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  1. BoltBait's Skew Plugin v1.0 Once installed, find Skew Horizontal and Skew Vertical in the Effects > Distort menu: Skew Vertical pretty much looks the same. Download: Until I add this to my latest plugin pack, you can download it here... Skew.zip To install this plugin, download skew.zip to your desktop, unzip all files to your desktop, and run the Install_Skew.bat file to install the Skew.dll file to your Paint.NET Effects directory. Source Code: Enjoy. 😎
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  2. Hello @Rockified and welcome Could it have been Height Field to Normal Map? I'm having trouble finding the proper download so for now I'll attach the .dll and will keep looking for it. HeightToNormal.dll
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  3. Download installer here: pyrochild.plugins.installer.2020-11-21.exe.zip or download a zip file to install manually: pyrochild.2020-11-21.zip If you enjoy these plugins or find them useful, please . Thanks! ===================================================================================== Before reporting issues, first make sure you're using the latest versions of both Paint.NET and my plugin set. ===================================================================================== Adjustments > Curves+ Like Paint.
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  4. @Pat B I just found this Plugin that helps save various adjustments when you are working on a series of images: Combined Photo Adjustments - With source code (Jan 19, 2010) - Plugins - Publishing ONLY! - paint.net Forum (getpaint.net)
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  5. Who? I'm not sure who that is. Looked him up on the interweb and he's some old guy had a tv show er somthin'. 😄 ............ p.s. thanks for the complement .
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  6. Crowdin Username: computerexpert07 Language: Korean (ko-KR) Thanks
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