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    Dear TR! Where are you? I miss you in the forum. I hope you are doing well. Greetings from Germany. Seerose.
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    Hey Pyro, gotta say I love all the plugins you've made, they're really helpful! Can I bring up something from the dead and ask for a quick tweak to be made to the Outline plugin from 2007? Right under the "Angled" checkbox, can there be another one (that disables itself if you click angled) called "No Diagonals", where it only outlines up down left and right, and not the corners? I use this plugin to help me outline certain sections of pixel art and I have to erase the diagonals manually after doing it with this method. Can't have those ugly stairs, after all! To sweeten the deal, I'll have you know I'm not currently wearing socks I'd do it myself, but I have no idea what the coding language is, and don't have the original source code either.
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    Liebe Seerose, Ich wünsche Dir ein tolles Osterfest, hoffentlich mit viel Sonne. Grüße aus Hamburg lifeday
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    Dear Maximilian! Thank you so much for nice comments! Glad you like it! Sunday finished. So not even a week old. or
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    I just invested my life savings in a new machine. I'm almost excited. I've been running a 32 bit system with an i5 and 4 gigs of ram and its just not been good enough for running Pdn. I now have a 64 bit system with an i7 and 16 gig of ram. Having just checked it out I can see it's gonna run way faster and smoother with less conflicts and crashes. It should also run some plugins that I haven't been able to use. Ooh! I think I am excited. Good onya Pdn.
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    Dear Maximilian! Are these your pets? (fun must be).
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