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    Thank you all for congratulations! This is my birthday cake!
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    Released new filter called Edge Fade. It is similar to PDN plugin named Edge Fader Extreme. However, my version is a more precise filter with the option of localized normalization preprocessing step. That means it can work in dusty alphas. It is more precise as it use a circular eroding pattern, and subpixel processing. Photo is from Helena at Pexels.
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    Plugin for converting images to old style tile-based graphic. Video demo Example: Interface (ENG ver avaliable): Avaliable palettes: CGA - 3 pal's; MSX1 - screen mode 1; MSX2 - 4 color palette; ZX Spectrum - standart graphic; Posterization 1-3 bit. For paint.net version 4.2.10 Download Supprot me for more plugins :3
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    AdvDith-en.zipAdvDith - dithering effect used 2 color (black & white). Interface (ENG lang avaliable) Avaliable desaturation algorithms: ITU-R BT.2100; ITU-R BT.709; ITU-R BT.601; MAXMIN2; Pifagor; Only red; Only green; Only blue; Average. Dithering algorithms: Ordered 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 8x8 - Bayer dither. Mpre(i,j) = (Mint(i,j)+1) / n^2 - 0.5; Lines vertical/horizontal; Floyd-Steinberg, Floyd false; Jarvis-Judice-Ninke; Stucki; Burkes; Sierra3, Sierra2, Sierra2-4A; Atkinson; Random. For Paint.net v4.2.12. Download Supprot me for more plugins :3
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    Step 1: install my plugin pack Step 2: Open your image in Paint.NET. Step 3: Duplicate the layer you want to select from Step 4: Effects > Object > Switch alpha to gray Step 5: Use magic wand (tolerance 0, global selection mode) to select the gray pixel of the alpha level you want to select. Step 6: Switch back to your original colored layer.
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    Released version 0.2.0. Changes: Added support for G'MIC filters that produce multiple output images. Renamed the Output property to OutputImages and changed the return type to IReadOnlyList<PdnGmicBitmap>. The host application name is now set to paintdotnet. Reduced memory usage when editing grayscale images. The GmicSharpNative binaries are now located in a folder.
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    If you save it as a .png file with a Bit Depth of Auto Detect or 32-Bit, the transparency will be preserved. The Bit Depth is specified in the last window that comes up when you save a .png file.
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    ❤️ @Djisves! Beautiful. Thank you so much.
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    Brilliant! Thank you for pointing out another use of your plugin. Perhaps worth pointing this out on the pack topic? EDIT: (for the benefit of anyone who may ask) To pinpoint the exact pixel to select, you may have to - either turn the grayscale layer visibility off, but keep it selected/highlighted in the Layers window, - or move grayscale layer below the original layer, but keep it selected/highlighted in the Layers window. This way you can see the original layer when clicking with the Magic Wand on exact pixel you want on the grayscale layer.
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    Happy birthday, @pavlik1307 and all the best!
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    That is a seriously nice cake! Hope you had a fantastic day!!
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    @pavlik1307 С днем рождения. С днем варень 🎂 🥳
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    I got news. Where I'm at, hospitals are getting filled with COVID-19 patients and in fact, less than 10 counties have hospitals at 10- percent capacity. Actually, I do not think it would be wise to try to find a job when I already have a roof over me. So, I will code up a few things.
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    ❤️ @LionsDragon! A very striking and very colourful presentation! My compliments. And I wish you every happiness. Thank you so much. (rep in the next days)
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    And now for something completely different… My home town.
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    Is there any worse feeling for a father who can't console his daughter when she's crying. 120 miles away and crying to me through sheer exhaustion of 15 hour shifts and still not always properly equipped to fight Covid-19 on the front line For my daughter. Proud to say you're a member of the green army