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    Fixed a bug that would cause Paint.NET to hang when saving DXT1 images, file version updated to
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    Just curious, has it gotten worse since the Brexit vote, or more the same? You and your family are going through some very trying times, hope it gets better soon. I agree about the poor Kurds. I can't wait till they eradicate the fat useless whinny piece of dung currently residing in the White House.
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    Using Motion Blur @ 0% Angle after Gaussian Blur will give more natural ends to the highlight. As in it follows contours better Distance between 15- 20 depending on size of highlight
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    Greetings! The effect that you are trying to achieve can be accomplished by applying lines, curves, and/or shapes to layers and composite them onto your image after using various blurs to diffuse them to simulate reality. What you are referring to as glare is also referred to as highlights. In art highlights and shadows are applied to an image to simulate depth and is called 'modeling'. I use Paint.NET's built-in Effects>Blurs>Gaussian Blur to diffuse and vary the opacity. In my example I created a quick illustration of how this can be done. I used two line segments and a ellipse to show how the effect you desire can be achieved. (No plugins were use for this illustration)
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    That's where certain plugins are placed when paint.net is installed. These plugins are supplied with the installation package, so you don't have to download them separately. You can still download & install the latest release of the plugin. It will be used if it is newer than the bundled version. This allows you to use any recent updates to the plugin without waiting for a new release of PDN.
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    Great work by @welshblue and @Pixey! I knew as soon as I saw welshblue's entry that it would be the winner. The details is remarkable. I very much like the sheen on Pixey's entry. It has sort of an inner glow that really gives the appearance of semi-transparent plastic. I think Pixey's polka dot cloth button deserved a few more votes. It's very well done. There were just too many high-quality entries for every entry to get the votes it merited.
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    Thank you so much @zaya! ================================================================= Thank you so much @toroidal232!
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    Thanks for the complements Lynx and Welsh. Here's a glass of wine for you.
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    I am not good at this, just as everything, but I tried. 😐 Pumpkin
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    Copy the bottom layer that you want to use to the clipboard. The currently selected layer will be used as the top layer. Also, plugin questions should be posted in the plugin thread.
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    I'll put on GitHub when I get it more fleshed out this weekend. A few of the Templates don't actually work as intended yet.
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    "Updated bundled DDSFileTypePlus plugin to v1.9.7.0" I have only just found out we no longer have to change the filename extension to .dds2 anymore (I know, a bit late to the party it happened a few versions ago) Loading and saving to the newer dds formats like BC7 Linear and generating mipmaps, is all supported. @Rick Brewster and @null54 Thank you so much for this, renaming, working, and then renaming back to .dds with a few hundred files was tedious to say the least, though I was grateful of having some kind of solution to working with newer format dds files .. PN direct support for working with them is a huge help. Again many thanks
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    This has always been the case (as far as I can remember; I started with version 3.5.11). In this case, the interface does not depend on paint.net and his changes, but depends on number of whitespaces, which the author effect placed between words Magenta and Green. It is logical to assume that if the words Cyan, Magenta and Yellow are tied to the left edge, then the words Red, Green and Blue should be aligned to the right - take a look at the interface of the Color Balance effect by @BoltBait. The last time @dpy was at the forum in July 2016. Try to send him a private message, maybe he will respond to your request to change the interface. Although I do not consider this situation a bug.
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    You could try something like this To get a better understanding watch some videos. Google - Pixel Explosion Effects or Dispersion Effects. The results will usually be Photoshop but the above tutorial has the same effects, just a different way of achieving the same result
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    Happy Birthday Pyrochild. hope it's a good one. Here's a 🎁
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    That is a very impressive result @Rickhum and it looks so realistic. Great job and the colors are so vibrant in the explosive parts. I must look into TR's Kaboom - doesn't ring a bell - I must have missed that
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    Your problem is that the left hand edge of the image does not match the right hand side. This reveals itself as a noticeable edge as you have found. You have a couple of options: recreate the texture so it tiles seamlessly. Use CSS to make a single instance of the image stretch across the entire screen. How to - First option First have a read of this post: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/2244-seamless-texture-helper-plugin/ BoltBait does a really nice job of explaining what you're trying to achieve. Download and install this plugin: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/4591-seamless-texture-maker-ymd100718/ Apply it to your texture to make it tile seamlessly. How to - Second option Go here & read the section on making a "Hero image" (its the last example on the page): https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css3_pr_background-size.asp
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    Thanks all for thinking this through with me. My basic question was: is it correct that any form (rectangle square, circle or whatever) only has one aspect for its inside: colour, and not two (color and pattern). The way the edges of the pattern are being cut isn't an issue with me, so the answer that works best for me is Pixey's: use the bucket filler. I hadn't thought of that one for patterns, but now you pointed it out to me it's fairly obvious. Thanks! 😊
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    I have updated the plugin. Improved color quantization algorithm (automatic palette).
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    Adjustments > Remove Black This is a simple little plugin that turns black pixels into transparent pixels, then turns other pixels into alpha versions of themselves depending on their darkness so the effect is smoother. I apologize if this exists elsewhere -- the code is really really simple so I bet someone else has run across it. I doubt they have my threshold slider though. Threshold -- changes the amount of pixels that get alpha adjustments applied to them. Lower settings will have more of the image turning into alpha, higher settings will have smaller amounts. Let's take a look at the plugin: I've chosen this as my base image -- there is color here, but also a lot of darker pixels. On the layer underneath it, I have a circular rainbow texture I made with my Radial Prism plugin. Here's what your default settings look like. This essentially replaces the black pixels with the rainbow pixels in the layer underneath it in a smooth way. This has threshold set to 1 -- this tends to be the most intuitive use of the plugin, but also the least useful in my experience. Here's a higher threshold. Now the rainbow has essentially become an outline. Some tips for use I've been using this plugin for years despite not releasing it until today. Here's a couple things I've noticed: Putting a radial prism on the layer below an image works pretty fantastic across the board -- this forms the basis of my "pure color" technique where the image becomes nothing but color. If you use a Drop shadow when the plugin is set to a low threshold, you get some really good tinting effects. If you use black instead of a color you can smoothly append the underlayer, or if you have the image itself underneath it this is a great way of adding extra shadow without messing up the detail. I have an upcoming recoloring tutorial that uses this technique. Here's are a couple snippets where I've used the plugin to good effect with these techniques: Download Link https://github.com/Xhin23/Paint.net-Plugins/blob/master/Remove_Black.dll
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    I uploaded a new version that fixes the problem. I "updated" the "cheat" to get hold of the filename of the input stream, otherwise the "Reopen" feature will do nothing as the plugin does not know the name of the input file (admittedly not vital as it can be reopened from Pdn). However, if/when the cheat no longer works, it fallbacks to use "copy-stream-to-tempfile-and-load-it", so the plugin will still work fine. It will still function with older Pdn versions as well. As for .CR3 support, I am afraid we have to wait until someone adds support for that in dcraw or any other tool that can easily be called by the plugin.
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    And the Winners of the OotF#45 - Buttons - are: In 1st Place is @welshblue with 9 votes In 2nd Place is @Pixey with 7 votes In 3rd Place is @MJW with 6 votes Congratulations everyone and thank you for all of the lovely entries 😍
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    @Xhin It looks like opaque glass. Thank you for this effect.
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    Always welcome and always worthy 😉 It's a great compilation and an interesting scene to sit and lose yourself in. Love the table, the Czech glass looking lamp, the china tea cup ... I could go on and on. A great piece and the individual elements all through, show your considerable PDN skills. 2 questions ... 1. the sofa shadow ... makes it slightly levitate now ? 2. When did you get a recent picture of me 😋
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    Happy Birthday, dear, @Maximilian! 🎂 🥂 Hope you have the greatest day!
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    Okay this is fixed for the upcoming 4.2.5 release. Be sure to thank @null54
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    @Pixey! 💐 You have the right touch for this kind of presentation, well done. Thank you for sharing this with us!
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    Alright, I just sent a testcase his way. Thanks for the info!
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    Thank You Eli & Welshblue for the BIG help given. I have installed the Object2Color Plugin. It's just fantastic!!! Now it's just a matter of learning how to use it properly. Again, Many Many Many Thanks!!!! PS: Guys, by the way, do you believe I can create the same Sacred Geometry design using the Compo Grids Plugin the Red Ochre has? Or do you suggest another method or plugin?
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    Lovely image @Pixey! Everything just looks so perfect down to the smallest detail! Wonderful work! I spent a good while perusing this with 'zoom'; great job!
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    @zaya and @Maximilian! Thank you folks for your votes.
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    ... that horrible dialing sound. Then you finally connected to a website and somebody would want to use the 'phone. 😐 Or the inevitable click as you were randomly disconnected. The good ol' days of MSN messenger and it's dodgy rooms Does it make Baby Boomers/ Generation X's appreciate it more - or do we take it all for granted like some youngsters do
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    Thanks Seerose. My friend Skully here, had to bite the bullet.
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    "The room was all dim like a cave, and the red fire burning still and watchful seemed like the eye of the Lord. There was a little red eye in every bit of ware on the dresser too, where it caught the gleam." --Precious Bane chapter 2, "Telling the Bees." Can't see much of the window in this shot, buuut there's more to come.
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    To quote Meatloaf 🎵 You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth 🎵 ... but no tongues eh 😜 I didn't think anything of it mate. Some people chat rubbish without knowing the truth. You've been a good friend. Still a good friend. Will always be a good friend.
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    So, I was watching a bit of medieval reconstruction when I remembered there was something odd about medieval glass I'd wanted to research. The short version: glass in many parts of northern and western Europe used to be made with wood ash to provide some of the necessary chemistry, so it had an interesting green-gold effect and was called "forest glass." Here's a window with forest glass and leading; I have been considering a medieval house model (from my favorite book) for some time, so now I at least have the windows for it!
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    Dang, the comp is closed and I just finished my Earth render. Guess I'll have to vote.
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    Oh what the BLAZES? @welshblue, that's insane! Even---especially!--students deserve protection!