions. It's just an obscene amount of work, it can only be done so often. There are more updates planned for improving Paint.NET's support for high-DPI. WinForms was finally updated to support multi-monitor mixed-DPI, so I'm hoping to get Paint.NET hooked into that as well. High-DPI is something that I've been chipping away at steadily for the last few years. Just look at the roadmap and search for "DPI". I would not expect a radical departure from the current set of UI components, like you called out on the Colors form. Standard Win32 controls work, and the only reason I'd depart from them is if I were to rewrite everything in a new UI framework. I would not place any bets on that happening. It would be an insane amount of work for a very small subjective gain. Lack of tools, as you put it, will be chipped away at as time goes on. Flip Horizontal/Vertical should be straightforward. Some of the others are available as plugins. You don't define what you mean by "Align" and "Mask" so I can't really comment on them. The plugin system itself needs a lot of upgrades; in 4.1 I unfortunately had to block the Content-Aware Resize and Bulk Updater plugins because of how they forcefully integrate themselves via reflection. I can't really take offense at what they had to do to accomplish their goals; I'd really prefer to make a plugin system that provides them what they need. And, of course, BRUSHES. This should be a rich staple of an app like Paint.NET, and it's not, and it continues to eat at me. The brush system was completely redone for 4.0 but there wasn't much in the way of new functionality for the user (largely because at that point 4.0 was a 5 year project and I was exhausted and needed to ship it). This has been at the top of my list since 4.0's release but I've never had the time to tackle it. More on the time aspect in the next few paragraphs. Suffice to say, things will be coming: more built-in brush types, official custom brush support, pen/stylus and pressure sensitivity support, etc. This is all towards the top of the list. Smoother drawing, of the type you specifically call out, was attempted in 4.0 but only got as far as using the GetMouseMovePointsEx API in order to get a higher sampling rate on the input (which, as it turns out, is buggy since Windows 8, hence the "Fluid mouse input" option for troubleshooting purposes). All of these things have to be prioritized and interleaved along with other work. Crashes and bugs are always a high priority. New functionality has to be weighed with what it adds now, versus what it might complicate further down the road, or if it would be a lot easier once other foundations are in place. Larger work items, like GPU-enabled effects or major upgrades to brushes, can take a few months worth of work. As such, there's only room for a few of those per year. Paint.NET has long suffered from insufficient development resources. As the app has aged, the amount of incomplete modernization work has also piled up. You mention a lot of things that need attention, but you forgot to point out where progress has been made! The Windows Store release was a huge effort, as was the dark theme and other high-DPI work that shipped at the very beginning of this year. There will be continued progress on this front, but don't expect v4.2 to come out and magically fix every last thing. It will tackle some modernization, it will tackle as many bugs and crashes as are needed, it will include some small features, and hopefully 1 or 2 big features. Just like 4.1 did. Also, I think Paint.NET has held up better than most other 14 year old Windows apps that are maintained by small dev shops. I do take this stuff seriously! Lastly, things have improved dramatically on the "time" front this year. I've opened up the private GitHub repo to a few trusted individuals and they have started chipping away at some things (see the change log for 4.1), which is already saving me time and benefitting the user base. I've also been able to allocate much more time to Paint.NET since I left my job* at Facebook in March. This is why 4.1 was able to include the upgrade to Direct2D v1.1 and the GPU effects: there's actually A LOT that changed under the hood, much more than you might think as "just" a user. Not all of that work was specific to enabling GPU effects, but it will pay dividends in other ways in the near term. * yes, this is the first I've publicly mentioned this ... I decided become a "free agent" for now. I'm not working "full time" on Paint.NET, but that's just splitting hairs with the calendar. It is currently the only thing I'm working on, and so it's getting something like 3-5x as much attention as it was before.
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    Many thanks @lynxster4! I'll upload it when I get home.
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    Here you are EER. EDIT: Removed my attached file. It is now in first post.