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    Over here.... https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/116364-math-support-latex/... physics_teacher asked if there was a way to "render on-the-fly latex in my diagrams". Unbelievably, my masterful Dr Scott's Markup Renderer was not doing the job. Wha....? Anyway, I decided to write a much smaller and more specific plugin to render Math LaTeX equations using paint.net. Download it by hitting the big blue button >> Download Installation: Unzip the file Copy both DLL files to one of these two locations (depending on which version of paint.net you have installed) .... Classic: your \Effects\ folder. Store: /My Documents/ paint.net App Files/Effects/ 3. Restart paint.net 4. find the plugin in Effects > Text Formations Many thanks to toe_head2001 and null54 for their guidance as this plugin was being developed. Because of these guys the plugin scales with the system DPI and also handles paint.net themes. enjoy.
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    Hello all. I hope all is well with everyone on here despite this strange new world that we now live in. I guess we can only hope for a vaccine so that we can all return to doing things that we enjoyed doing pre 2020. Keep safe everyone. Leanne. x
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    CodeLab 6.0 Released This is only for Paint.NET 4.2.12+! HUGE update today... Changes: ▪ Switch to the Roslyn compiler to support C# 7.3 syntax (toe_head2001) ▪ Added new Settings screen (BoltBait) ▪ Build can now be executed by pressing F6 (BoltBait) ▪ Syntax highlighting for Escape characters in strings is now enabled (toe_head2001) ▪ Compiler Warning Level can now be changed (0-4) (toe_head2001) ▪ Individual compiler warnings can be ignored (toe_head2001) ▪ Added support for Extended Color syntax highlighting (VS '19 colors) (toe_head2001) ▪ Added Spellchecking. Checks strings and comments in C# code, and plain text documents (toe_head2001) ▪ Other new Settings include: Indent Spaces (2 or 4) and Current Line Frame (toe_head2001) ▪ Minor code refactoring and bug fixes (toe_head2001 and BoltBait) Grab the CodeLab DLL here: https://www.boltbait.com/pdn/CodeLab/ File New Template Improvements: (This feature was fixed in CodeLab v5.4, but I wanted to remind you of this change here as this was going to be saved for the 6.0 release. I did tweak it a bit for this release just to finish it.) When I completely rewrote the File New Templates in CodeLab 5.0, I was under the assumption that it was OK to use the DST surface as a scratch surface during the calculation of your final results. This is OK under some very narrow circumstances, but generally this should be avoided. (This could cause your effects to have different results when previewing your effect and when clicking OK to finalize your image.) In this release, I have removed this capability and replaced it with a second scratch surface called AUX. So, now you have access to the source surface (SRC) which is your layer before any changes are made, a working surface (WRK) to use as a scratch surface if necessary, a second working surface (AUX) to use if necessary, and of course the destination surface (DST) where you store your final calculated pixels. New Features: Spellchecking: The Spellcheck feature does not work on Windows 7, since the required Windows Spellcheck competent is not present there. Additional language dictionaries can be added in the Windows Settings. Languages that display an ABC✓ icon are compatible with Spellcheck. Misspelled words can be ignored via the light bulb menu. The ignore list can be managed on the Settings screen. How to add additional spellcheck enabled languages from your Windows Settings screen: Roslyn Compiler: By switching to the Roslyn compiler, we now support up to C# 7.3 syntax. So, EER will be happy to know that the following script will compile without error in CodeLab v6.0: // Name: Roslyn Test #region UICode #endregion void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { ColorBgra CurrentPixel; for (int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++) { if (IsCancelRequested) return; for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x++) { CurrentPixel = src[x,y]; // Roslyn C# v7.0 syntax: switch (x) { case int n when (n >= 0 && n <= 25): CurrentPixel = ColorBgra.Yellow; break; case int n when (n >= 26 && n <= 50 ): CurrentPixel = ColorBgra.Brown; break; default: CurrentPixel = ColorBgra.Gray; break; } // End Test dst[x,y] = CurrentPixel; } } } It is not required to have Visual Studio on your system in order to take advantage of the Roslyn compiler... we are shipping a copy built-in to CodeLab, just like Visual Studio does. As a side benefit to using the Roslyn compiler, we get better location information for syntax errors. So, look for more accurate placing of those red underlines. (BTW, we do not support C# 8.0 language features yet as that requires the Core library. But, that will be easy for us to add once Paint.NET switches over to Core.) Settings Screen: In previous versions of CodeLab, there was lots of stuff in the View menu. I have moved all of those settings into the new Settings screen. Toe_head2001 moved his Snippets Manager in here as well. Compiler Warnings: Compiler warnings are now underlined in green. If you wish to ignore specific warning messages, right-click on one of those warnings and choose "Ignore this Warning" from the context menu. You can manage your ignore list on the settings screen: Enjoy! 😎
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    ❤️ Dear @Reptillian, and @null54! Thank you so much for your effort.
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    July Update A couple of new plugins this month and with these we welcome a brand new plugin author, pascal, to our stable of cool PDN users :B Colorblindness Simulation pascal Simulate different types of colorblindness including tritanopia. Comes with *.bat installer. Slight Edge Boost loupasc Enhances image edges using unsharp mask method. Also apply sharpen only to the image luminosity in order to avoid chromatic noise amplification. Of note is this months update of CodeLab to version 6. BoltBait and toe_head2001 have overhauled our favorite code tool to make it even more awesome. Go check it out!
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    Thank you @Seerose It's so nice to have you back Something a bit different for a change. Made using the Plugins; Twist, Radial Blur and Jitter. Hope you like it 😀
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    ❤️ @lynxster4, @Pixey, @welshblue, @ReMake, and @Rickhum! Many thanks for your positive answers and points. Last time I forgot to upload 1 picture. Old woman always forgets. 😉
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    I got news, guys! I decided to get a job (couldn't earlier because of fatigue issues, and coronavirus lockdowns), so I will not be making filters for g'mic-qt any longer. There is a upgrade to Tiled Form filter though. In interest of programmers here - I will leave files and drop a note within Testing->Reptorian for anyone that wish to take over. This thread may be locked right after I do that though I may leave it open if any programmers asks me the intrinsic of those effects and how they work. I have not decided on that yet.
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    The Waves Love them or hate them - they just keep on moving. And it's another summer... - Summertime - - Carry On - - Purple Cafe - - Imagination - - Ship That Passes In The Night - - Beaching - - Pretty Fly - - Goths Are Humans Too - - The Rock - - See You Again - Thanks for you visit. Swim Not Sink!
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    Hope everyone is still well! Haven't really done much in PDN while I was off for 6 weeks. 🙄 Opted to spring clean my home instead. Got lots done...yeah! This piece is based on a shape I was working on back in January and February...finally finished it. I have two versions...can't decide which I like better. I present Parrot Paradise Hope you enjoy them! 😊 (Both are clickable)
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    Back with my second plugin. This time I made a plugin that can be used to easily and quickly create a gradient mapping effect using 2 colors. I know pyrochild already made a gradient mapping tool, but this is just a simplified version using only 2 colors for dark and light tones. I added some options for post processing as well, like contrast and blending mode. Download: DuotoneGradientMap.zip Preview: Code: (I’m still a beginner in C#, please don’t hurt me) // Name: Duotone Gradient Map // Submenu: Color // Author: Pascal // Title: Duotone Gradient Map // Version: 1.0 // Desc: Easy and quick way of gradient mapping // Keywords: // URL: // Help: #region UICode ColorWheelControl Amount1 = ColorBgra.FromBgr(0, 0, 0); // Dark ColorWheelControl Amount2 = ColorBgra.FromBgr(255, 255, 255); // Light IntSliderControl Amount3 = 100; // [0,100] Amount IntSliderControl Amount4 = 0; // [0,1000] Contrast ListBoxControl Amount5 = 0; // Blending mode|Normal|Multiply|Darken|Lighten|Additive #endregion void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { ColorBgra Primary = Amount1; ColorBgra Secondary = Amount2; ColorBgra Cp; //current pixel ColorBgra Np; //new pixel for (int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++) { if (IsCancelRequested) return; for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x++) { Cp = src[x,y]; //control parameters double A = ((double)Amount3)/100; //amount double C = (double)Amount4; //contrast int M = Amount5; //blending mode //get rgb double R = Cp.R; double G = Cp.G; double B = Cp.B; //value double P = ((R+G+B)/3)/255; //luminosity //get colors double Rp = Primary.R; double Rs = Secondary.R; double Gp = Primary.G; double Gs = Secondary.G; double Bp = Primary.B; double Bs = Secondary.B; //calculate new color R = Norm((P*Rs + (1-P)*Rp)*A + (1-A)*R, 255); G = Norm((P*Gs + (1-P)*Gp)*A + (1-A)*G, 255); B = Norm((P*Bs + (1-P)*Bp)*A + (1-A)*B, 255); //apply new color and contrast Np = ColorBgra.FromBgra( (byte)Norm(Con(B, C), 255), (byte)Norm(Con(G, C), 255), (byte)Norm(Con(R, C), 255), Cp.A); //BLENDING MODES //multiply if(M == 1){ Cp.R = (byte)Norm((Cp.R * Np.R/255)*A + Cp.R*(1-A), 255); Cp.G = (byte)Norm((Cp.G * Np.G/255)*A + Cp.G*(1-A), 255); Cp.B = (byte)Norm((Cp.B * Np.B/255)*A + Cp.B*(1-A), 255); } //darken else if(M == 2){ if(Np.R < Cp.R){ Cp.R = Np.R; } if(Np.G < Cp.G){ Cp.G = Np.G; } if(Np.B < Cp.B){ Cp.B = Np.B; } } //lighten else if(M == 3){ if(Np.R > Cp.R){ Cp.R = Np.R; } if(Np.G > Cp.G){ Cp.G = Np.G; } if(Np.B > Cp.B){ Cp.B = Np.B; } } //additive else if(M == 4){ Cp.R = (byte)Norm(Cp.R + Np.R*A, 255); Cp.G = (byte)Norm(Cp.G + Np.G*A, 255); Cp.B = (byte)Norm(Cp.B + Np.B*A, 255); } //normal else{ Cp = Np; } dst[x,y] = Cp; } } } //normalize double Norm(double x, int i){ if(x > i){ x = i; } if(x < 0){ x = 0; } return x; } //contrast double Con(double x, double c){ x /= 255; double y; if(x <= 0.5){ y = 0.5 * Math.Pow(2*x, (c/500)+1); } else{ y = 1 - 0.5 * Math.Pow(2 - 2*x, (c/500)+1); } return y*255; }
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    Using an enum is even cleaner. #region UICode ListBoxControl<BlendingMode> blendingMode = 0; // Blending mode|Normal|Multiply|Darken|Lighten|Additive #endregion enum BlendingMode { Normal, Multiply, Darken, Lighten, Additive } void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { switch (blendingMode) { case BlendingMode.Multiply: // code here break; case BlendingMode.Darken: // code here break; case BlendingMode.Lighten: // code here break; case BlendingMode.Additive: // code here break; case BlendingMode.Normal: default: // code here break; } }
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    Bus driver now change of vehicle
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    Very cool tutorial! I love it!
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    If you want my plugin pack, go here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/113220-boltbaits-plugin-pack-for-pdn-v4210-and-beyond-updated-february-23-2020/ and click the big blue button. Save the zip file to your desktop. Right-click on the zip file and choose "properties", check the "unblock" checkbox and click ok. Right-click on the zip file and "Extract" all files to your desktop. Finally, run the BoltBaitPackInstall50.exe program. That should get you started. If your computer attempts to prevent you from doing any of this, just know that it is being over protective and just click the option to "do it anyway" whatever that may be on your system.
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    I just finished up reading the third book in the Interdependancy Series by John Scalzi called The Last Emperox. It was a wonderful ending to a great series. This series includes The Collapsing Empire, The Consuming Fire, and The Last Emperox. I love Sci-Fi, so Scalzi is one of my favorite authors. If you're curious about him, try reading Old Man's War. That's the first book in a series of, like, 6 or 7 books. Amazing. Or, you could try Redshirts a kind of humorous take on Star Trek. Another sci-fi book I read recently is called Sea of Rust by C. Robert Cargill. Of course, I've read TONS of old sci-fi classic authors, like Heinlein, Asimov, and Bradbury. And, some newer series, like The Hunger Games, Ender's Game, and Artemis Fowl. It got me wondering what books you're reading and how do you consume them? Are you a fan of e-Readers (Kindle, etc.), actual paper books, or audio books? I have a Kindle Paperwhite and share an account with my daughter so that we can share books. If you have book suggestions, post away!