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    Reduced memory usage when loading ABR v6+ files, file version updated to
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    This tutorial was encouraged by the discussion on the Simulate old bw photo printing system topic. @Carla initiated the discussion and brought the style to my attention. @Eli, @Pixey, @MJW, @Ego Eram Reputo, @toe_head2001 and @welshblue contributed advice on the technique and encouraged the writing of this tutorial. A simpler, faster method by @MJW of achieving the same results is described on this post of the same topic. The original poster can be found at https://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/84987/how-to-do-line-optical-illusion-art-effects and https://www.pinterest.com/pin/523684262920581246/. The tutorial will help PDN users create images in the same style as the original poster, for example: Plugins needed: @MadJik's Light Rays @BoltBait's Paste Alpha and Object Tools, both part of BoltBait's Plugin Pack for PdN v4.2.12. Procedure - 10 easy steps Result: Examples using different grids/patterns: Need more? Download PDF: Shigeo_Fukuda_tutorial.pdf
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    A hometown band, The Gold Souls. Enjoy.
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    Fantastic tutorial @Djisves thank you I realized after doing this rendition, that I didn't have @MadJik's latest Rays Plugin. So I downloaded the one you linked to, then thought I'd lost it, as it's now in Textures 🤣 I wonder where @MadJik is these days? Hope you are well wherever your are @MadJik Here's my rendition of your tutorial @Djisves
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    Agathonas Iakovidis, rebetiko performer and composer died last Wednesday. Greek music is poorer for the loss of one of its most authentic and loved stars. RIP Agathon.
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    You will be relieved I found the other half. Now with the complete phone number I can claim the reward -- OH Joy!!